Brand Name Is Very Important Marketing Essay

October 17, 2017 Marketing

The first ground why they are lured by branded goods is the influence of advertizement. Advertisement is a selling scheme to pull the attending of the consumers. “ When a client chooses a merchandise, their memory is triggered and they remember a telecasting commercial they saw, or a jangle they heard on the wireless or the large mark they see while driving place from work every twenty-four hours ” ( Ali, K. 2007 ) . The grounds makes it clear that when a merchandise makes a batch of advertizements, it will derive attending from the consumer. Recently, Samsung Electronics Co is announced as the universe ‘s biggest market of TVs and nomadic phones ( Star, 6 October 2012, p.17 ) . The Galaxy notes have helped the company to derive the gross revenues and it is lead over Apple Inc ‘s iPhone ( Star, 6 October 2012, p.17 ) . It is because Samsung Electronics Co makes more advertizements than Apple Inc. Not merely that, advertizement besides allow consumers easy acknowledge and happen the merchandises from the shop ( Ali, K. 2007 ) .Consumers will non hold concern when they search for the merchandises because branded merchandises have a specific trade name names which most of the consumers recognized. For illustration, most of the branded merchandises are located at the shopping promenades which can be easy found where as the non-branded merchandises takes longer clip to happen because they are non located in most of the shopping promenades. This causes them to prefer branded goods than not branded goods because it can salvage a batch of clip.

The 2nd ground why they are lured by branded merchandises is the qualities of the branded merchandises. Qualities are really of import for all the merchandises. It is said that the branded merchandises have a better qualities than the non-branded merchandises because it used better resources to bring forth the merchandises and satisfied the demands of consumer. “ In the Apple media illustration, Apple Inc was successful because its concern analysts understood exactly how people want to utilize media: download easy, transportation between many personal computing machines, and play on portable devices ” ( Mangione, C. 2003 ) . The grounds makes it clear because the Apple Inc has satisfied their consumer by the qualities of the merchandise. Consumers besides prefer branded merchandises because it last longer than non-branded merchandises. For illustration, an Apple Mac Book might last longer than a non-branded laptop because the merchandises of Apple Inc have a better qualities and the package is more fast and dependable. Therefore, many consumers prefer Apple Inc when comes to devices. Consumers believe that branded goods have better qualities compared to non branded goods.

Harmonizing to Lee ( 2012 ) , it is said that the monetary value of the branded goods was increased during economic recession in 2008 but the consumers have ne’er stop continue buying branded goods. Veblen consequence is one of the effects that why people buy branded goods. Veblen consequence describes people buy branded merchandises to demo off their wealth ( Lee, 2012 ) . Most of the affluent people like to buy branded merchandises because it can find their societal position. For illustration, affluent people would prefer higher value of autos alternatively of purchasing local autos because they want to demo that they have the power to buy something which is really expensive. Not merely that, consumers buy branded goods to avoid others looking down on them and this is why some people prefer branded goods than other normal goods because they will experience insecure when they buy a merchandise which is non well-known. Most of the branded goods have limited handiness of merchandise and the monetary value is really high but people still purchase them because they want to be different from others and it besides can find that the individual is affluent. Star ( 6 October 2012, p.7 ) reported Constellation Black Neon, a luxury phone company uses the high public presentation stuffs in their merchandise which makes it has a unique in design and it costs a batch. Some of the people still purchase it because they want to flash their sense of gustatory sensation and besides their societal position.

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The other consequence is bandwagon consequence. Bandwagon consequence defines that people tend to follow the tendencies ( wiseGEEK, 2012 ) . Peoples follow the tendencies because they do non desire to be left out ( wiseGEEK, 2012 ) . Not merely that, they want to hold the similar thing with their friends or others to avoid being outdated. For illustration, most of the people do non utilize Nokia phones any longer because the celebrated phone now is Apple Inc ‘s iPhone, and this is where people would purchase Apple ‘s iPhone alternatively of Nokia ‘s phone. When a individual sees their friends have a peculiar thing that they do non hold it, they have the impulse to purchase it merely to suit with them. For illustration, a group of people is utilizing Gucci bags where as a individual does non hold it ; the individual would purchase the peculiar trade name of the merchandise to fall in them. Most of the branded goods have a alone manner or manner ; people will purchase irrespective the monetary value because they want to follow the tendencies.

In decision, branded goods are still high in demand even the monetary value is high because of the consequence of holding a branded good. Having a branded good can increase the image of a individual. Not merely that, the consumers are besides lured by the branded good because of the influence of advertizement and the quality of the goods.


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