Business Organizations And Its Environments Information Technology Essay

Garmin Ltd. is a limited partnership company which founded by two individuals who are Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao [ 1 ] . The chief merchandises which sell in Garmin Ltd. are navigation and communicating devices [ 2 ] for assorted uses. The chief end for the company is to bring forth simple pilotage and communicating devices utilizing the latest engineering to increase the communities populating quality. They categorized their merchandises harmonizing to different state of affairs the users can utilize on their merchandises. Different merchandises can convey huge benefits for users in different state of affairs. The classs of merchandises [ 3 ] are On the Road- portable street sailing masters, On the Trail-handhelds path which track location when users are holding out-of-door activities, In the Air-panel-mount and portable avionics for the usage of pilot, On the Go-GPS receiving systems and pilotage package for the way of the finish, Into Sports-fitness merchandises for the computation of the velocity, clip and distance for some athletics activities, On the Water-fish finders for the marine activities like fishing, OEM-GPS engineA transit, recreational or study application.

The return of investing and unit growing of Garmin straight influence by the economic environment [ 4 ] . Garmin merchandises are produced to increase the communities populating manner. However, if the client section is confronting fiscal job, the buying unit besides will be lower. Hence, the economic environment will straight impact the public presentation of Garmin. Apart from that, the demands of market on the high engineering merchandises are increasing. Therefore, Garmin Ltd. must guarantee the merchandises which produced are high in engineering which could pull their mark market.

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2.2 Technological Dimension

From the technological dimension, the engineerings on developing the GPS chipsets and package have the important influence for the market portion of Garmin. To pull and retain the mark market of the company, Garmin has to guarantee the engineering which used is up to day of the month and in advanced comparison to others. Therefore, systematically update on the pilotage package is critical. Develop in new characteristic on the package such as adding the 4G engineering, holding location based service [ 5 ] and so on, enable Garmin to success keep most of the market portion.

2.3 Sociocultural Dimension

In the sociocultural dimension, the civilization of each market which Garmin Ltd. want to come in in drama an indispensable portion in the development of their merchandises. The package development must be user friendly for the users in each state with different cultural background. For case, some component of package update should be done harmonizing to the state socioculture. Apart from that, the linguistic communication which used in the system should be in multiple linguistic communications as some of the state who do non understand English or more familiar with their ain linguistic communication. By taking attention of the sociocultural environment, Garmin Ltd. can guarantee their merchandises are marketable in their mark market.

2.4 Political-legal Dimension

Political-legal dimension of environment will impact Garmin Ltd. in their procedure to set up a new office or company in a new state. Garmin Ltd. should understand the jurisprudence and regulation which they need to adhere to switch or add office from a state to the other. In add-on, the jurisprudence and regulation of merchandise legality in each state are of import to be considered before enter to a new market. The political-legal environment which Garmin Ltd. might meet is the rational belongings of the merchandises, jurisprudence to construct company at a state and so on.

2.5 International Dimension

Globalization is one of the international dimensions which influence the merchandise market of Garmin. Globalization plays a function in allowing the Garmin merchandise marketable at worldwide. However, globalisation and the rapid spreading of a engineering and knowledge worldwide may be the challenge for Garmin Ltd. to retain their market portion in a extremely competitory environment. In add-on, the international tendencies are traveling towards omnipresent and personalization. Hence, Garmin should be sensitive to the changing of international environment and do alterations or develop the merchandise characteristic as to compatible with the international environment as their merchandises are sold globally.

3.0 Task Environment

3.1 Rivals

There are three chief rivals of Garmin Ltd. which are TomTom N.V. , Navico Holding A.S. and MiTAC International Corporation [ 6 ] . Both three rivals are besides supplying the pilotage devices for the use of different Fieldss. TomTom N.V. is a public type of company which produces a broad scope of electronic pilotage merchandises [ 7 ] work with Global Positioning System ( GPS ) which can utilize in automotive and portable devices. Their mark markets are nomadic users and traveller who have the demands on cognizing the way and tracking intent. They market their merchandises through retail merchant and distributers. Navico Holding A.S. is a private company which [ 8 ] chiefly produce the high engineering fish finders utilizing the GPS engineering. Besides, they besides got produce the pilotage devices for out-of-door activities users like tramp. Their mark market are chiefly the marine field parties and besides persons who active in out-of-door activities. They distribute their merchandise through jobbers, boat traders and retail mercantile establishments [ 9 ] . MiTAC International Corporation [ 10 ] is a company which provides assorted sorts of electronic merchandises and hand-held device utilizing GPS is one of the merchandises for this company. They act as the providers for the electronic merchandises market.


TomTom N.V.

Navico Holding A.S.

MiTAC International Corporation

Garmin Ltd

Merchandises Type:

Electronic Navigation





Fish Finders





Outdoor tracking devices





Aviation GPS merchandises





Satellite Sailing master





Target Market:

Mobile users





Marine Field





Aviation Field










Gross 2009

$ 2120.60 M


$ 1965.70 M

$ 2.95 billion






Company Type





Table: Comparison between rivals of Garmin

3.2 Customers

Garmin Ltd. Customers section is spliting into four chief section which are automotive/mobile section, Marine section, outdoor/fitness section every bit good as air power section [ 11 ] . Different client section was served with different sort of merchandises. Table below shows the merchandises for each client sections.

Customer Segment


Automotive/ Mobile

aˆ?PND ‘s

aˆ? Mobile on and off board applications

aˆ? OEM aftermarket and mill

Devil dog

aˆ?Handhelds and chartplotters

aˆ? Radar, sounders, automatic pilots, webs

aˆ? OEM aftermarket and mill


aˆ?Personal GPS and fittingness

aˆ? Communication devices

aˆ? Wireless trailing


aˆ?General air power GPS merchandises

aˆ? Communication, radio detection and ranging and automatic pilots

aˆ? Revolutionary glass cockpits

Table: Merchandises for each client sections [ 11 ]

3.3 Suppliers

The chief provider of Garmin Ltd. is SiRF Technology Holding [ 12 ] which supplying Garmin Ltd. the GPS chipsets and pilotage devices which needed for the merchandises of Garmin. By holding this chief provider to back up the bring forthing of the electronic pilotage devices of Garmin Ltd. can guarantee the production of Garmin and therefore can help them in making their mission which is serve the communities with the high engineering yet simple devices. SiRF Technology Holding is a good known company which profesion in maker of GPS chipsets and package merchandises [ 13 ] . Hence, it is an indispensable provider in the supply concatenation of Garmin Ltd.

3.4 Strategic Partners

There are thee chief cardinal spouses of Garmin Ltd. which are Agilis Systems, Intergis and Xora [ 14 ] . Each cardinal spouse plays a function in helping the operation of Garmin. Agilis Systems is important in supplying the solution of Mobile Resource Management ( MRM ) [ 14 ] which is critical in addition the productiveness and client services with the lower costs. Intergis is another Mobile Resource Management solution which maps in the integrating of GPS system with the pilotage engineering as to help consumers to acquire the information in the shortest clip with the least costs. Last but non least, Xora is one of the cardinal spouses as good. The chief function for Xora as the spouse of Garmin is heightening the location and activities ‘ trailing of nomadic workers by supplying simple yet comprehensive procedure as Xora is profesion in GPS-enabled Mobile Workforce Management applications. Apart from these three chief spouses, there are many strategic spouses such as Beacon Wireless, Blue Tree Systems and etc. which Garmin cooperate with as to heighten the public presentation of company.

3.5 Regulators

Government is the regulators of Garmin Ltd. When Garmin decided to travel their cooperation from Taiwan to Switzerland [ 15 ] , they must acquire the blessing from the Switzerland authorities by go throughing all the jurisprudence and legal demands. In add-on, telecommunications industry [ 16 ] is the other regulator for Garmin Ltd. as their merchandises is distribute through a world-wide web of traders and distributers. Hence they depends a tonss on their web. As the consequence, the telecommunications industry plays a important function in regulate Garmin Ltd.

4.0 Internal Environment

4.1 Owners

Garmin Ltd. is a limited partnership company which ain by two general spouses who are Dr. Min Kao, Chairman & A ; CEO of Garmin Ltd. and Gary Burrell, Chairman Emeritus. Both of them have strong technology background and co-founder of Garmin Ltd every bit good as the direction squad of the company. They come out with the thought that integrates Global Positioning System ( GPS ) into pilotage devices [ 2 ] which bring the success of Garmin Ltd. in spread outing their market.

4.2 Board of Directors

In the board of managers [ 17 ] of Garmin Ltd. there are six individuals included one of the proprietor which is Dr. Min Kao who play the function as president in the board who direct the day-today operating of the company. The other five individuals at board of managers are Clifton A. Pemble, Gene M. Betts, Donald H. Eller, Charles W. Peffer and Thomas Poberezny. Each of everyone is keeping different place and holding different duty in Garmin Ltd. Clifton A. Pemble who is the President and COO of Garmin Ltd has the duty in supervise all North American Garmin subordinates. Gene M. Betts who had merely retired in twelvemonth 2009 was taking the function as the Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) of Embarq Corporation since twelvemonth 2005 boulder clay 2009. Donald H. Eller who had experienced in the direction of defence electronics field is act as a private investor in the board of manager of Garmin. Charles W. Peffer is in the place of functioning the Commerce Funds in the board of managers. Last but non least is Thomas Poberezny serves as the president and president of Experimental Aircraft Association ( EAA ) and was the expert in the field of air power. Table below shows the board of managers in the Garmin Ltd. and their function.



Dr. Min Kao

Chairman in the board

Clifton A. Pemble

President and COO of Garmin Ltd

Gene M. Betts

Chief Financial Officer ( CFO )

Donald H. Eller

Private Investor

Charles W. Peffer

Commerce Fundss Manager

Thomas Poberezny

EAA Chairman and President

Table: Board of Directors in Garmin Ltd.

4.3 Employees

Number of employees in Garmin Ltd. in twelvemonth 2009 was 8437 [ 6 ] people. Garmin employees are from three chief locations which are Garmin North America, Taiwan and Garmin Europe [ 11 ] . The per centum of workers retain in Garmin is about 95 % [ 11 ] per twelvemonth and they utilizing different compensation and benefits to retain their workers. The compensation and benefits for workers in Garmin are in assorted signifier such as insurance, retirement, stock, holiday, ill and vacations, instruction reimbursement, and fringe benefits [ 18 ] . The item of each benefit was farther stated in the tabular array below:

Benefits and Compensation



Medical Plan paid by Garmin for employees every bit good as free alveolar consonant, vision, long term disablement and basic life insurance.


Help employees plan after retirement by allow them fall in in the assorted investing financess through the 401K plan.


Employee Stock Purchase Plan gives employees price reduction in buying the stock of Garmin.

Vacation, Sick and Holidays

Enjoying 15 yearss of paid clip for personal incident and besides 9 yearss paid holidays a twelvemonth.

Education Reimbursement

Full clip Garmin employees can bask the reimbursement on the instruction fees in the undergraduate or alumnus degree.

Fringe benefits

Having price reductions when purchase Garmin merchandises.

Table: Benefits and Compensation for Garmin Employees

4.4 Physical Work Environment

From the reappraisals of workers [ 19 ] in Garmin Ltd, the working environment of Garmin is at a satisfaction degree. There are many installations which benefits the workers such as free parking, nice cafeteria, ATM on site, fitness country and so on. Those installations will increase the motive and the temper of working among the workers. In add-on, the company besides did non repair a rigorous regulation on the garb of workers ; they are allowed to hold insouciant wear to work. However, the direction of the company is comparatively hapless as the communicating channel among upper degree direction and lower degree worker is weak.



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