Brand analysis of Jo Malone Essay

By July 18, 2017 Marketing

1. Background

Jo Malone is an international trade name which was established in United Kingdom by Jo Malone in 1994. so it was acquired by Estee Lauder in 1999 ( Jo Malone 2014 ) . This trade name has a series of merchandises. such as aromas. organic structure attention merchandises and place supplies ( ibid ) . Its merchandises are extracted from natural stuffs with pure spirit ; so it is ever pursued by many stars and upper category ( Jo Malone 2013 ) . Jo Malone allows consumers to orient their ain aroma by uniting different aromas and to personalise their place by utilizing place tapers. elegant diffusors and room sprays ( ibid ) . Therefore. the characteristic of Jo Malone is natural. high-quality and distinctive.

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As respects the market environment. there is a bright market chance for Jo Malone. because the overall economic and aroma market developed really good in UK ( Monaghan & A ; Kafkaesque. 2014 ) . In add-on. the civilization force can non be ignored. because the unostentatious manner of British can be reflected good from the trade name spirit—charming but personalized ( Jo Malone 2013 ) .

2. SWOT Anaylsis
2. 1 Strength

Harmonizing to the background of Jo Malone. the strengths of this trade name are comparatively obvious. First of all. its trade name place is precise which is high-end and typical. This can be reflected in its trade name image. Its shops and bundles are both well-designed to show the features. Second. its merchandises are personalized and high quality. All ingredients of the merchandises are extracted from natural stuffs. Furthermore. an outstanding characteristic of Jo Malone. aroma combination as mentioned before. makes this trade name differ from other trade names ( Unger 1974 ) . Final. this trade name belongs to Estee Lauder. which can supply solid support for Jo Malone in many facets.

2. 2 Failing

There are three points in entire. First. the trade name acknowledgment is low. particularly compared with other aroma trade names. such as Chanel. Givenchy and Dior. Nevertheless. this state of affairs may due to the short history of this immature trade name. Second. the publicity of this trade name is uneffective. Spokesperson and advertisement on mass media are absent. Harmonizing to the Beauty Digital IQ Score ( 2013 ) . the trade name ranking of Jo Malone is 31. which means the influence of this trade name is non sufficient. Third. the distribution channel is limited.

Alternatively of selling merchandises mixed with other trade names in aroma shops or online. Jo Malone sells its merchandises in its ain shops and web site merely. this may take to limited coverage of market. However. this can be its strength because it might be their particular trade name scheme that is aimed to foreground alone trade name place ( Brownlie et al 1999 ) .

2. 3 Opportunities

Presents. people presume manner merchandises made by natural ingredients. which are healthy to human. Besides. customization has become popular in this market. As a consequence. Jo Malone corresponds with these current tendencies. Following. work forces perfume is a high potency and less competitory market. Owing to be of import in the societal interaction between worlds. male consumers care more about their personal image than before ( Lindqvist 2012 ) However. Jo Malone does non hold a series of merchandises for work forces. which can besides regarded as a failing of this trade name. Finally. planetary stigmatization has become a tendency and an of import market scheme. ( Tybout and Calkins. 2005. cited in Wong ) With its alone manner. Jo Malone extends its abroad market. particularly in Asia late. It is believe that there will be a wider opportunity for Jo Malone in the hereafter.

2. 4 Menaces

Due to low trade name acknowledgment and competitory force per unit area in this market. Jo Malone occupies low market portion even though aroma is its major merchandise. More and more luxury trade names have launched aroma. such as Chanel and Dior. Harmonizing to Rachel Felder ( 2014 ) . those luxury trade names attract consumers by their celebrity. Consumers. who can non afford a Chanel bag. can buy Chanel aroma to fulfill their amour propre. Furthermore. Jo Malone is a trade name with peculiar characteristics. in other words. there might be some copy-cats appear to confound consumers and harm Jo Malone’s trade name image.

3. Recommendations

Based on the SWOT analysis above. there are three recommendations could be proposed. First. urging Jo Malone to advance itself in the public media. Due to Jo Malone’s low trade name acknowledgment and uneffective publicity scheme. it is necessary for Jo Malone to increase investing of publicity. to publicize itself on Television and premium beauty magazines. and to ask for a few stars who are good known and have similar features with Jo Malone to be interpreters. Furthermore. leting perfume shops and online shops to sell Jo Malone merchandises is besides an option to heighten trade name acknowledgment and use distribution channels.

Second recommendation is to join forces with other trade names. In order to increase gross revenues and spread out non merely premium market. but besides mass market without sabotaging trade name value. there are two options to aim different consumers. One is to join forces with Superdry. which is a immature and stylish trade name with great repute. Consumers are able to smell the spouse aroma in Superdry’s store and do purchase if they are interested in. Another is to join forces with five-star hotels. There are many sorts of bath merchandises of Jo Malone. and these merchandises are priced really high due to nature and wellness stuffs. However. five-star hotels are for clients who pursue the quality of life. besides. the day-to-day bath merchandises ingestion of hotels is immense. Therefore. supplying the bath merchandises to these hotels is able to increase the gross revenues efficaciously.

Finally. male clients are barely to happen a specific merchandise for themselves due to Jo Malone merchandises are classified by ingredients and smells merely. Harmonizing to the SWOT analysis of men’s market. establishing a specialised series of merchandise for work forces is a executable recommendation.

4. Decision

In decision. this study analyzed the market environment of Jo Malone. and three recommendations were proposed for this trade name based on the SWOT analysis. There is a great possible market for Jo Malone to spread out. Furthermore. using effectual selling schemes would assist to advance the trade name better. busy more market portion and beef up its trade name acknowledgment.

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