British Climate and Weather

April 10, 2017 General Studies

Britain has a generally mild and temperate climate. It lies in middle latitudes to the north-west of the great continental land mass of Eurasia. In Britain, south-westerly winds are the most frequent, and those from an easterly quarter the least. The stormiest region of the British isles is along the north-west coast, with over 30 gales a year, south-east England and the east Midlands are the least stormy. During a normal summer, the temperature occasionally rises above 27 in the south, but temperatures of 32 and above are infrequent.

Extreme minimum temperatures depend to a large extant on local conditions, but -7 may occur on a still, clear winter’s night. -12 is rare, and -18 or below has been recorded only during exceptionally severe winter periods. The British isles as a whole have an annual rainfall of over 40 inches, while England alone has about 34 inches. Rain is fairly well distributed throughout the year, but on the average, March to June are the driest months and October to January the wettest.

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The distribution of sunshine over the British isles shoes a general decrease from south to north, a decrease from the coast inland, and a decrease with attitude. During May, June and July – the months of longest daylight – the mean daily duration of sunshine varies from five and a half hours in western Scotland to seven and a half hours in the extreme south east of England. During the months of shorter daylight – November, December and January – sunshine is a minimum, with on average of half an hour a day in some parts of the highlands in Scotland and two hours a day on the south coast of England.

The weather in Britain often changes. At midday conditions may be wintry with temperature down by about 15 degrees. And, then, in the late afternoon, the sky will clear, the sun will begin to shine and for an hour or two before darkness fall , it will be summer. Englishman to describe the special meteorological conditions of their country are always say “ other countries have a climate, in England we have a weather” .


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