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September 4, 2017 Business

E.T Enterprise is a partnership which manufactures traditional bar, bahulu. This company is established on Jun 2008 and commenced on July 2008. This partnership costs RM 323,857.00 which largely the sum is contributed by the six spouses ‘ and the remainder being financed by loan from bank. The location of this company are at the Meru and it is a base to bring forth the bahulu because it is near to the natural stuff and labor beginnings which is the small town people.

The mark market consists of the population in Shah Alam and Klang country. There ‘s no limitation in footings of the age group of the mark market for its bahulu as bahulu can be enjoyed by many, irrespective of ethnicity and societal background. From our study, the estimated size of our market is about RM1, 379,413. There are 3 chief rivals that sell bahulu in Shah Alam & A ; Kelang which consist of J.K. Enterprise, S.U. Enterpise and S.A. Enterpise. The types of bahulu that this company offer to the clients are bahulu with pick ( strawberry, vanilla and cocoa ) , cup bahulu with pick and topping, birthday bahulu and marrying cup bahulu.

For each types of bahulu, this company put the monetary value by utilizing the cost based pricing. In order to advance the bahulu, they do gross revenues publicity like giving bahulu sample and price reductions to the clients. Hence, they advertise the bahulu in some local magazines. This company besides have their ain web site to enable the clients to derive information about their merchandise. The company administer their merchandise through retail merchants around Shah Alam, Klang and Meru. They estimate the gross revenues based on the clients awareness about their merchandise and seasonal factors like Hari Raya and marrying seasons.

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For operation, they apply the Just in Time construct where the full of finish merchandise is sent instantly to their mediators and concluding users which help them in minimise the storage cost. All production is produce based on gross revenues forecast. This company take Meru as the location because it fulfils the concern basic demands. The providers are located throughout Klang and Shah Alam.


The chief intents of this concern program are:

To measure the undertaking viability and growing potency.

To use for loans from bank as company capital and to cognize how much each stockholders need to put.

To move as a guideline or mention for the direction of the proposed concern.

To apportion concern resources efficaciously.

To calculate the concern public presentation for better determination devising.

For better apprehension of in and out of the concern.


Name of the concern

ET Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Business reference

Lot A-2, Jalan Kemboja,

Taman Meru Indah, Kg. Meru,

42200 Meru, Klang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Correspondence reference

Lot A-2, Jalan Kemboja,

Taman Meru Indah, Kg. Meru,

42200 Meru, Klang,

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Telephone figure


Form of concern


Main activity


Date of concern beginning

1st July 2008

Name of bank

Bank Islam

Bank history figure


Equity part

RM 263,643

The above is the logo of this company concern. The word E stands for modernisation. It relates to their concern where them want to present the bahulu to the broad planetary market. Furthermore, their besides do some invention to their bahulu in order to overhaul it so that it can be accepted globally. Traditional bases for the type of concern that thier tally which is the traditional Malay nutrient, bahulu. This company take the word traditional so that people will easy associate to their concern with the traditional Malay nutrient. In their logo, they have chose two colorss which are bluish and ruddy. Blue stands for invention that they do to the bahulu in order to overhaul it and to pull people to purchase it. While ruddy bases for the spirit to develop the traditional concern and to present bahulu to planetary market. Hence, this comapany besides include their slogan in the logo so that people will really cognize that they offer them with delightful, quality bahulu and they besides care for the relationship that their have with the clients.


Lot A-2, Jalan Kemboja,

Taman Meru Indah, Kg. Meru,

42200 Meru,


Selangor Darul Ehsan.

No. Tel: 03-8885258

Web site:


This company located at Meru, Klang.



To internationalise traditional bars ( bahulu and others in the hereafter ) .


To overhaul traditional nutrient.


To market traditional nutrient ( for now bahulu ) in whole Malaysia.





( Financial Manager )


( Operational Manager )



( Administrative Manager )


( Marketing Manager )


( Direct Workers )



( Direct Workers )


( Direct Workers )


( Asisstant Marketing Manager )




General director

Act as a higher-up of company that supervising all activities in the company.

Act as authorised individual that approve the activities and funding.

Have a power to command the companies.

Ensure the public presentation of company is ever good.

Always attention about society of employee and spouse.

Administration director

Help the full section in country of disposal.

Determine the rate of employee and spouse.

Always maintain the office clean.

Help the General Manager.

Selling director

Find the mark market for the production.

Ensure all the goods are sold.

Make forecast gross revenues for the company.

Find the best scheme to pull client.

Find the solution to go a victor in competition between rivals.

Find the possible market for the company.

Assistant selling director

Helps the selling director

Operation director

Find the best provider for the company.

Ensure the operational is runing sagely without job.

Ensure all the goods in a good quality.

Guarantee the all production is following the planning.

Make certain all production is adequate to back up the demand from client.

Fiscal director

Fix the fiscal statement.

Ensure the company has sufficient hard currency to make an activity.

Always find the solution to cut the cost and disbursals.


Produce the merchandise

Ensure the mill in clean and clear after working

THE Selling Plan


The merchandise that this company offers to the clients is bahulu. They have done some invention to the bahulu in order to do it look different and attractive than other ordinary bahulu. They besides modernize the bahulu so that in the hereafter it can be accepted globally. The types of bahulu that their offer to the clients are Creme Bahulu ( strawberry, vanilla and cocoa ) , Cup bahulu with Creme & A ; Topping, Birthday Bahulu and Wedding Cup bahulu. Creme Bahulu is the chief merchandise which will be distributed to the retail merchants. While for Cup bahulu with Creme & A ; Topping, Birthday Bahulu and Wedding Cup bahulu are the types of merchandises that their offer to the clients for telling intents. With these assortments of merchandises, theis company hope that they are able to vie with other rivals and able to derive more clients. Besides that, they besides guarantee that our bahulu is delicious so that clients will fulfill with the gustatory sensation and quality. Below are the bundles that this client offer to the clients.

a ) Creme Bahulu

B ) Birthday Bahulu

degree Celsius ) Wedding / battle / other occasions

I ) Gift to the invitee:

Creme Bahulu ( 1 box contains 3 bahulu inside )

two ) Cupbahulu with Creme & A ; Exceeding

three ) Wedding Cup bahulu

Target Market

Since the mill is located in Meru, Klang and it ‘s besides near to Shah Alam, mark market would be the clients in Klang and Shah Alam. Most people are already familiar with bahulu as one of Malay traditional bars which are served during Hari Raya and are enjoyed by many. Therefore this company bahulu and cup bahulu can besides be enjoyed by all age groups. It means that, in term of demographic cleavage, their focussing on clients from all age groups who live in Klang and Shah Alam country. Since they besides accept customized orders for certain occasions such as birthdays and nuptialss, they give a spot more focal point on those in the age group of 1 – 35 old ages old as they are at the age where they like to hold birthday jubilations with their group of friends and households every bit good as acquiring married. This is where they will concentrate to sell the birthday and marrying cup bahulu.

Besides that, they besides section our market into separate psychographic profiles. Since the bahulu and cupbahulu are modernized version of the traditional bahulu, they seek to first gaining control the involvement of those who are adventuresome and love to seek out new things besides being nutrient partisans. This company hope that through them, it could make out to other more conservative clients by urging our delightful and alone bahulu and cup bahulu to others.

Market Size

Market size is the entire possible purchase that is expected from the mark market.

Harmonizing to a July 2006 nose count, the population of Shah Alam stood at more than approximately 580,000 while Klang population stood at 683,000 which make the entire population sums to 1,263,000. This company estimated that 50 % of the entire population eat bahulu. Therefore,

50 % x 1,263,000 = 631,500

Among the 631,500 who eat bahulu, their estimated that 39.5 % of them would pick bahulu as their favorite bites or comeuppances and therefore eat more bahulu than others. Therefore:

39.5 % x 631,500 = 250,000

From this 250,000 people, the estimated per centum of those who are more adventuresome and would wish to seek the modernised version of bahulu is 25 % . Therefore:

25 % x 250,000 = 62,500

To reason, from the entire occupant of 1,263,000 in Shah Alam and Klang, 62,500 people would be interested to purchase modernised bahulu.

After finding the market size, they calculate the estimated value of the market size. Normally the bahulu are sold in packages of 10 or 20 per package. From the study conducted, they found out the mean monetary value for a package of bahulu is around RM 6.00. The study was conducted by comparing the monetary values of the packages of bahulu which are sold by assorted makers.

Therefore the value of the estimated market size is:

62,500 ten RM 6.00 = RM 375,000


They could make both the clients in Shah Alam and Klang with the aid of the distributers. This company offer more assortments of bahulu and it ‘s safe to state that this coampany among the first company to contrive cup bahulu.

They strategically located near them natural stuffs and beginning of labor which enabled them to minimise the cost of production.

Selling Scheme

The following measure in selling program is marketing schemes. There are four cardinal variables of selling schemes which are merchandise, monetary value, publicity and topographic point. This company recognize that marketing schemes will give large impact to the company ‘s gross revenues. Therefore, they have developed specific schemes for each factor of the selling schemes.


As stated before in the merchandise construct, this company offer several merchandises to the clients which are Creme Bahulu, Cupbahulu with Creme & A ; Topping, Birthday Bahulu and Wedding Cup bahulu. With the slogan quality, delightful and relation, they are non merely concentrating on the gustatory sensation of the bahulu, but besides care about the quality of their bahulu. In order to pull clients to purchase the merchandise, this company have design the bahulu with different design harmonizing to the types of order. Besides that, they packing the merchandise with clear colourful plastic for those merchandises that will be distribute to the retail merchants shops. The intent is to let clients to see the merchandise clearly. While for telling bundles, the wadding are in colourful box and thread so that it will look more particular, simple yet beautiful.

Monetary value

Basically, this company usage cost based pricing to set monetary value on the merchandise. For different types of bahulu, they put different monetary value for it. This is because the sum of stuff used for different types of bahulu is different from one another. Besides that, they besides consider the quality and the readying stairss of the bahulu before seting the monetary value. Below are the monetary value for 1 unit of bahulu and the merchandising monetary values of our merchandises.

Price per unit:

RM 0.27 + ( 45 % x RM 0.27 ) = RM 0.40 / unit

Therefore, the monetary value for 1 package of bahulu which consists of 10 units bahulu will be:

RM 0.40 x 10 = RM 4.00

Selling monetary values:

Bahulu with pick ( for distribution to the retail merchants ) : RM 4.00 per package

( 10 units ) .

: RM 8.00 per package

( 20 units ) .

2. Orders:

Birthday bahulu

RM30.00 pe R set

Bahulu with pick ( gift to the nuptials pursuit )

RM 1.50 per box

Cup bahulu with pick and topping

RM 1.00 per unit

Marrying cupbahulu

RM 360.00 per set


Like many other concerns, they besides use few types of publicity tools in order to carry through the gross revenues publicity aims. This company usage advertisement in magazines to advance their bahulu. They besides choose to publicize the bahulu in magazine like Rasa because this magazine has its ain readers who are interested to cognize about new nutrients. Besides that, they besides have a ain web site. The intent of this web site is non merely to advance the bahulu, but besides to acquire feed back or any new thoughts from the clients in order to better the bahulu. Furthermore, this web site is besides usage to present new sort of bahulu to the clients. This web site will do the clients closer to our merchandise because it is easy to entree and clients will easy acquire information about our bahulu.

Other than that, they besides do gross revenues publicity like giving bahulu sampling and price reductions. This company provide their bahulu trying to the retail merchants at Kompleks PKNS and Shah Alam Mall, Shah Alam because at shopping mall people normally are interested in proving nutrient and they tend to purchase the nutrient if it tastes delightful. For price reductions, they merely give price reductions for order bahulu. For illustration, if a client buys cup bahulu with Creme & A ; Exceeding for more than 1000 units, so, 10 % price reductions will be given out of the entire monetary value.

Last, the gross revenues squad besides do personal merchandising by communicate face to face with the clients and explicate to them the types of bahulu that their offer. Not merely that, they besides give booklet and name card to the clients so that easy for them to reach with them for item information about their bahulu.

Topographic point

The mill and office are located at Meru which is near to the town and metropolis like Klang and Shah Alam. Therefore, it will do them easier to advance the merchandise to more broad market including the town people. Besides that, this location is strategic because it is near to the natural stuff and labor beginning which is the small town people.

This company besides realizes that distribution schemes are of import as it is one of the factors that will lend to whether the merchandise can be sold efficaciously or non. To administer the merchandise, they use two types of distribution schemes which are:

Manufacturer retail merchant consumer

Manufacturer consumer

For distribution that usage retail merchants, they choose four topographic points to sell their bahulu which are Klang ( Pasar Jawa ) , Meru and Shah Alam ( Kompleks PKNS and Shah Alam Mall ) . For all the retail merchants, this comapany agrees to pay them some committee every month. They use retail merchants to assist them to administer the bahulu in certain topographic points. By utilizing this manner, this company could salvage some cost from leasing a store to sell the bahulu at every topographic point that we want. For direct distribution to the clients, they use this sort of distribution when receive orders from clients. This company will present the orders to the clients and no transit cost is charge for country around Klang, Meru and Shah Alam. But if the bringing is outside from these countries, transit cost will be charged.


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