Broken Child Essay

August 21, 2017 General Studies

The documental “Broken Child” explored the lives of people. both kids to grownups. that have been impacted by drug and intoxicant maltreatment. it besides showed kids who’ve been affected by force and disregard. Both types of kids have one thing in common. a high likeliness to reiterate the errors of their parents. Whether they’ve grown up populating with one or both parents. are adopted. or unrecorded in surrogate attention they are at hazard. Factors that impact a child’s life are whether their female parent abused drugs or intoxicant while pregnant. and if they’ve grown up in hard life state of affairss. but there are some solutions offered by this docudrama.

You’re pregnant. ” are the words some people dread. people like adolescents and drug users. Drug users. whose lone concern is going high and geting money for drugs. will non decently attention for a kid. In some instances female parents continue to mistreat drugs and intoxicant throughout their gestation because they are excessively addicted to halt. This causes their babes to hold defects. mental and psychological jobs. Children can be born with damaged encephalons. and turning up isn’t easy for them. One such kid is Jonathan. he’s an eight twelvemonth old male child who’s had a difficult life.

His biological female parent was an alcoholic and a drug maltreater. when she was in labour she was besides drunk. This caused Jonathan to hold terrible mental and psychological jobs. including emotional withdrawal and violent episodes. He was adopted by Alison and Randy. who are the lone people who can command him during an episode. Because of his episodes Jonathan can non hold baby-sitters. besides because he was arrested at the age of seven for keeping a knife to a baby-sitters pharynx. Jonathan takes many medicines to assist him command himself and quiet down.

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This does non. nevertheless ; intend that Jonathan has broken his family’s rhythm. There are marks that show him to still be on the way. such as his ideas about pain and even killing himself. or his failing towards arms and force and his impulse to such things. Even though he does non talk to his biological female parent or cognize any comparative he is still really damaged in the caput.

Showing that it’s non merely the environment that impacts a child’s life but their Deoxyribonucleic acid as good. Drug and intoxicant maltreatment are non the lone things that can impact a life. exposure to force and disregard at a immature age can make detrimental effects ike PTSD. force towards other people. and a trouble to larn. Some signifiers of disregard are undernourished. dehydrated. unchanged nappies. no running H2O. dirty apparels and kids left place entirely. When things become intolerable kids are taken from their parents by CPS ( Child Protective Services ) and placed in surrogate places. While a surrogate place may be a better option to life at place. sometimes it’s merely a meager half measure. Foster parents abuse their surrogate kids and in some instances so do the other kids in the Foster place.

This leads to frighten and subsequently angry kids who have been set to reiterate a negative household rhythm. In other state of affairss. there are kids. who take attention of younger siblings. This occurs when parents are invariably at work or are inattentive. A seven year-old should ne’er hold to hold the life of another in his or her custodies. They are kids themselves who should be basking their young person. Coercing kids into a function of duty excessively large for them at place pushes them to their choler and defeat in other topographic points. such as school.

In school they are merely another pupil. merely another name on a desk. merely another paper to rate. It’s a topographic point to intermix in and go the individual they must stamp down at place. Full of choler and built up hatred these kids are prone to contending which earns them a bad name to instructors who don’t know the whole narrative. These types of childs mix with PTSD effected kids who’ve seen person dice or who are accustomed to multiple gunfires each dark as they sleep. A commixture of this proportion means that kids don’t focal point on school because their excessively busy picking a battle.

All these causes. Foster attention. kids parents. and force exposed kids. add up to a individual consequence ; the continuance of a negative household rhythm. In malice of these long. and apparently eternal rhythms of negativeness I believe that there is a solution to this job. That is a school. A school with instructors trained to manage out of control pupils. with little categories. and with after school activities to maintain childs off the streets. The instructors will hold smaller category sizes which will let them to hold a better grip on the childs.

Smaller category sizes will besides let Teachs to concentrate on the pupils more as persons instead than one of 30. Teachers will be trained to manage piques. battles. and effusions by kids. The after school activities will include things such as prep clip. crafts clip. athleticss times. and a hebdomadal guidance session for childs who need the aid. These plans will guarantee that younger kids have a topographic point with a good environment after school and that older kids stay off the streets and off from drugs. intoxicant. and harlotry.

They reding Sessionss will be to assist stabilise the heads of the kids and cognize when to step in take action. This. to me. seems a good solution because childs are in school for a bulk of the twenty-four hours and because things like household guidance will non work on closed minded people. It would be funded by the province. and be a free public school. Children seemed destined to fall into a negative household rhythm. but with the right sort of aid I believe that can be changed. Children can be born normal. kids can bask life if merely the right stairss are taken.


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