Bud Light Target Market

March 29, 2017 Sports

Bud Light Target Market Ana Carolina Rodrigues Bezerra 5/4/2011 TARGET MARKET DESCRIPTION BUD LIGHT, “the sure sign of a good time. Here we go! ” A ccording to Anheuser-Busch/A-B (http://www. anheuser-busch. com/), Bud Light is sold all over the world, which means that the company must develop different marketing mixes to achieve its goals within each target arket, in view of the fact that each region of the world has its cultural differences (including language) and particularities. Because I live in the U. S. , I decided to analyze the American market, more specifically the market formed by some of the West and Southwest states that surround California, where I currently reside. SEGMENTING DIMENSIONS Behavioral

Needs: some economic (economy of purchase); physiological (liquid – wants and drive); psychological (curiosity; imitation; self-expression and relaxing); Benefits sought: desire (for acceptance; affiliation; status; leisure; pleasure; self-satisfaction; identification; recognition; sociability; and fun); freedom (from stress; sadness; loss; anxiety; and pressure) Thoughts: Favorable attitude towards the product, which is considered to be sold at a reasonable price; to have a subtle and refreshing taste; and to convey the image of a fun time Rate of use: 2 – 4 times a week, especially on weekends Purchase relationship: positive and ongoing Brand familiarity: preference Kind of shopping: convenience Type of problem solving: routinized response Information required: low Geographic Region of the world, country: USA Region in country: some of the West and Southwest states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon) Size of city: no city Demographic

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Income: $30,000 – $39,000 Sex: 60% male, 40% female Age: 21 – 30 Family size: no size Family life cycle: young single Occupation: technical; clerical sales; students Education: some college; college graduate Ethnicity: Native American, White, Multiracial Social class: lower-middle, middle and upper-middle Psychographics The consumers under consideration like having barbecues and other parties at home with friends; going to bars; going to the beach and the movies; watching sports on TV; and practicing outdoors activities and sports. They either live with their parents or by themselves (with or without roommates). The target market in focus is composed of consumers 21 to 30 year-old, who drink more beer than people in any other age.

Moreover, drinkers in their twenties are more liable to form their lifelong brand preferences during this decade of their lives (“Real American Heroes,” 2008). BRAND POSITION In the beer competitive marketing, where the occasion where the beer is consumed is often more important than taste, Bud Light positioned itself through its irreverent and entertaining commercials as a fun, young and social product (“The Making of Bud Light,” 2007). Furthermore, according to the analysis of the target market in focus, the power of the Budweiser brand is also one of the reasons for the popularity of Bud Light, which is seen by its consumers as a very accessible and subtle tasting light beer. REFERENCES I love you, man campaign. (2008, February 19). Marketing campaign case studies.

Retrieved May 1st, 2011, from http:// marketingcase-studies. blogspot. com/2008/02/i-love-you-man-campaign. html Perreault, Jr. , W. D. , & Cannon, J. P. , & McCarthy, E. J. (2010). Essentials of marketing: a marketing strategy planning approach (12th ed. ). New York, NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Real American heroes/real men of genius campaign. (2008, February 23). Marketing campaign case studies. Retrieved May 1st, 2011, from http://marketing-case-studies. blogspot. com/2008/02/real-american-heroesreal-men-of-genius. html The making of bud light. (2007, June 11). Retrieved May 1st, 2011, from http://www. anheuser-busch. com/pdf/making_bud_light. pdf


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