Boxing Essay

March 10, 2017 Sports

“We should not be making sport out of deliberately trying to do [brain] damage”, said Joan Beck. That is true, boxing is dangerous. However, I disagree with Beck’s view of boxing, and I believe the meaning of boxing is not just hurting your opponent. First, boxers know the dangerous of their sport and they choose to fight. They also receive what they risk for, well-paid. We have to allow people to make their own choice in life. The government should not ban something adults choose to do unless it clearly affects other people.

Other sports are also dangerous such as bullfighting, skiing, or climbing – should we ban those too? Every sport has its own dangerous. It just depends on the purposes of the players and the way the audiences see it. All the boxing matches are run under the very strict rules to make the risks as small as possible. They also divide the boxers into different weight to make sure that the matches are not too unequal. Furthermore, the boxers and their coaches can stop the match immediately when they cannot continue by giving up.

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Boxing is not just about a few minutes of violent but about thousands of hours of hard training and self discipline. That is not a bad message to young people. In addition, by training boxing, young people can have basic skills of self defense. They will also understanding the dangerous of fighting and avoid violent. Banning boxing would just bring it “underground”. It would continue but worse and more dangerous than it is today. There would be no rules, control, or “stop! ” down there.

Bare fists may be used rather than gloves, fights may go on until one boxer is knocked out, and there will be no medical support when injuries do occur. Underground boxing might create the opportunities for bad guys to make more money by gambling boxer’s life. Boxing is much safer when it is legal but regulation. There are necessaries of being aware of the dangerous in boxing but that is not enough to ban it. I believe boxing is not only hurting your opponent but also training your body, your mind, and your soul. Boxing is a martial art!


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