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September 13, 2017 Management

This paper is designed to analyse the importance of good leading. How good and effectual leaders are made and how effectual leading can take to the constitution of planetary squad for the successful achievement of undertakings. It describes the effectual leading manner of Branson in footings of the effectual leading theoretical account. It describes which leading manners can do Bransons leading manner more effectual. How Branson can develop and take a planetary squad for a major undertaking and how one can use Bransons effectual leading manner at work.

Leadership Effectiveness

Effectiveness leading is one of the cardinal elements in the success of a group or company and virtually anyone can larn to be an effectual leader. Leaderships are made, non born.

Thomas Gordon states about leading, “ Bing the leader doesnt make you one, because leaders doesnt automatically acquire the regard and the credence of their group members ; so in order to gain the leading of their group and have a positive influence on the group members, leaders learn some specific accomplishments and manners. ”

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Leadership Qualities

Good leaders have the undermentioned common qualities:

Listen openly to others.

Give clear waies

Offer and accept building suggestions.

Aid members to place and work out jobs.

Show apprehension

Encourage members to interchange thoughts

Appreciate others work

Make a productive ambiance

Handle struggles

Following these leading qualities, one can set up a strong foundation that enables to construct a squad of loyal and committed employees.

Effective Leader

To further lucubrate the construct of effectiveness leading, the effectual leading manner of Sir Richard Branson, Chairman, Virgin Group, Ltd, can be discussed, who is considered as one of the most successful leader and man of affairs of his clip due to his effectual leading qualities.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is the laminitis and president of the London-based Virgin Group Ltd, and has turned a womb-to-tomb contempt for conventional concern wisdom into a multibillion-dollar company and one of the universes most recognizable trade names. The Virgin Group runs different lines of concern such as retail shops, air travels, fiscal services, books, music and telecommunication. The Virgin Group consists of about 200 states that operate in legion states. ( Slocum, 2011 )

Branson Leadership Style in footings of the Leadership Models

Bransons leading manner can be analyzed by comparing it with two of the most effectual leading theoretical accounts.

The Four Framework Approach by Bolman and Deal ( 1991 )

The Three Stage Model of Effective Leadership by Tara Duggan

The Four Framework Approach

In this theoretical account, Bolman and Deal ( 1991 ) suggest that leaders display leading behaviours in one of the four types of models ; Structural, Human Resource, Political or Symbolic. All of these models of leading can be observed in the leading manner of Branson. ( Deal, 1991 )


In the structural model the leader focuses on the construction, scheme, environment, execution, experimentation and adaptation. Branson implies all of these regulations which make it an effectual leading manner.

David Rooke, a Pull offing Adviser at Harthill provinces, “ Branson is the consummate peoples adult male. He is non a smooth operator that people may experience inclined to mistrust, but a echt strategian, who thinks outside the box, who achieves, and given some of his crazier interests, person who obviously enjoys life. ”

Human Resource

This model besides relates to Bransons leading manner, who believes in people and communicates that belief with them, believes in equal engagement of the employees in all the determination devisings, provide whenever it is required and portions information with them. Branson believes in the scheme that the employees are happy, they will make good occupation, if they do a better occupation, the clients will be happy, and therefore concern will be good and stockholders will be rewarded. ( Slocum, 2011 )

Political Model

Branson can besides be referred as a political leader who defines what is wanted and what can be achieved. Branson focuses on edifice strong working relationship with the stockholders, and uses dialogues and coercions if necessary.

Symbolic Framework

Bransons leading manner can be categorized as symbolic, a leader that uses symbols to capture attending and portions experiences and accomplishments with the employees and clients to promote and actuate them which finally benefits the company.

The Three Stage Model of Effective Leadership

In 1988, Management Professor Linda Neider and Chester Schriesheim introduced a three phase theoretical account to understand the leading procedure. This theoretical account explains leading effectivity in three phases. These three phases of effectiveness leading can be observed in the leading manner of Branson. The first phase involves analysing occupations, choosing employees and supplying orientation preparation. The 2nd phase involves puting calling waies, specifying ends and supplying wagess. The 3rd phase involves accessing and monitoring public presentations. By following these three phases in the leading manner Branson has proved to be the most effectual leader. ( duggan )

Effectiveness of Bransons Leadership manner in US Today

US is a democratic province that shows an effectual leading manner. It has a strong leading manner that can be easy related to the Branson leading manner as both involve engagement and engagement of the people. Leadership scheme of US focal points on making emotional bond with the people, to understand the demands of the people and supply aid at the clip of crisis. The US leaders provide equal chances to all and supply the full right to do 1s ain determinations. These points of leading show that the leading manner followed by US is similar to the leading manner of Branson which has categorized both as effectual leading manners.

Leadership Styles Making Branson A More Effective Leader

Following are some of the leading styles that can be do the leading manner of Branson more effectual when used harmonizing to the state of affairs.

Authoritarian Leader

These are the leaders who are more focussed on the undertaking and are non really friendly with the workers. These leaders want everything on clip and expect people to make what hold been told without any inquiry or argument and are blamed if something goes incorrect without even looking for a solution to work out the job. This leading manner can be utile to do Bransons manner even stronger as sometimes excessively much friendliness can botch the workers and do them disregard the undertaking given to them. This manner can be really utile at the clip of crisis, when it is clip for the leader to take full control. ( Benincasa, 2012 )

Development of a Global Team

Bransons concept about leading is that a company can merely win when there are good people around and who are loyal to the leader. Branson believes in organizing friendly relationship with the employees because if the employees are happy with the leader and the working environment merely so it is possible for the leader to develop a squad which can take to a major undertaking.

Branson can develop a planetary squad by supplying the employees a good working environment where they can work as a group and by assisting the squad members to work in an effectual mode to accomplish concern aims.

By easing meetings where Branson could assist the squad to clearly understand the mission and its aims and to work out any struggle or job that might originate. These meetings can besides assist in acquiring the feedback of the employees and bring forthing new thoughts.

Forming a planetary squad is a complex undertaking and it requires training so that the employees could run into the ends of the company. Branson should supply training both at person and squad degree to heighten the squads ability to work in a complex environment.

Using Bransons Leadership Qualities at Work

Bransons effectual leading scheme included holding a sound vision, set uping a good working environment, determination doing power and edifice strong relationship with the employees.

By using Bransons leading manner at work one should hold proper cognition about 1s ends and aims at work and should be able to confront challenges. The leader should hold a positive and friendly attitude towards the employees and should ask for them to inquire inquiries and assist them to do determinations. Leaderships should be capable of maintain a good working environment. One should be unfastened to unfavorable judgment and should be able to confront failure without faulting the workers or the employees.

By following Bransons leading manner at work one should include the attacks of directing, take parting and deputing in 1s leading manner.


Leadership effectivity is the cardinal component for the development of a good working squad which can assist to accomplish the ends and aims of a peculiar company. Without good leading qualities it is non possible to keep a strong squad which finally consequences in conveying ruin to the company. Bransons leading manner stands among the best leading illustration which works as a guideline for those who want to accomplish the best on the job squads and achieve high ends and aims.


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