Building Brand Equity in the Two Wheel Industry of Pakistan

July 14, 2017 Marketing

A trade name is a name used to place the beginning of a merchandise or service. A trade name creates a particular significance for a merchandise or service. It is the trade name which differentiates a peculiar merchandise among different viing merchandises in the market place. It works in the same manner as our “ name ” differentiates us in the community of world. The procedure of Branding transforms a merchandise into a trade name and it gives particular significance to it. ( William Wells, 2007 )

Brand equity is one of the most competitory advantages which a product/service/company may hold in the market place. In simple words, a trade name equity can be stated as the fiscal worth of trade name but it really depends on a big figure of touchable and intangible constituents. Generally, an organisation ‘s equity is the networth of the organisation and is calculated by subtracting liabilities from assets. The equity is calculated as follows: Equity = Assets – Liabilitiess. ( Russell, No Date )

Brand do hold assets and liabilities like corporations and organisations and a trade name ‘s equity is estimated in the same by subtracting liabilities from assets. Some illustrations of trade name assets are emotional connexion with clients, trade name loyality, merchandise line extensions, and monetary value premiums. While some liabilities of trade name are client dissatisfaction, questionable patterns, hapless record on societal issues, and negative associations. Therefore, a trade name equity can besides be estimated as: Brand Equity = Brand Assets – Brand Liabilities. ( Best R. J. , 2008 )

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Percepts of people about a trade name drama a really of import function for constructing trade name equity. Consumers are normally willing to pay more for a merchandise which has a strong trade name name. It is fact that trade names do hold personalities and trade name personalities provide foundations for constructing a strong trade name equity in the market place. ( Best R. J. , 2008 )

Corporations holding a strong trade name equity enjoy long-run fiscal and non-financial returns with a loyal client base. Brand placement, trade name image and trade name personality may bring forth a perceptual experience of quality, value, service, exclusivity and association in the heads of clients and these three factors straight affects trade name equity. For illustration, the clients ‘ would be willing to pay monetary value premiums for a trade name which has a strong trade name image or personality. A strong trade name equity provides a sustainable competitory advantage in the market place and a strong trade name equity is a consequence of an efficient selling scheme. The importance of trade names can be judged from the fact that the first thing that comes in clients ‘ heads is the trade name name during the purchase determination of a merchandise. During the purchase determination devising, different forces influence clients ‘ heads. These forces are need for a merchandise, hazards associated with a merchandise, recommendations by equals, observation, and triability. A trade name holding a strong trade name equity wins in the above determination devising because its assets such as trade name personality, emotional connexions etc are more than its liabilities like negative associations etc. ( Best R. J. , 2008 )

Major Drivers of Brand

Brand Awareness

Share of Mind

Perceived Quality

Functionality or public presentation, trust, life-time value

Brand Loyalty

Intentional Repeat Purchase and Recommendations to others

Brand Associations

Sponsorships, admired people utilizing the merchandise, corporate citizenship


Selling Channels, Trade Marks and Vertical integrating etc.

Aims and Aims for Research Study

The chief aim and purpose of this research survey is to understand the importance of edifice trade name equity in the two wheel industry of Pakistan. A strong trade name image is a major driver of company/product/service profitable place in the market place with a loyal client base. Following is list of aims and purposes for this research survey:

To research ways for bettering trade name image/personality

How trade name equity is estimated and what are different tools and techniques for gauging trade name equity?

To research ways for edifice trade name equity

To larn whether selling schemes are presenting a true image of merchandise quality in the two wheel industry of Pakistan

To measure the current pattern of constructing trade name equity in the two wheel industry of Pakistan by organisations and to do recommendations on the footing of analysis.

Scope of the Research Study

Today, markets are more globalized and fragmented while consumers in the market are more sophisticated due to revolutions and developments in the country of engineering and information systems. Corporations ‘ competitory advantages are easy imitable and it is now a challenge for an organisation to prolong a competitory border over competition because of increased client consciousness, quality perceptual experiences and environment consciousness.

This study will be a existent input for organisations for constructing trade name equity in the two wheel industry of Pakistan. Different organisations can acknowledge the importance of edifice trade name equity in the two wheel industry of Pakistan after analysing this study. The study findings and analysis is characterized by both primary and secondary informations.

The Structure and Synopsis of Research Report:

There are seven chapters for this study which are as follows:

Chapter 1 – includes the outline, debut of the research subject, purposes and aims of the research every bit good as range of the survey.

Chapter 2 – includes literature reappraisal about the subject, trade name, trade name consciousness, trade name equity, its importance, benefits of the trade name equity, and procedure of edifice trade name equity. It besides includes the debut of the two wheel industry of Pakistan as good the hereafter anticipation of the two wheel industry of Pakistan. It besides includes the debut of the regulative organic structures of Pakistan commanding the operations of the car companies in Pakistan.

Chapter 3 includes how to mensurate the trade name equity? It discusses different tools and techniques to mensurate the trade name equity of a peculiar merchandise. This all has been done utilizing the secondary information which is collected from the research articles, books, and different web sites.

Chapter 4 includes Introduction of Research Methodology, Research Objectives, Research Consideration, Dynamics of Research, Secondary Research, Primary Research, Questionnaire ‘s Design and Analysis.

Chapter 5 includes Introduction of Analysis and findings, In-depth interviews with the clients, traders and Selling Directors of SUZUKI, YAMAHA, HONDA, and PAK HERO. It besides includes jobs with their merchandise and different suggestions for betterment in trade name equity.

Chapter 6 includes findings from the Customers, Dealers and Selling Directors.

Chapter 7 includes our research decisions and recommendations about how companies can construct trade name equity in footings of Role of Services, Selection of traders, Role of Marketing Mix etc.


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