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December 11, 2017 Business

Cupcakes are gracing pages of glossy gourmet Gaines and covered with every kind of filling imaginable- Jams, Jellies, cream and pudding. V. Description of Business a. Market Study My cupcakes are unique- each is like a little treasure. B. Product/ services I will create cupcake wedding cakes, cupcake birthday cakes, and cupcake festival and cupcake parties. Description of Product Cupcake wedding cakes Is one of the focal points of the room at the reception. Often highly detailed wedding cakes are like works of edible art. Cupcake Birthday Cakes Are special drop available during birthday celebrations.

Cupcake Festival An event that offers a variety of fun activities for resident and visitors. Cupcake Parties Are hassle free and put away to entertain your friends and family. C. Distribution Strategy Shania’s cupcake will be located at Villager -Jimenez, Hamlin, Antique. It will open to serve at am to pm. Monday to Sunday. We also accept orders. Our customer Who will enter will be entertained immediately. Employees welcome customer politely and with hospitality. D. Advertising Advertising plays a big role for the success of Shania’s Cupcake.

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This will help the business inform the customer as well as the target customers to become aware of he ventured expansion and other services. An offering of the business and for the people to know that Shania’s Cupcake and convention has a lot of services to offer at reasonable cost. To dispose products and to encourage more buyers, we will advertise it over the radio station. E. Pricing -The pricing is depending on the quality, quantity, in how many layers of cakes and in the ingredients that are used. All products are to be paid cash on delivery and unsold items will be treating exchangeable of the other items on the next day of delivery.

VI. Ownership/ Management Shania’s Cupcake will be in the form of single proprietorship. The shop will be engaged in any kinds of cupcake. Sole proprietorship is a business owned and managed by the owner with the advantage of enjoying all the profits by herself. The Organizational Chart of Shania’s Cupcake has the manager, cashier, cupcake designer, baker, purchaser, and personal assistant Function and Job Description Manager – one who manages the cupcake shop. Responsibilities: Manages the services of the food center Approves receipts, orders and purchases Needed permits and licenses for the operation.

Supervise the personnel involved in operation. Cashier – custodian of money especially one who charge of the receipts, disbursement, cash on hand and etc. Receive payments of food services that were rendered Helps in marketing Conducting cash account Cupcake designer – one who designs a cupcake Responsible for decorating or beautifies a cupcake Baker – the one who bakes a cupcake Responsible for baking a cupcake Responsible for the quality Taste all the cupcake being served to make sure that it meets the standard quality of customer Purchaser – one who responsible in buying the goods and other materials.

Buying all the goods and materials needed for the production process. Personal Assistant Serving food Prepare food for the cooking Washing of the dishes Assisting customer Maintain cleanliness in the assigned area Prepare minor defects of the equipment Conduct periodic inventory report of the equipments Objectives and goals The Shania’s Cupcake offer best cupcakes to customer, to generate income to earn profit and to explore the world of business. To support local business and the farming community through buying locally, keeping it simple and in season. To remain connected to our community with our charitable giving.


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