Business Merge the entire student registration process,

April 15, 2019 Business

Business Need:
As the population of students in GIMPA continues to grow, there is the tendency of the institution to exhibit difficulty in handling enrollment in a semi manual process. This project has been initiated to fully automate the current enrollment system by:
• Making work easier through creating a fast and easy enrolling system
• Creating a convenient way of storing and retrieving student data
• Make the current system more adaptable for users by increasing flexibility.

Business Requirement:
The newly recommended fully automated online enrollment solution (GES) will seek to address the following areas:
• Merge the entire student registration process, enrollment process and assessment as well as a common platform to make and track payment of fees.
• Improve efficiency with data storage: The current system is capitalized by more manual work especially with receiving student details filled on a hard copy and stored in cabinets at the various departments. This may require more space to keep files as the student population increases. Also, student data on hardcopies could easily be lost.
• Eliminates double work where information provided on hard copy may have to be rekeyed into the system. This process maybe too exhaustive, costly and in some cases certain important data might be lost.
• Create instant online assistance (e.g. Chat bots to support students).
• Create the ability of students to enroll remotely on current system.
• Provide Real time registration and generate relevant reports for staff
• Input and retrieve data in a more efficient way (saves time).
• Enable students to enroll into subjects prior to commencement of the semester.
• Introduce flexibility of the system since all that will be required of the user to access the GES will be internet.

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Business Value:
• Reduced human resource which will save Gimpa costs as a result of a fully automated process.
• We expect to see an increase in student enrollment after the launch of this project as drop-off rate (students that cannot travel all the way to the Greenhill campus to complete enrollment process) is likely to be reduced because students will be able to enroll online anytime and anywhere internet is available. This is likely to increase Gimpa’s bottom-line.
• Save students cost of transportation to complete enrollment process.
• Graduates and Alumini can have readily available information available upon requests without having travel all the way to the Greenhill campus.


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