Building a Field House Essay

Thank you for taking the clip to read this missive. My name is Sinclair Cunningham and I am come ining my sophomore twelvemonth at Kishwaukee College. We have met several times earlier. as I am a member of our women’s hoops squad. You were a portion of my official visit to Kishwaukee and I have besides seen you at several athletic events and feasts. back uping non merely my squad. but besides our section. I am really thankful for all of your support. I am composing to you to portion my thought and proposal for constructing a new athletic field house at Kishwaukee College.

The current gym state of affairs is really nice but does non run into the demands of our turning section. We are besides really limited for infinite. and our cabinet suites are falling apart. Constructing a field house would let for Kishwaukee to better on many countries include storage. installation. clip direction. and enlisting. It would besides profit the school by leting squads to host tourneies and fundraisers and may assist raise money for the edifice. I would wish to be able to suggest support for our undertaking and get down a formal procedure with you and the board.

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I know you are really busy but I would be honored to sit down and discourse the possible pros and cons to the undertaking and derive some of your thoughts. I know there are some obstructions to the undertaking. and I would wish to run into with you and undertake them together. I would wish to get down raising money by early autumn and will hold a completed formal proposal to you before the August board meeting. I know how much you support the athletic section and all of our student-athletes. I believe with your aid we can construct this new installation which will profit the school in many different ways.

It will assist with registration of future student-athletes. pull more NCAA schools on campus. and can besides raise money for the school by hosting assorted featuring events. It will be a beautiful installation which other schools will desire to be a portion of and will esteem Kishwaukee for. I appreciate your clip and am looking forward to sitting down with you in the following two hebdomads to discourse the different countries of this new thought as I begin this proposal. Like I said. I will hold a formal proposal for you to take to the board for your August meeting and hope to get down the support and the undertaking in the early autumn. I look frontward to run intoing with you shortly.



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