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April 8, 2018 Communication

Business Communication Trends Andrea Singleton COMM/285 Donnetta Webb April 19, 2010 Business Communication Trends Communication is an essential component for a business to be successful. Without a good line of communication mistakes will be made that could cost the company wasted time, wasted effort, lost goodwill, and legal issues (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Business communication is continually changing to keep up with technological advances.

The 10 current business trends affecting business communication today are: Technology changes, including information overload and data security versus privacy; a focus on quality and customer’ needs; entrepreneurship; teamwork; diversity; globalization and outsourcing; legal and ethical concerns; balancing work and family; job flexibility; and the rapid rate of change (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). I personally have witnessed several of these trends in my current workplace. I currently am a full-time student and attend school online in the convenience of my own home.

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The current business trends I have noticed while attending school online are: Technology, teamwork, and diversity. Technology plays a huge role in my day-to-day school activities. I communicate with other students and my instructor in an online classroom via the Worldwide Web. I have noticed that some students are communicating through their I Phones as well. When communicating in an online setting, depicting the correct tone is important in order to convey a comprehensible message. Teamwork is another trend that is mandatory and part of my school experience.

Teamwork “brings together people’s with varying strengths and talents to solve problems and make decisions” (Locker & Kienzler, 2008, p. 18) is an important part of the learning experience and will teach me to work well with others in my future classes and work experiences. Diversity is another trend that I have observed in my communication with other students. I have recognized that my fellow classmates and I come from diverse backgrounds based on age, gender, class, and regional differences. By communicating with such a diverse group of people, I increase my knowledge and grow as a human being.

As a result of these trends, the way employees communicate within an organization has progressed. The message types used as a result of the business trends are: instant messaging, e-mail, blogs, and video conferencing (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). Coworkers that work in different buildings or even across the globe from each other can converse via instant messaging. Another effective message type is e-mail. E-mail is fast, effective and saves an organization time and money by eliminating the need to print and distribute many copies company-wide.

Blogs are another way for organizations to communicate messages to their employees. An employee or manager would simply log into the blog to receive important information for that day’s activities. In view of globalization, outsourcing companies have had to find a cost-effective way to communicate. Video conferencing is a way to bring employees from across the globe together in one room without the cost of airfare, hotel fees, and food expenses. Business communication plays an important role in my day-to-day activities in my college career.

I have to be able to communicate clearly and effectively to add value, new ideas, and experiences to online discussions with classmates. I also have to portray a thoughtful, respectful, and professional tone to convey a clear message that fellow classmates will understand and be receptive to. I need to be able to work with a diverse group of people to solve problems and make decisions. Working in a team I have to contribute to the communication experience with valuable information based on my background, talent, and past experiences.

Communicating online with fellow students helps me manage my daily activities by saving time. I never have to leave home and that saves between two to three hours every day. This time savings allows me to plan my days accordingly. I also have online access 24 hours a day and seven days a week, which allows for a very flexible schedule. Communication is an integral part of a successful business. Without an effective line of communication, an employee would not know what to do on a day-to-day basis.

As business trends (such as: technology, diversity, and teamwork) evolve it affects the way people communicate in a business setting. Business trends also affect the types of messages communicated in a professional setting. The new types of messages and forms of communication are saving time and money for companies, which in turn increases revenue and aids in creating a successful business. Reference Locker, K. O. , & Kienzler, D. S. (2008). Business communication, management, and success. In (Ed. ), Business and administrative communication, eighth edition (pp. 1-38). : McGraw-Hill.


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