Business memo

Dear Sir, The time has come to set up suppliers and vendors for our equipment maintenance, office supplies etc. To meet the company’s needs in a more formal approach. In order to boost our performance we need to ensure that we are getting the best services at the most affordable prices without being taken advantage of. We also want to make sure that we are continuing to offer our products of high quality, and timely delivery to our wonderful consumers. The reputation of our company holds very high ratings that we are not only proud of, UT have worked very hard to accomplish.

So when it comes to our products, having a formal way of choosing the potential suppliers and vendors of our needs can really help maintain progress and lead us to our future success. Not only will this help us to become more organized, it will also set an example of what we need for later down the road. To determine the best possible suppliers, and vendors for our company, I recommend taking into consideration the following criteria when choosing a supplier: Cost; does the price match the quality and give the ability to make a profit.

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Productivity; is the supplier able to provide enough materials for what we need. Convenience. Quality of materials. Delivery; does the supplier meet our needs based on time schedule. By using this list of recommendations we can more accurately find the best suppliers and vendors based on our needs in a much more formal fashion than before. These five elements of criteria will help us weed out those who do not fulfill our demands, and keep in mind the ones that do. This plan will allow us to build new relationships tit suppliers, and vendors, and move onward to our success.

Avery Dennis is a global leader in packaging and labeling materials and the technologies they use are a fundamental aspect of products used in every major market and industry (The Big Picture). Beginning in 1935, with very little money to start with, they have become a very successful labeling and packaging company providing services to many companies in over 50 different countries. Avery Dennis holds similar values to us, in that their standards of quality are set very highly.



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