Bus Law Week 1 Individual Assignment

December 20, 2017 Law

Week 1 Individual Assignment Bus/415 Business Law 1. The National Enquirer is a newspaper that is sold at most grocery stores, and gas stations. It is known for reporting the most up to date gossip about celebrities, scandals, and other type of so called news. Most of the information that is reported in this paper; which is also known as a tabloid is said to be untrue. Especially by the people that are reported in it. It is based out of Florida but most of the circulation is in the state of California. . The National Enquirer like any other company would want to have the suit to be held in the same state in which its headquarters is located. It also happens that the reporter and the editor are also both located in Florida, so the company would feel that they would get the best result if the case were to be held there. From the company’s point of view it would not be considered unethical to want the case to be held in Florida due to the fact that they would probably get a better case.

From the other side I could also see why it could be considered as unethical due to the fact that California is a big state and one of the larger populations to which the National Enquire is sold. Not to mention that defamation and invasion of privacy are considered unethical especially when it comes to business matters. If businesses act like that then people or other businesses probably won’t be able to trust in the company. 3.

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The defendants would be subject to have the case held in California due to the long-arm statue law, as well as the reason because this is the location where the suit was filed and the injury was caused. The minimum contacts requirement would also be fulfilled because of the fact that most of the circulation of the National Enquirer is in the state of California. If other damage to Shirley would have happened such as damage to herself in an attempt of suicide or something of that sort would give even more reason for the case to be held in California or in any other state in which damages were caused.


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