Burberry Brand Faced Lot Of Problems Marketing Essay

Compare Burberrys market place relative to that of its rivals, including Polo, Armani and Gucci.

Answers: Burberry had positioned itself into a luxury lifestyle trade name that was inspirational, fashionable, and advanced trade name. Burberry had targeted its trade name in order to pull younger client base along with the traditional stodgy looking, conservative and a client based skewed towards the older coevals. Therefore, the market positioning for Burberry can appeal to the hip 25-year-old adult male or the conservative 65 twelvemonth old adult male. Burberry had become a trade name typifying both luxury and lastingness.

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Burberry was focused for a niche section between trade names such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani in Apparel, and between Coach and Gucci in accoutrements. Burberry had a peculiar monetary value point and for a peculiar monetary value section. Burberry was ne’er merely a authoritative trade name or a trade name ever holding a film editing border but had ever maintained itself as a accessible luxury trade name.

The point of difference ( PoD ) which made Burberry unique was its functionality, i.e. the merchandises had a intent. Burberry was an aspirational trade name with functionality which made it alone.

Burberry had comfortably nestled itself between a life style ( represented by Ralph Lauren ) & A ; high terminal manner merchandises ( represented by Gucci ) in the accoutrements and some work forces apparel and the high terminal trade name in adult females ‘s dress and most work forces ‘s dress.

Market Share

In footings of Market portion, the Exhibit13 show that Burberry has the 4th largest market portion at 5.2 % . The comparative public presentation of Burberry as compared to Polo, Armani and Gucci are as follows:


Players____________Market Share

Polo Ralph Lauren 9.1 %

Burberry 5.2 %

Gucci 4.4 %

Giorgio Armani 3.5 %

Beginning? ?


Exhibit14 shows the gross revenues of accoutrements in Eur ( manganese ) of Burberry in comparing to the other trade names. The accoutrements of Burberry had an gross revenues of 445 Eur ( million ) . In comparing to the other brands the gross revenues of 2001 were:


Players________________Eur ( Mn )

Gucci 1,394

Polo Ralph Lauren 484

Burberry 445

Beginning? ?

In footings of gross revenues Louis Vuitton had the most sum of gross revenues. Gucci and Polo Ralph Lauren had more sums of gross revenues in footings of gross as compared to Burberry.


Exhibit14 shows the gross revenues of dress in Eur ( manganese ) of Burberry in comparing to the other trade names. The dress of Burberry had an gross revenues of 988 Eur ( million ) . In comparing to the other brands the gross revenues of 2001 were:


Players________________Eur ( Mn )

Polo Ralph Lauren 3,621

Burberry 988

Georgio Armani 661

Beginning? ?

In footings of gross revenues, Polo Ralph Lauren had the most sum of gross revenues. Burberry had more sums of gross revenues in footings of gross as compared to Georgio Armani.

Advertisement Outgo

The followers is the sum of outgo done by the manner companies with regard to burberry ‘s advertisement outgo


Players_________________Eur ( Mn )

Burberry 98

Giorgio Armani 72

Gucci Division 111

Polo Ralph Lauren 100

Gucci has spent the upper limit on advertisement outgo, followed by Polo and so by Burberry. Giorgio Armani witnessed the least advertisement outgo for 72 million.

Beginning? ?

Question 2 ) Is Burberry ‘s competitory place sustainable over a long term?

Answer: There are some restraints that Burberry is confronting, these are:

The market place and current tendencies are invariably altering.

Everyone is a competition.

High Income people shop everyplace, and lower income people are get downing to shop for for flush trade name names.

The trade name ‘s gross revenues rely to a great extent on the Burberry cheque.

With outgrowth of new client base, looking towards them might make a danger of estranging old client base.

The new direction of Burberry has overcome these restraints expeditiously, but with the rise in competition, the direction has to work truly difficult to maintain the trade name coeval and moving in the positive way.

Question 3 ) Bravo ‘s squad is presently transporting out several enterprises including multiple aggregations, multiple channels and multiple licences. What is the function of each of these enterprises in Burberry ‘s overall concern theoretical account?

Multiple Collections:

Under Bravo Burberry was positioned as a trade name in between Polo Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani in dresss and between Coach and Gucci in accoutrements.

Bravo wanted the Burberry trade name to appeal younger coevals, while keeping its old client base. In order to shift the trade name and pull new clients base Burberry launched multiple aggregations. The other ground for establishing multiple aggregations was to stay consistent with the current manner tendency in the market. Bravo ‘s squad started cut downing the figure of SKUs to extinguish out-of-date designs and had a consistent expression across the merchandises. Each season Burberry used to present 450 to 500 adult females ‘s dress manners and 330 to 350 work forces ‘s dress manners. These aggregation were really transverse generational i.e. it targeted people in the age scope of 25 to 60. In this manner Burberry made itself more seeable and easy accessible for the client. In order to do people cognizant that something new is go oning at the Burberry, a high profile high-end trade name called Prorsum was introduced. Prorsum was available merely in the best shops of the universe. Through its multiple aggregations Burberry was successful in making an image of high manner trade name yet accessible for the clients.

Multiple Channelss:

Burberry Brand faced batch a job before Bravo joined due to parallel trading, which had a negative impact on its procedure and trade name image. Burberry had 3 channels of distribution retail, jobbers and accredited spouses. By the terminal of 2002 Burberry had about 3162 jobbers worldwide which included 434 departmental shop and 2728 forte shops. Burberry besides had 132 company owned shops all over the universe. These company shops where designed to expose the full merchandise scope, showcase the company vision and were besides used as a testing land for new constructs.

Multiple channel helped Burberry increase its visibleness among the client, which in bend helped in geting new clients. Monetary values of merchandises were raised to reflect the trade names new positioning as a consequence the border increased to 56 % to 47 % .

Multiple licences:

Burberry exercised complete control over sourcing, planing, fabrication and distribution. When specific expertness was required to certain merchandise Burberry used licensees who had design, fabrication and distribution. Burberry used licensees chiefly in accoutrements concern where they did n’t hold competitory advantage. Having control over the licences, jobbers and distributers helped Burberry in shifting its trade name and making a positive image among the clients. In the procedure Burberry bought some of the distributers to halt analogue trading and have a tighter control over the procedure.

Promoting the monetary values.

Control over communications – planetary communications.

Question 4 ) Has Bravo ‘s squad managed to promote the overall position of the Burberry trade name?

Answer: The Bravo squad was really successful in promoting the overall position of the Burberry trade name. This was non an easy undertaking or something that was accomplished overnight. Bravo ‘s end when she took over was to transform Burberry into a luxury lifestyle trade name that was aspirational, fashionable and advanced. Some immediate alterations made to Burberry to assist carry through this and promote the overall position were decorative. This included altering the company ‘s name from Burberry ‘s to Burberry and presenting a modern-day new logo and packaging. Then Bravo went onto repositing the trade name. This meant pulling younger clients while retaining Burberry ‘s nucleus client base. The merchandise line was besides updated. The new merchandise line included merchandise classified as either continuity or manner oriented. Continuity merchandises were expected to hold much longer lifecycles and manner oriented merchandises were antiphonal to manner tendencies. Burberry besides updated its merchandise line to hold three primary aggregations: adult females wear, menswear, and accoutrements. With all of these new and extremist alterations, Burberry was able to promote the overall position of its trade name.

Balance between continuity and manner oriented merchandises

Balance between work forces ‘s and adult females ‘s wear ( 27 % vs 33 % ) work forces ‘s wear has comparatively longer PLC

Balance between accoutrements and dresss

Balanced distribution – Gross saless = 39 % DOS 52 % Distributors 10 % Licenses

Greater geographical balance – dependance on Asia 75 %

Brand grade scheme – London, Prorsum, Thomas – Black.Blue.



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