Brutus Was The Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar Essay Sample

August 4, 2017 General Studies

Tragic hero: A tragic hero has the potency for illustriousness but is doomed to neglect. He is trapped in a state of affairs where he can non win. He makes some kind of tragic defect. and this causes his autumn from illustriousness. Even though he is a fallen hero. he still wins a moral triumph. and his spirit lives on. In every one of Shakespeare’s dramas. there is a hero. In Julius Caesar. there are a figure of people to pick from ; Caesar himself could be the hero. Cassius could be considered the hero. Calpurnia could be the hero…etc. This boils down to the chief inquiry ; who was the hero of Julius Caesar? Almost every character has it’s epic minutes ; but which one truly qualifies to all of the necessities to be a hero? After careful scrutiny or all of the characters. any sensible individual should recognize. that. of class. this hero was none other than Caesar’s best friend. Brutus.

By definition. a tragic hero must. of class. have epic qualities. So what qualities does Brutus hold that would do him any more applicable to the rubric than any other character in the drama? There are a few of these. For one. Brutus was a genuinely nice individual. He did non wish to harm anyone. and truly merely wanted to general good for all people. Second. as stated in Act 2. scene 1. lines 10-12. “It must be by his decease ; and for my portion. I know no personal cause to reject at him. But for the general… . ” He killed Caesar. non out of enviousness or greed. but for the benefit of the Roman people. Third. he wished non to decease at the custodies of his enemies ; he wished to decease in a manner that was considered honest at the clip. at prove that he was loyal to his ideals by holding himself killed by one of his friends. Brutus states this in Act 5. scene 5. lines 27-32: “Our enemies have beaten us to the cavity. It is more worthy to jump in ourselves. That tarry till they push us. Good Volumnius. That know’st that we two went to school together. Even for that our love of old. I prithee. Hold though my sword-hilts whilst I run on it. ”

One might believe that any character could be pulled out of the drama. and in contrast to Brutus. run into the demands merely every bit good. but they would be badly incorrect in believing as such. For illustration. some one may believe that Caesar was more epic than Brutus ; his will read ( Act 3. scene 2. lines 256-258 ) “Here is the will. under Caesar’s seal. To every Roman citizen he gives. To every several adult male. 75 dram. ” So he fundamentally gave all of his estate to the Roman people. instead than go throughing it on to his married woman. or giving it merely to Lords. Caesar besides applies to the tragic heroic statement in the sense that he made a fatal mistake in judgement ; he wanted to be crowned. and was power hungry. and as a consequence of his demand for power. he ended up being assassinated. However. Caesar. nevertheless heroic his giving of assets to the people of Rome may hold seemed. and nevertheless good his purposes may hold been superficially. he still was power hungry. and still was selfish. Heros are neither of the latter statements.

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Another necessity to being labeled a tragic hero is. as antecedently mentioned. doing a fatal mistake in judgement. or holding a fatal defect in personality ; Brutus decidedly demonstrated these. Though Brutus killed Caesar with good purposes. he was destined to neglect in some manner or another in making so. and as a consequence. Brutus was killed. Besides. when Brutus and Cassius discourse conflict programs. Brutus makes another fatal mistake in judgement. Act 4. scene 3. lines 246-248 & amp ; 254-255. ” Our hosts are brimming. our cause is mature. The enemy increaseth every day…and we must take the current when it serves. Or lose our ventures. ”

In being involved with the slaying of Caesar. Brutus became an immediate mark of Antony and Octavius. Had Brutus non been involved. he may hold been spared his destiny. though it is still likely he may hold died if he had still been told of the conspirators’ secret plan and ne’er told Caesar. And so. his ulterior treatment with Cassius in his collapsible shelter merely furthered to transport him to his deathly destiny. Rather than remaining where they were. and waiting for Antony and Octavius’ military personnels to get. Brutus suggested go forthing their cantonment. and run intoing them in Philippi. Had Brutus non suggested so. and remained at the cantonment. it is extremely likely he ne’er would hold died on the conflict Fieldss of Philippi. and there is strong potency that he really good could hold really won.

Clearly. and indisputably. Brutus is the hero of Julius Caesar. Other characters. like Caesar himself. may show spots and pieces of the definition of a “tragic hero. ” but Caesar had nowhere nigh as honest purposes as Brutus. At the terminal of the drama. even Antony. of all people. admitted to Brutus’s award and heroism ; “This was the noblest Roman of them all. All the plotters save merely he…envy…great Caesar ; He. merely in a general honest idea and common good to all…his life was soft. and the elements so assorted in him that Nature might stand up and state to all the universe. “This was a adult male! ” Brutus was born to aristocracy. he was a sort individual. he loved Rome. and he made a fatal mistake: to be apart of the confederacy against Caesar. After he died he still “won a moral victory” that was recognized as antecedently mentioned. by Antony. a adult male who wished to kill him. and as a consequence of his moral triumph. his spirit lived on through regard.


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