Budget Cost Analysis of Two Police Departments Including Jails

Budget Cost Analysis of Two Police Departments Including Jails, Brett Hayden, Professor Larry Wine, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Police Administration, April 18, 2011 The data from this research paper was derived from two cities in two different states. Namely: The State of Florida and the State of Idaho which have totally different spending and crime conviction rates. I will show the budget and cost analysis differences of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

Jacksonville is a city in the State of Florida and has always recorded a reduced level of expenditure in the sheriff’s budget alone compared to Ada city in the state of Idaho. Ada County’s budget cycle runs on a fiscal year, usually from October 1 through September 30 the following year, and it always includes services ranging from: social amenities like Parks & Waterways, Veterans Services, Airports.

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Fares to essential services like; Ambulance Service Property Assessments, Tax Collection procedures, Law Enforcement, Patrol Magistrate Court Services, Indigent Medical Care, Jail Operations Adult, and Juvenile Corrections, Emergency Services Solid Waste Management, Emergency Management, Operations Public Health Care, Court Operations, Land Records and even the land records. Each year the county of Ada operates a number of grant programs which are funded, by contributions from the Federal and State governments as well as other governments and nonprofit and for profit entities.

The City’s participation in these programs typically is governed by separate contractual agreements with the cognizant funding agencies. Although these programs are omitted from the Annual Budget, the following schedule is offered in an array to make available an overview of the City’s participation in these programs. It should be noted that the figures shown are estimates (Terrence, 2009).

Statistics form 2009, Reveal that the City of Jacksonville had 3823 inmates and spent $11,009,666 on their health care for inmates, which averages to $7. 89 per inmate per day. Ada County had a total number of 1807 inmates, and they spent an average of $8. 58 per inmate per day for a total of 5,658,981 on health care in the same particular year, (American legislators, 2007). This is a massive amount that is never a constant that must be figured into a departments budget if they include the jail and corrections side in their budgets.

To me it appears that a lot of tax payers’ money in Idaho is spent on maintenance of convicts who have been detained for petty offenses like petit theft or drinking on city property which one will, only be charged a fine of $250 in Ada and then they are released. It appears that the state of Idaho would rather spend a lot of money in maintaining convicts rather than fining petty offenders. It also appears that the efficiency of a police department in Ada county in Idaho is determined by the number of arrests it makes.

Also, citizens are sent to detention centers in Idaho for drug possession more than every other offense. Driving under the influence of alcohol is No. 4, followed by driving without a valid license (No. 6) and bad checks (No. 11). Due to the overall size of the City of Jacksonville, I feel that they are doing a good job utilizing their resources to help control the cost of inmate health care. They have recently hired their own medical staff to conduct treatment inside their jail, thus reducing the cost of out sourcing the work to contracted companies.

In bids, to reduce expenditure on hiring detectives and police officers, the office of the sheriff in Ada County, Idaho State, in the previous year gave the Kuna/Ada City Council the alternative of maintaining its police fortification at existing levels, or restore services slash last year to set aside capital. Ada city then had the alternative of maintenance of some of the same services that it presently receives beneath its accessible $1. 2 million contract with the sheriff’s office, or developing a part-time detective’s spot to full time at a financial plan cost of $1. 5 million. This would save $. 05Milion on hiring part time detectives for the whole period. In addition, the trained detectives will be more than the hired detectives thus increasing the number of cases handled by them (council of states, 2008). Ada city also had the option of raising the staff to two full time detectives below a $1. 34 million contract, or maintaining the current levels of staffing which budgeted to a $1. 35 million and included part time detectives and a single clerk.

In the same year at Ada County, the Office of the Prosecutor’s budget, which is included in their law enforcement budget, rose from $38,082 to$49,209 for the current year (2011) for the purpose of running a clean prosecution and witness protection unit. The City of Jacksonville does not include the State Attorney’s office budget in their annual sheriff’s office budget so that will not be compared in this paper. Looking at the City of Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) patrol officers work 12 hour (or 11. 42) overlapping shifts in order to cover the county 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days a year.

This has thus reduced the number of patrol vehicles used by the officers thus save on fuel cost, and the cost of purchasing more patrol vehicles, and increased efficiency of the police officers since they work longer hours than a normal 8 hour shift, there are always three shifts with one shift sleeping or resting, the second shift working on the ground, the third shift is always off duty where as the fourth shift would be on break, extended leave, training, deployments, vacation, or making up some standardization, evaluation, or quality control ( Robert, 2009).

The take home care program has been a big issue since the prices of gas have increased significantly in recent years. The Sheriff in Duval County has said that he will continue to allow his officers to take their cars home within a 10 mile radius of the city limits. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office does not permit their cars to be driven home and currently they must be parked at a qualified substation at the end of their shifts. There has also been a reduced requirement for new officers since i. e. or one to be an officer in Ada county; they have to meet a low minimum requirement, for example; 1. Be a High School graduate or possess a General Education Diploma (GED) certificate; 2. Be at least 18 years of age and of Normal height and weight. 3. Pass a Physical Fitness Test, Psychological Fitness Test, and a Background Investigation. 4. Be of good moral character and have no felony record as an adult. This thus reduces the pay awarded to the offices. Taking for example, a case where an officer is a college graduate, the pay demanded by that very officer will be of large sums.

And if they are many the County government will lose a lot in paying several highly qualified officials. Also, the City of Ada finds no reason to raise the entry level for Ada County officer candidate to have an Associate Degree or Any other legal or criminology education at the community college or university level. As all these are always administered as part of Police Academy training, or as part of off duty, career advancement education, at the choice of the Ada County officer.

A graduate from a Police Academy should be required to achieve active duty status (Ronald, 2008). The city of Jacksonville has the same requirements except they require either a four year degree from an accreditated college with atleast 16 hours of criminal justice core classes or a two year degree and 4 years of military experience. The city uses this degree to their advantage when it comes to pay for the officers because the state education incentive kicks in for officers with a degree so it looks like better pay for the office.

This extra money comes from the state budget and not the city budget, thus reducing the cost to the city. Jacksonville as a city has also had situations of its own as the city raised the 9 millage rate for the foremost point in time in 17 years, from 8. 4841 toward the rolled-back rate of 9. 2727. This has seriously affected the economy of Jacksonville as the recession has led to decreases in the city’s property values as well as various revenues that are received from the State. The city’s total assessed value dropped by 6% in fiscal year 2010from last year’s level.

State sales tax revenues are projected to be down 13% from fiscal year2009, while state revenue sharing distributions are expected to be 11% lower and other states hired revenues are estimated to be 4. 4% less than the FY 09 amounts. The rolled-back rate is the millage rate is set to produce the same quantity of property tax income in the current year at the same time as in the preceding year from properties that were on the tax roll in the preceding year. For the holder of a home with an assessed worth of $95,000, assuming no changing the assessed value from the previous year, increase in property taxes would be about $75.

A total of $61. 9 million in expenses was cut from the General Fund during the financial plan process. The reserves consist of reductions in salary and benefit overheads (as well as $6. 8 million from eliminated positions), deferral of the replacement of various city vehicles, deferral of various building maintenance costs and several reductions in departmental and non-departmental operating costs from a variety of sources. Also, included in these savings are a 20% reduction in training costs and an 18% reduction in travel costs (http:www. Jrsa. om, 2011) The Jacksonville Journey, a citizen-driven, anti-crime initiative that was launched in fiscal year2009, began its second year of operations but its first full year of funding in fiscal year 2010. A separate fund for The Jacksonville Journey will receive $8. 1 million as of the universal fund for a variety of prevention and intervention programs. These include expanded early literacy programs, supervised after-school guidance and recreational programs and expanded activities during the summer. Also, Included are funds for juvenile crime prevention programs and programs that will help ex-offenders become productive citizens.

The Jacksonville Journey also provides funding in the general fund for enforcement activities. In addition to continued funding for 80 police officers, 80 correctional officers and 23 emergency communication operators hired in Fiscal Y ear 09, funds have been allocated in the Fiscal Year 10 budget to hire an additional 44 correctional officers and 19 civilian support positions, including 7 technicians and 5crime scene investigators. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office was awarded a $9 million grant over three year, period to fund the salaries and benefits for 50 additional police officers, 40 of whom will be hired in Fiscal Year 10 (http:www3.

Coj. net, 2011). The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received a grant to fund the salaries and benefits for 50 additional police officers, 40 of which will be hired in fiscal year 2009-10(Fiscal Year10). These 40 are included in the numbers above for the Jacksonville Journey. The city will receive a significant contribution in grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). For the non-police related programs of the Jacksonville Journey, almost $2. 7 million in funding through ARRA will be received in FY 10.

In addition, the Sheriff’s Office grants of $9 million over a three year, period is also funded through ARRA. In total for Fiscal year, 10, the city will receive $6. 4 million in grants from various sources to help fund Journey activities. In Fiscal Year, 10 168 nonpublic safety positions were eliminated from several departments across the city, saving $6. 8 million (noted above) in personnel related costs for FY10. Looking at the County of Ada on the other end, Most preferred Candidates in the police service (ISP) Most of them are highly educated intellectual with excellent skills and a well defined area of specialization.

This in turn, increases the states spending on remuneration of the over 30 detectives in the county, all of them moving around with city vehicles which are refueled, by the county budget. This in turn lads to an estimated $0. 576 million annually on vehicles repairs annually for Ada County compared to the $0. 421 million spent in Jacksonville. The city of Jacksonville uses mostly newer cars that they can repair under warranty. The County of Ada is not a as large as Jacksonville and with a smaller budget can’t afford to buy newer cars for the fleet so they spend more maintaining what they got.

Also in, Ada County there are only three shifts hence when one shift is on a leave period, the other two shifts are running the administrative responsibilities of the county and handling arrests. They also have a much higher overtime expenditure than the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office due to when one of their officers is out it creates such a shortage that it must be filled by an overtime position. Since there are overlapping shifts and a lot more officers for JSO, It is easier to run a vacancy and move personnel around to cover a shortage.

Also, in order to reduce the budget, the County of Ada should reconsider the cost of hiring a large number of professionals in relation to the cost of hiring junior officers. There is a need for the employment of an independent auditor to scrutinize the books of accounts of the county and give special advice on the way to go and issues to be delivered. Establish checks and balances over every single financial transaction of public funds, such as eliminating the city council, slashing funds earmarked for district projects. They should halt fair share assessments; replace with Impact Fees on new developments:

Surprisingly, Jacksonville has reached these accomplishments despite having some government issues, in the county, based on the ratio of city employees to city residents. The average county has 216 employees per 10,000 residents. Jacksonville has only 118 state workers per 10,000 residents. Also, Jacksonville has the lowest county employee payroll expenditure per county resident at $38 per resident. The national average is $69 per resident. Additionally, the members of the Fraternal Order of Police are currently at impasse with the city over issues such as pay raises, pension benefits, health care, and overall collective bargaining issues.

Ada county does not have collective bargaining between members of their sheriff’s office and the city. Contributions campaign. In order to minimize the cost of expenditure in Ada County and to counteract the high costs in maintaining jails and order in the county therefore, advised the county of Ada should take deep measures in supply of the following services: Law Enforcement Campaigns: This will actually increase the level of sensitization on the citizens of Ada thus reducing the number of arrests made and hence depopulating the jails.

And the most amazing thing about the campaigns is that they will only cost an estimated $11,670 compared to the $506,243 meant to maintain the inmates in the Ada county state jails. (ADA, COUNTY, IDAHO SCHEDULE OF EXPENDITURES OF FEDERAL AWARDS FOR THE YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER 30, 2010). Narcotics Investment is actually meant to reduce the rate of narcotic abuse. Its noticed that most of the convicts in Ada County jails and most of the arrests made in that very year were of drunk driving, illegal possession of drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine.

The Narcotic Investment scheme through the media and public health department will assist in the sensitization of the Ada county residents and rigorous campaigns on anti narcotics will move around the country thus reducing the number of arrests made. (ADA COUNTY, IDAHO SCHEDULE OF EXPENDITURES OF FEDERAL AWARDSFOR THE YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER 30, 2010). State Criminal Alien Assistance Program which will thus reduce on the number of alien criminals in the state thus deporting them to their own state after being charged hence the government will not have to bear the burden of maintaining aliens in the local state, prisons.

Bulletproof Vest Partnership : the bullet proof vest partnership, with the National government will increase the state provision for the bullet proofs vest for all officers in the state thus reducing the death of officers on duty, it is beneficial in the fact that it preserves the lives of the offices. This maintains a high level of performance as the officer will not have the fear of death in the line of duty. This also helps increase their morale. Also in creating a Cops Interoperable Communications Technology will improve network communication among the officers and enhance fast apprehending of suspects within the states Jurisdiction.

In summary it is necessary for the criminal justice department to keenly focus on the reduction of the number of convicts, also reduce the number of police shifts to reduce the expenditure when it comes to number of vehicles used and the also increase the overall patrol shift. I personally think that each year every sheriff’s office should start with a zero based budget instead of going off of last year’s budget. This would help with the overall balance of the budget and provide a more accurate detail of future needs. References: Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www. coj. et/NR/rdonlyres/ejvttzjlkvsf4imvj53snvnco4bj5fhqqjpekdjmolj4paqgn43oz6dlnbmi zykvd4mzojbworc2sggpqadjpaw6ojc/JSO_AR_2009. pdf Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www. isp. idaho. gov/ Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www. ndaa. org/pdf/ndaa_clips_3_15_11. pdf Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www. agacgfm. org/citizen/downloads/Idahosp09. pdf Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www. jrsa. org/pubs/sac-digest/documents/idaho-forsensicsurvey. pdf Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www3. coj. net/Departments/Sheriffs-Office/Electronic–Press-Room-Home-Page/JSO-News/City-Officials-Announce-Construction-of-Police-Boa. spx Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www2. fbi. gov/ucr/cius_04/documents/CIUS_2004_Section1. pdf Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www2. fbi. gov/ucr/cius_04/documents/CIUS2004. pdf Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www2. fbi. gov/ucr/cius_04/summary/crime_factors/index. html Retrieved April 18 2011 from http://www. prisontalk. com/forums/archive/index. php/t-110382. html Council of the states. (2008). The Book of the States. (Vol 39) New York: council of state government. American Legislators A. (2007). State Government. University of Michigan: American Legislators association.

Terrence, k. (2009). A Stability Police force for the United States: justification and options For creating U. S capabilities. New Jersey: Rand Corporation. Robert, C. W. (2009). Police theory in America: old traditions and new opportunities. Ohio: Charles C Thomas Publisher. Ronald, j. & Steven, A. (2008) Race and policing in America: conflict and reform. Cambridge Cambridge studies of criminology. Manning, M. (2007) Race, reform, and rebellion: The second reconstruction and beyond in black America. Mississippi: university press of Mississippi.



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