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June 15, 2018 Medical

YouTube is an online form of entertainment. While some viewers do not appreciate its format, others enjoy watching and creating videos on YouTube. YouTube videos range from being educational, instructional, comedic to amusing. Creating videos to upload to YouTube is being done by people of all ages from all over the world. YouTube has brought about a new form of high quality amusement and entertainment to a lot of its viewers. YouTube is a popular video streaming website that displays uploaded video files created or disseminated by its users. It is free and user friendly which makes it very popular.

This ground-breaking website was founded by three former PayPal employees who had a simple desire to capture short videos and share them with others. While their intentions were not to make money and become a popular website, very quickly YouTube’s popularity increased and it is used by many internet users. YouTube has lowered the bar for what is considered entertainment. It is true that a majority of the videos created and uploaded to YouTube are not professional quality, it is a website that allows submitters of all ages and degrees of creativity to make a video.

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For example, the very popular web series “the vlog brothers” was filmed on a cheap webcam. The motto of YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself. ” The number of videos uploaded has topped 70 billion. tens of thousands of new video clips are uploaded daily. Content is posted on websites and blogs and delivered by cell phones, E-mail or file sharing. There are some viewers that feel YouTube produces poor quality videos. Some videos that are uploaded have even been taken from another submitter’s website and copyrights have been violated.

YouTube lets viewers choose the videos they upload and watch, but they do have a policy in place. YouTube prohibits graphically violent, sexual, or pornographic videos. Users are able to flag and police themselves and others. For the video creators, their fame is determined by their viewers. Some video creators have become famous and rich with their videos. there are people made famous by YouTube viewers as they tune in each week as they would for a sitcom. Some of these top shows have made six figures from ads and product placement. Lucas Cruikshank became famous on YouTube as the character Fred Figglehorn.

His channel is YouTube’s second most popular show with almost two million subscribers. It has even been turned into a big screen movie using bigger production casts and better quality video versus the YouTube quality. The reasoning is that if almost two million people are interested to watch Fred Figglehorn at home, that maybe they will also come to the movie theatre to watch him there too. In November 2006 Google bought YouTube for $1. 65 billion dollars. When Google purchased YouTube, it represented forty-six percent of the online market.

While YouTube had a search engine, combining Google to the mix increased the search ability of its videos and creators. One media commentator called YouTube an entertaining destination with search capabilities. The search engines are great in that you can search by topic or by submitter. A viewer can even subscribe to a submitter’s YouTube page and be informed when a new video is uploaded. Charities have found YouTube as a great money maker for their causes as well. The charities and non-profits are benefitting from viewers watching videos about their causes and wanting to contribute.

For example, a video from the Save the Animals group might show abused animals. They request money to help in the animal’s medical care, food and housing. After viewing the video, viewers are touched and donate money to this cause. YouTube has created a special forum for charities and added a link to Google’s online shopping cart to make it easier for viewers to contribute money. Again, the viewers police the videos, so if someone is trying to scam for money, then viewer can flag or leave comments as to the misrepresentation of the company or charity.

As mentioned earlier, some viewers do not feel YouTube has quality videos that they would want to view. One solution might be to have two types of YouTube video submissions. There is a great need, based on the already millions of uploads of videos already submitted, to have a free place to upload and view videos of all caliber. But, another alternative might be to have a pay version as well. If people had to pay to upload and view videos, the quality would be expected to be of a higher quality and more guidelines would need to be in place for viewers to get their monies worth.

It would be up to the people purchasing the videos to make sure the video is the topic that they want to view. In conclusion, YouTube is a free website where people can upload and view movies that cover a variety of topics ranging from entertainment to educational. With the addition of Google, the search engine capabilities help to find the video that is preferred. Since viewer subscriptions rate the value of a video, then viewers ultimately are the ones that decide if an uploaded video is worth watching and its quality value is good or bad.

If a video has pornographic or violent content, it is the duty of viewers to flag YouTube so they can ban the video and make the appropriate measures so the submitter knows they cannot put this material on their site. If viewers would only subscribe and watch quality videos, its high rating will help others know that this video is one worth watching and help it increase in subscriptions. YouTube has become part of the culture of the internet and influences things going on in the world today. As a viewer, people become of what is accepted and what is deemed not worth watching.


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