Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor Essay

Bridging the Rich and Poor Gap in India


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A individual with less buying power is profoundly affected because he can non afford Goods and services. which the rich can afford and it’s safe to state that. he can non alter his life manner and criterion of life. Poor and rich spread can be in different signifiers. some of which are – Education. Income. Life manner. Housing demand and nutrient demands to name of few. Since long. hapless people have been ignored by the authorities but disregarding hapless and their demands is non the solution because with poorness non merely hapless suffers but state suffers as good. Poverty is one of the large hurdlings in the manner of Indian Economy. Though. authorities has formulated figure of constructs as portion of the five twelvemonth programs. corruptness ever comes in the manner of their executing and execution.

As the hapless can non vie with the rich in prosecuting higher instruction. they have to entirely trust on their physical strength for gaining their support. Their net incomes are so meagre. that they are the true victims of rising prices. Harmonizing to the informations of 2004-05 the rough literacy rate of India is 63 % . Lack of instruction and medical consciousness make them vulnerable to assorted wellness facets. Harmonizing to the 2009-2010 informations 70 % of all the infirmaries in India is in private owned.

Corruptness as we all know is a chronic disease in India which creeps into the roots of the state to such an extent that no 1 can even believe of acquiring his or her occupation acquiring done without paying payoff. Harmonizing to a survey carried out by Transparency International in 2005 it had been come into the fact about 75 % of the population engages in corrupting to acquire their work done in any public office. The cardinal challenge for the authorities is to supply equal chances to everybody. in order to bridge the spread between the rich and hapless.

Poverty occurs in both developing states and developed states. While poorness is much more widespread in developing states. both types of states undertake poverty decrease steps. Poverty relief besides involves bettering the life conditions of people who are already hapless. Aid. peculiarly in medical and scientific countries. is indispensable in supplying
better lives.


Poverty decrease. or poverty relief. has been mostly as a consequence of overall economic growing. The morning of industrial revolution led to high economic growing. extinguishing mass poorness in what is now considered the developed universe. In 1820. 75 % of humanity lived on less than Rs 50 a twenty-four hours. while in 2001. merely approximately 20 % bash.

Education –

Development of the Education Framework
Strict cheque should be at that place to guarantee the proper working of the public school Strict control to guarantee proper pupil to teacher ratio
Opening of new schools in distant countries

Healthcare –

Increase the public outgo on health care
Supplying Food Security

Other steps –

Get down a web site where anyone can complaint about any official or any abnormality while staying anon. . Senior functionaries of the topographic points should go around their contact Numberss among the people where anyone can name and can complaint. Senior functionary should clip to clip carry on a unit of ammunition to look into whether everything is working satisfactorily. Rigorous actions should be taken against corrupt functionaries.



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