Brand portfolio

Silver bullets Flanker brands Cash cow brands The Photometrical “Working as a cohesive unit is equally important in football as it is in brand portfolio management”. The Swedish Photoelectrical Current Power Brand & Silver Bullet Cash-cow Brand Future power enchain Flanker Branded Energize So NY Spans a spectrum of categories Many invented by Sony itself Wide brand scope energy & differentiation Core; Innovative technology Many sources continuous flow Innovative suburban’s Credibility of mastermind Suburban’s -Brainlessness’s Endorsed brand Current BP + Silver Bullet Feature: Dual Shock, GTAG.

Linchpin Silver Silver Bullet, Feature: link Digital Interface Being disconnected? Feature: Optical Steady Shot Japan Energy MICRO, steady Shot, Memory Stick Media Helped Sony define category (trend driver), now cash-cow, BAD for phones DreamlinkMembershipProgram-reincorporated Important point of difference 1. Weekly notifications, special offers, contests 2.

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Earn points by reading & clicking through Sony websites Sony Financial Services 1(2) Sony Life, Sony Assurance & Sony Finance Little connection to the core values Damage associations of master brand? Linchpin brands, but too connected? What could have been done instead? Sony Financial Services 2(2) More focus towards innovative technology usage Of a branded differentiator (service) to visualize the offering Endorsement with a known connection, (Plantation) 1. Hundreds of acquisitions over the years 2.

Branded House, building a strong master brand 3. Compact? Product brand in HP portfolio HP Color Laser 5500, with HP misinterpretations brand Sub + descriptor – Product Brand Differentiator ;Brand grouping: Laser endorsing the family (Detested, Scantest, Inkiest) ;Portfolio graphics: Color, package & tagging separates suburban’s The Successful the HP brand 1 (2) Which factors have contributed to the success of the HP brand? The Successful the HP brand 2(2) 1. Quality associations through master brand (business) 2.

Relevance through campaigns? 3. Benefiting from Apple associations? Aids 1. Other parts of the Aids brand: Rebook, Rockford & Tailored (golf) 2. Different focuses of the Aids brand: Performance, Style & Originals Aids, Brainlessness’s Sponsorship Aids, Branded Differentiators MI Aids: Branded feature, customized fit for every foot, choose colors & details Claim: Branded ingredient, technology to keep a body dry’ y drawing away sweat from the skin Clothing Footwear Cosmetics Home, enchain?

H&M, Brainlessness’s H, Oversimplifications Club Exclusive offers, news Invitations to premiers Chance to win trips, concert tickets Branded service, POD POP Apple -Phone Energize: mimic, pod, phone Consistent communication Edgy brand with pros & cons Steve Jobs Entertain your customer! Stay relevant! 1. 15000 APS, following the direction of relevance 2. Mastermind provides credibility 3. Tunes as a branded service through amount, relevance & usability The Successful the Apple brand 1(2) How have Apple managed to keep their edge, even though it, today, is considered as a “mainstream” brand?

The Successful the Apple brand 2(2) 1 . Consistent core message 2. Upgrade parts of the proposal 3. Continuously new sources of energy 4. But still too edgy to succeed in business area? Calibrators – The company that builds upon style and tradition The different parts of Calibrators Stores, Website, Blobs & Friends Calibrators -Shop in shop A branded differentiator (service) customizing the offering Call Newsletter/Partnered (promotion): Visualizes calibrators as a part of SHTML, greater value fermentation (program): Differentiates through contests, gifts, etc Cabanas -?Making work 1 .

Consulting, server hosting & full scale IT outsourcing 2. Suburban 24/7 branded differentiator (service) 3. Enlightens this POD Cabanas & their-workers 1. Perhaps the most important target group 2. Competition brings relevance, external branded energize? 3. Reinforce the message from a marketing perspective ASS -Scandinavian Airlines Before: Reliable Progressive Now: Service & Simplicity differentiators (services): ASS Pleasure, Internet check-in Branded energize (sponsorship) The Rebounds system Four different classes, tags on the bag to show importance (service) … ND the other way around? Star Alliance: (program) Odd Molly -Building secrets into their clothes Swedish brand, Fashion clothes women.. … 1500 stores, 38 countries. Branded? Energize HP? Love, courage & integrity … And an indefinable feeling that creates a smile The endorsers Odd Molly Vertical extension as a branded energize focus, keep the core Entertaining their customers, materials & Energize Sweden? “We feel that we really have accomplished something with our brand. The thing is, we don’t really know how we’ve done it.



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