Burberry Case Study Essay

September 14, 2017 General Studies

1. The Burberry trade name has be come a symbol of both luxury and lastingness. The trade name has been repositioned to a niche market between up-to-date manner dress. like Armani. and authoritative manner dress. like Polo Ralph Lauren. Burberry has besides excelled in the accoutrements market. positioning itself between the Coach and Gucci trade names. Burberry does non desire to be up-to-date manner and at the same clip. does non desire to be viewed as merely authoritative. as this market is already saturated with other trade names. Burberry represents “accessible luxury” . intending they were stylish. but besides functional. Burberry’s competitory place is sustainable over the long-run providing that the industry itself remains stable. Burberry’s rivals. like Ralph Lauren. hold proven that they can keep their place over the long-run in both low-end traditional and high-end manner markets so I believe Burberry has the capableness to make the same. Burberry maintains its place of stylish and functional. If they can make this. the barrier to entry for this niche should stay excessively high for rivals to come in.

2. Since her reaching at Burberry. Rose Marie Bravo set out to do Burberry “great from a planetary perspective” . She attempted to make this by implementing multiple cardinal alterations to the Burberry trade name. These alterations include shifting the trade name. updating the merchandise line. set uping flagship shops. spread outing the trade name portfolio. and advancing the new trade name image. Bravo was able to shift the Burberry trade name into the class of luxury trade name. She did so by make fulling an empty spread in the market. between that of authoritative manner and up-to-date manner. The end of this alteration was to pull younger clients while retaining their nucleus client base. While shifting a trade name is ever hazardous. happening a niche market and non straight viing with these other luxury trade names helped Burberry to minimise some of the hazard from the alteration. Burberry besides limited hazard by providing to both manner and map.

The following alteration that Bravo made was to update the merchandise line. Bravo and her squad drastically cut the figure of merchandises from 100. 000 to 24. 000. extinguishing outdated designs and making a consistent expression across all of their merchandises. They began to sort their merchandises into two separate classs: continuity or fashion-oriented. The continuity merchandises. such as the authoritative trench coat. were expected to hold a life rhythm that lasted over a figure of old ages. The fashion-oriented merchandises were designed to respond to the newest manner tendencies and typically merely had a seasonal life rhythm. These alterations significantly reduced the hazard of the Burberry transmutation. Burberry had three primary aggregations: womenswear. menswear. and accoutrements.

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The womenswear line expanded from its traditional focal point on winter and fall season to include dress for the spring and summers seasons every bit good. appealing to a broader scope of clients. The meanswear aggregation was really “cross-generational” . crossing from immature urban professionals to older. authoritative work forces. The accoutrements aggregation was non as manner oriented and besides did non hold to suit different size fluctuations. so therefore it generated less hazard than the dress aggregations. The constitution of flagship shops has besides helped to minimise hazard by moving as a testing land for new constructs and designs before they are distributed to a wider market. Besides. Burberry has maintained a strong vision and consistent voice. which has helped set up it’s trade name image and keep its trade name credibleness.

By spread outing the trade name portfolio from merely the company’s nucleus label. Burberry London. into the high terminal with it’s Prorsum label. Burberry was able to reenforce it’s new placement in the luxury market. Expanding into this market does come with added hazard. given the volatility of the high-end manner market. The Prorsum label is able to extenuate some of this hazard by supplying Burberry with a “laboratory for ideas” that they are able to implement into other countries of their concern. Burberry was besides able to extenuate the hazard of the passage by successfully advancing it’s new trade name image. Burberry was able to portray itself as a heritage trade name while at the same clip tie ining itself with a trendier. more modern expression.


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