Bricklayer’s Boy by: Alfred Lubrano Essay Sample

July 26, 2017 General Studies

Are parents supposed to be at that place for their childs? Are parents supposed to steer their ain childs in the right way? Yes. Parents have many occupations to make in their lives. like taking attention and back uping their kids. working a batch in order to run a household. and most significantly to be function theoretical accounts to their kids. Parents after larning a batch through their ain childhoods should be cognizant. and good cognizant of what to make and what non do. In add-on. parents make their ain errors in life and one time they know how to acquire around it. they teach their ain kids to forestall them. However. parents tend to differ with their ain kids. about values or cardinal picks in life ; hence. contentions start to happen between them. Controversies can so take to isolation or even to disaffection.

The article “Bricklayer’s Boy” by Alfred Lubrano is an autobiography about his life. When he was younger. his male parent wanted him to travel to college. learn and go educated. His male parent would invariably warn his boy to maintain his caput in the books. in order to go successful and to back up a household in the hereafter. Furthermore. the male parent explains to Lubrano of how he worked so difficult to acquire where he is. and being a good male parent that he is. he doesn’t want Lubrano working in a daily-paper concern. He wanted his boy to be person and work really hard because he was afraid of his ain boy going something like himself.

Bing a white-collar adult male does necessitate tonss of work. but you can do money much more money easy and there is besides less labour involved than a blue-collar adult male. In add-on. a white-collar adult male can be more successful. with the usage of a higher instruction or a grade unlike a blue-collar adult male. In add-on. the male parent coming from the olden yearss explains to Alfred that money isn’t everything ; you go where your households are. Alfred being a white-collar adult male does his occupation because he enjoys it. Therefore. if he has an offer with greater wage someplace else. he would be willing to relocate himself and his household. if he gets married to that higher occupation. Last. his male parent a blue-collar adult male. who worked so difficult and intensely for his household and for endurance. realizes that he was incorrect to of all time warn. concern. or fear his ain son’s life. The ground is in the terminal his male parent envies his boy for happening a occupation that he likes and is paid for it.

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Parents in general can be really demanding in relationships. They of class attention about their ain kids a batch and want the best for them. When it comes to my state of affairs. my parents are ever on top of me about the misss I should convey place. They have these regulations on what the miss should be like. and from merely certain states. a miss that follows the same imposts and no exclusions. In add-on. my parents are ever the 1s to state me to set your caput out of misss and set it where it belongs. in school. My parents are besides unhappy with me hanging out with them because they feel these misss aren’t serious and are a waste of my clip.

When I come back place. my pa would inquire me sardonically “how did the day of the month travel? ” We see this likewise with Alfred. when he says “I rent films during the hebdomad and provender individual adult females in eating houses on Saturday darks. My pa asks me about my day of the months. but he goes crazy over the word ‘woman. ’ A ‘girl. ’ he corrects. You went out with a miss. Don’t say ‘Woman’ . ” One can surly see that parents’ ever acquire involved with their children’s relationships. However. I feel that this should be non the instance because if a parent truly wants their kid to be happy. it will merely be. if they let the kids pick what they want for a fellow or a girlfriend in that affair.

Another major dissension that parents and their ain kids have is when it comes clip to what the kids want to make with their lives. Parents ever have dreams for their kids. by desiring them to be something of great importance or of high prestigiousness. However. what they dream of and what the kids really become are normally two different things. One sees that in the article. Alfred’s pa as a blue-collar adult male is really disquieted and starts oppugning his son’s logical thinking and programs. when he wanted him to go a attorney. Nevertheless. by the terminal of the article. Alfred’s male parent admits that he was really happy and envies him. My parents ever wished and wanted me to go a attorney. but I know with all of the work and infinite attempt I put in to accomplishing such a high end. I will ne’er win. The chief grounds they are like this is because most parents want the best for their kids. they care for them profoundly. and they besides don’t want their kids to neglect or to be on a lower degree either financially or degree of work than them. Therefore. I have learnt that personally and through experiences from friends. parents should merely steer or assist their kids. and ne’er interfere with their children’s dreams.

I feel that parents tend to be narrow-mined and ne’er seem to recognize that times have changed since their childhood. The ground is. that those parents or grandparents who came from other states. or those who lived back in the early or mid 1900’s. all lived a different manner than today. Our really ain society. vicinity. manners. and friends have changed. Therefore. what my parents normally tend to make is to compare themselves at being the same age as me. when they were younger ; when it’s clip for talking. However. what the parents like mine don’t realize is that times have changed. Peoples dress otherwise. eat otherwise. act otherwise. and most of all. unrecorded otherwise. Hence. the parents when they were younger learnt one individual manner and that’s it ; so. when it comes clip to a job or state of affairs that their kid has. it has to be that manner. One can see this right from the article. when Alfred’s says. “Being the white-collar boy of a blue-collar adult male means being the flexible joint on the door between two ways of life. ” What Alfred means is that he is the nexus or alteration from his past coevalss into a newer manner of life for his future coevalss ; they evidently view life and all that pertains to life in two different facets.

In decision. one can see that parents and kids have their differences. but together they must larn from each other and learn to settle things together without a major difference. What parents must recognize that they were one time upon a clip a kid. and they should non be excessively rough on their childs. merely like they didn’t like it when their parents were harsh on them. In add-on. parents must sometimes go forth their ain kids entirely because it will profit the kids by larning from their errors in life. Furthermore. parents should steer. support and assist their childs. but up to a certain extant.

I believe that excessively much of anything in life is ne’er good. Hence. when parents are ever on top of their kids and ever doing certain their kids aren’t doing errors. the kids are non basking the sense of freedom or life. I besides feel that by parents warning. guiding. and assisting their ain kids. the childs will be smart plenty to set misss or male childs aside when they need to. In correlativity. since parents might non wish a certain mate for their kid. they must recognize that they are non populating with the male child or miss that they might non wish. Therefore. they should non interfere with the relationship at all because all that should count to them ; despite of what it is. sing in their child’s life is their child’s felicity and feelings of success.


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