Business Strategy In A Global Environment History Volvo Marketing Essay

August 30, 2017 Marketing


This study will analyze the critical incidents of Volvo, a company Volvo company that has a great potency of developing globally.

The first portion of this study, will breifly explicate the history of Volvo, thenceforth a SWOT analysis on the current state of affairs of the company will be conducted.

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Consequently, it will concentrate on the scheme of Volvo, the overview of its scheme, mentioning besides to different strategic theories such as Porter ‘s Generic Strategy, Cost Leadership scheme, Differentiation scheme, Value Chain Analysis and Mintzerg Theory.

Then, the study critically and tactically analyses the executions of such schemes in the instance of Volvo.

The last portion of this study, concludes the analysis of the schemes and a decision is reached as why Volvo has the capablenesss and the chances to spread out and to take part more actively in the planetary market.


History OF VOLVO

One of the strongest trade names of the automotive industry, the Volvo Car Corporation was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson in 1927. Volvo Cars, 2010 ) From the really beginning, the purpose of the two proprietors was to build vehicles that will be safe, compatible to the Sweden ‘s clime and atrocious roads at that clip. So the company ‘s development in last 80 old ages was focused on safety-the chief rule of Volvo ‘s design, quality and lastingness of the vehicles. The first truck was introduced and instantly sold one January 1928 and non merely in Sweden. In 1930s there was an export of Volvo trucks to Europe.1929 the first Marine engine was introduced, followed by the first coach that was launched in 1934 every bit good as the aircraft engines in 1940s doing the company to develop and turn and go planetary group worldwide. . ( Volvo Group Global, 2010 )

In 1999 Volvo Group sold Volvo Cars to Ford, which was the biggest error of Volvo ‘s direction, because Volvo became.In December 2008 Ford announced the possible sale and in December 2009 confirmed that the preferable purchaser was Geely Automobile, the Chinese Auto maker with which the trade was signed on 28 March 2010 for $ 1.8 billion. ( Fabo,2010 )



The Volvo Group is one of the taking nomadic automotive makers in the universe, with presently operations in Europe and North America. It presently produces Lorries, building and aerospace equipment, coachs and services every bit good as commercial cars. ( Datamonitor, 2009 ) The company has a strong market presence in its Swedish domestic market, where every fifth auto sold is a Volvo. ( Josephs, 2004 )

Research & A ; Development Capabilities

The Volvo Group has developed technological inventions in footings of design and security, it has strong focal point on research and development as their autos are good recognised and respected for their advanced engineerings including the preventative safety systems ( blind topographic point information system, intelligent driver information systems, adaptative sail control, warning systems and rebarbative glass ) , protective safety systems ( whiplash protection system and inflatable drapes ) and post- clang safety systems. ( Volvo, 2009 )

Diversified portfolio

Volvo is conveying in, advanced safety characteristics, such as a system that alerts the driver by halting the car if it determines that an accident is about to go on. ( Taylor, 2010 ) .

Strategic acquisitions and joint ventures

Volvo has focused on joint ventures and strategic acquisitions to spread out farther the concern and to increase gross. In the past old ages Volvo has finalized trades with companies such Eicher Motors in India, where the chief focal point was to beef up the Indian market for heavy trucks. ( Datamonitor, 2009 ) ; Another of import trade was done with Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery ( Lingong ) of China. Volvo is presently under dialogues with Geely in China, it is expected that by June 2010 the ownership for Volvo will be under the disposal of Geely. ( Naughton, Kinnander and Chan, 2009 ) .

Volvo has a immensely diversified merchandise portfolio. It presently has the undermentioned concern divisions ( Volvo Website, 2010 )


Construction and Aerospace equipment


Volvo Penta

Customer finance

Volvo Aero.Volvo ‘s truck

Volvo Cars ( Automobile Manufacturer )

This variegation allows clients to hold an first-class client service, therefore geting a service along with their merchandises.


Worsening Gross saless

Gross saless of bi-fuel autos have diminished immensely, irrespective of their selling schemes and monetary value decreases. Gross saless of bi-fuel autos dramatically decreased from 3.529 units in 2002 to 1.478 in 2004. Another failing of Volvo, is the deficiency of production installations in America, hence, bring forthing autos in Sweden, has an consequence on American clients, as autos are considered to be more expensive. ( Anonymous, 2006 )

Harmonizing to CCN News, Consumer Reports hold given outstanding calcifications to Volvo autos to 46 % of the sum of 149 vehicles ranked. ( Taylor, 2010 )

Worsening net incomes and borders

The Company has been enduring from worsening net incomes and borders since 2005. ( Ward, 2010 ) ; Volvo ‘s operating net income shrank 22.3 % in 2006. The operating border besides diminished from 7.9 % in 2006 to 5.2 % in FY2008. ( Datamonitor, 2009 )

Deprived public presentations of Volvo in strategic geographical parts

Gross saless figures in North America reported in 2007 a important lessening, the North American part including US, Canadian, Mexican, and Puerto Rican markets reduced its gross revenues by 11 % from 2006 to 2007, this is due to the figure of autos sold for 2006 and 2007 ( Reign, 2009 )


Ford sold Volvo on March 29/2010 to Zhejiang-based Geely Group, ChinaA?s largest private car manufacturers. This represents an chance, as Geely assured injection of fiscal resources and support to strategic development. ( The Local, 2009 ) . VolvoA?s requires the investing and development they didnA?t acquire with Ford. Being owned by a Chinese company will ensue in increasing gross revenues in this state. China is a possible market, stand foring about 20 % of worldA?s population. Opening workss in China will represents lower costs ( labour/raw stuff ) ; and closeness to India, the 2nd most thickly settled state in the universe. Both are presently increasing their purchasing power.

Volvo Aero concern has possible growing. Harmonizing to Air4Cast, riders ‘ traffic will increase every bit high as 10.9 % in Latin America and 10.2 % in Middle East, which implies extra commercial aeroplanes. ( Davitt, 2003 ) . Per Airbus, the addition in riders ‘ traffic will ensue in 25,000 extra new commercial aeroplanes to fulfill demand during the following 20 old ages ( Kingsley-Jones, 2009 ) . As Volvo offers constituents, services, care, an increasing of aeroplanes will take to increase aero concern net incomes.

Bus industry is turning. Governments are heightening utilizing public transit to cut down taint and traffic. Additional, emerging markets are implementing new transit systems which are utilizing Volvo. Colombia already ordered 432 coachs, Brazil, 49 and between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, 200 coachs. Per Srivastava ( Srivastava, 2010 ) , Volvo wants to take advantage of the lower labor costs and decreased operating expenses of VolvoA?s India Plants to increase exports of coachs, chiefly to developing states.

Hybrid autos are another market that is increasing as the universe is acquiring more environmentally witting. Governments are implementing ordinances towards cut downing taint. Harmonizing to in graph 1, in 2015 demand will make about 2.000.000 units. ( Hybrid market prognosis, 2006 ) . Volvo is continuously working in R & A ; D, so a concentration in intercrossed engineering and launch of this type of vehicles would be an chance.

Figure 1: Growth in Hybrid Market

( Source- 200 Ten: )

ToyotaA?s current autos recall state of affairs is an chance for Volvo to heighten their trade name, advancing themselves as a company who offers quality merchandises. They should remind their clients that they have the safest autos in the universe. Peoples are non purchasing ToyotasA? autos as they used to. Customers are seeking for new options and itA?s now when Volvo should be able to make those clients and cover this unfilled demand.


Car industry has turned into a really competitory industry. First, new trade names came into the market, most of them, with really accessible monetary values ( Hyundai/Kia ) . Second, some traditional good known companies, have been consolidating, cut downing the figure of rivals, making stronger 1s. ( Daimler/Mercedes Benz ) . This should do Volvo believe twice about their scheme, as in the lower terminal market, there are rivals who are really strong in monetary value, and in high terminal market, companies are offering a wider scope of merchandises, with higher engineering and characteristics included.

Recession is another menace. Volvo has ne’er been recognized for offering low cost merchandises. It targets clients with a good purchasing power ; nevertheless, autos sector is chiefly affected by recession. During 2009, auto gross revenues in USA were the worst in 27 old ages. ( Krolicki & A ; Kim, 2010 ) . This will coerce Volvo to travel fast and make schemes to get the better of the current economic clime, including fluctuation in currencies. Most autos are produced in Europe, and as the market is presently really unstable, this would do them vulnerable.


A scheme as we know helps an organisation to specify its ends and aims and work towards accomplishing them. Schemes exist at all degrees in an organisation, from operations to strategic degree. Volvo already participates in the planetary market, runing in North America, Europe and Asia. The company focused on invention, which has lead to its autos being good recognized nevertheless its public presentation is non every bit active as the company would desire to be. Poor direction public presentation has led to diminish in gross revenues. This public presentation has had an impact on the company ‘s fiscal position therefore ; a good scheme will assist the concern non merely to increase its gross revenues but besides take part actively in a planetary market and maximise its competitory advantage.

Harmonizing to Philip Kotler ( 2005 ) , “ competitory advantage is a company ‘s ability to execute in one or more ways that rivals can non or will non fit ” . The scheme will affect the usage of formalistic determination theoretical accounts of Mintzerg, Whittington and porters five forces ; with Volvo taking to take part globally, where there is high hazard of altering environment such as alteration of engineering with high degree of competition, the company needs to make up one’s mind on cardinal strategic determination, which will enable to accomplish its competitory advantage. And as it has identified by Michael Porter ( ACCA 2008/09 ) , competitory advantage can be achieved by prosecuting either one of them i.e. cost leading, or distinction

To emphasis that the company would be successful with a Cost Leadership scheme by concentrating its attempts such as analyzing, its value concatenation where its cost driver will be identified and therefore keeping its costs every bit low as possible while guaranting that quality is non compromised over its rivals.

Another manner of viing, he added, is that the company can be in front of its rival if it has the ability to ‘differentiate ‘ its merchandise through advanced design which will increase alone perceptual experience in the market. Hence being able to increase its market portion through bear downing high monetary value as clients purchasing behaviour is progressively influenced by quality instead than monetary value.

Analysis of generic scheme

Joint venture and cost leading scheme

In the attempt of bettering efficiency in order to accomplish cost leading, harmonizing to the president ‘s study, Lif Johansson ( Volvo one-year study 2009 ) The company has managed to prosecute joint venture scheme which has helped it to bask the benefits of economic systems of graduated table through ;

Geographic enlargement with diversified portfolio.

Enjoying the benefits of local houses that have enhanced the company with easy local cognition and entry to the market.

Use of major planetary stigmatization which ab initio could hold been incorporated in the company ‘s research and development outgo.

Therefore it has contributed to better its internal efficiency as one of the company ‘s strategic aims. Besides economic systems of graduated table has helped to make barriers of entry against new competition cut down degree of competition.

On the other manus one could reason that Volvo operational loss was partially due to its joint venture scheme in that, as the company tends to increase its joint web of operations with an addition in demand and cut down its spider web when demand falls, taking at increasing efficiency ( Volvo one-year study 2009 ) .

This implies that regardless of company ab initio successful prosecuting the scheme, failure to analyse and organize its value concatenation activities it has posed a menace to Volvo as it has encouraged eroding of cost advantage place ( e.g. out competed by Toyota ) and therefore stoping up losing its client royalty.

Joint venture and distinction scheme

Through sharing local cognition, experience and usage of major planetary stigmatization, the company has managed to successful launch new diversified portfolio merchandises that have enhanced its credibleness and strength over its rivals. Harmonizing to Johansson, it has helped the company ;

Reacting quickly with market demand growing which seems to be sophisticated

Reduce dickering power of clients with diversified scope of merchandises therefore,

Retaining its market attraction.

With the fact that the company is holding diversified merchandises towards accomplishing its competitory advantage, one could reason that it shortened merchandise life rhythm of bing merchandises. Implying that ab initio Volvo would be incurring introductory cost for the merchandise such as research and development outgo as portion of its fixed cost, nevertheless with short merchandise life rhythm will intend that it will non be able to capitalise its cost at adulthood phase where its benefits seems to be accrued.

In add-on to that, the loss of gross revenues might be due to company ‘s failure to research its diversified existing merchandises into the new markets. This could hold been an chance for Volvo to capture the market utilizing bing resources, bettering its internal efficiency and hence addition its net income growing and so its market portion.

Therefore in general footings Porter ‘s generic schemes ( 1980 ) seem to be proved trouble to Volvo, and establishing on the evidenced above the job might due to the fact that the company is seeking to prosecute both schemes at the same clip. And this proves his thought that in the existent universe, irrespective of size or type of organisation, it is hard to use a generic scheme despite being used by many industries.

Value concatenation analysis

Using value concatenation analysis as identified by Tailor ( 2005 ) , it will assist to trap point those countries which add value in line with company ‘s strategic aims by extinguishing non value activities. Hence Volvo will be able to supervise its inbound logistics to guarantee that its work in advancement is kept to the lower limit.

Where every bit, emphasized by the Chairman Leif Johansson that their operations are more likely to be affected in instance of bringing break, furthermore as farther mentioned by Porter ( Harvard Business Review 1979 ) in its five forces, it will be given to increase dickering power of its providers who will be enforcing high monetary values for natural stuffs where quality is likely to be compromised due to high dependent from a individual beginning.

Therefore to avoid that impact, Volvo should utilize its strengths such as sourcing differentiated providers from bing strong trade name companies, where quality confidence and supply royalty has already being built in and therefore become competitory in its cost efficiency.

Investing on loanblends engineering

In order to prolong its competitory advantage, Volvo has invested and come up with new intercrossed engineering ( Chairman ‘s study 2009 ) . The system incorporates electric motor with Diesel engine working together to ;

Save fuel ingestion and therefore less cost incurred by its clients,

Protect the environment by cut downing CO2 emanations.

Johansson continued to add that their intercrossed proving solutions started since 1980s, which seems to take long clip until they came up with intercrossed merchandises such as wheel stevedores which proved to offer fuel decrease of 10 % in the USA ( Underground Construction article, 2008 ) , refuse aggregation trucks, and metropolis coachs distributing in some parts of the universe such as Sweden, France, New York-USA, and London- England.

This implies that uninterrupted puting on this engineering, it will make barriers of entry against challengers, as it will be difficult to copy due to its clip and cost consuming on research and proving attempts. Hence it will give Volvo an advantage of take parting to the full in the planetary market, capturing the market, interrupting entry ordinances barriers by basking local authorities subsidies.

Team direction scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to better squad direction public presentation that will heighten the overall concern public presentation. This will affect knowledge direction that will promote coevalss of new thoughts and assist the squad to do the right determinations.

Staff preparation and development will besides assist to increase squad public presentation and hike their morale on the other manus, Mintzerg states In the Nature of Management ( Harper and Row, 1973 ) , that motive ; morale and public assistance are of import factors to persons work. In the working environment, if people are non motivated it is likely that their attitude and willingness to work will alter and this has an impact to the organisations success. He continued to state that directors must take into history these three factors ( Charlotte Davies et Al, 2006 ) . Volvo became one taking car fabrication company and down the line gross revenues have been diminishing and this reveals the uneffective direction of Volvo. Therefore, using Mintzerg theory to work out direction jobs will promote squad members to give sentiments and suggestions and enable the organisation to successfully accomplish its aims.


There are many factors that we have to see when believing about how to implement the Global Strategy ; we have to get down from the point that Volvo it ‘s being centralising its activities and utilizing a well developed distribution concatenation to apportion its merchandises in their market as it ‘s being established in the ( Volvo Annual Report, 2009 ) ; this behaviour for one side can be considered as positive if we are traveling to speak about an export entry scheme and even better a good developed Supply Chain ; but because we are speaking about turning globally, Volvo has the demand to transforming its scheme if wants to be overseas.

An international Strategy, normally follows some drivers to acquire a better orientation and focal point, in this context Gerry Johnson et Al ( 2008 ) reference 4 drivers that will cover the scheme: Market, Government, Cost and Competitive Drivers, those drivers have being identified already when making the scheme, from this base we will get down constructing an Strategy Map, following the theoretical account of the Balance Scorecard ( Robert S. Kaplan, 1996 ) to analyse the benefits of using the Global Strategy we are suggesting.

Before we start with the execution, is of import to cognize the type of scheme we are focus on, Following ( Gerry Johnson et EL, 2008 ) theoretical account, we locate the current Volvo scheme as a “ complex export scheme ” which in other footings means that most of its activities are located in a peculiar country and it utilizing a developed distribution channel to set their merchandises in the market ; to transform this scheme into a “ Global Scheme ” we are traveling to hold to set Volvo ‘s activities in a high coordination degree in the most of import topographic points in the universe.

Let ‘s centre now in the Strategy Map ; In the Learning and Turning position we included the schemes we talked about before, and now using them to our map, we start be aftering forces preparation and sharing cognition in different countries in the organisation, this besides include forces for the new industries workss in sing China as the best option of turning overseas, this schemes will be follow for a more efficient gross revenues section and will bring forth every bit good an betterment in the Management Performance of the organisation, this two internal procedure will make another alteration in the client position, making long-run relation and a better feedback with clients, which once more will impact positively the fiscal position, obtaining a competitory advantage and cost decreases in footings of developing schemes to derive more clients.

Coming back once more to the Learning and Growing position, we move now to the schemes focused on providers, analysing new markets behavior and analysing methods of entry into new markets, these schemes will bring forth in the internal position a focal point in a new Supply Chain, fundamentally relation with the restructuration of it, go forthing on the side the high cost that the current Volvo distribution channel generates and turning this money to put in making new industries workss in new markets ; this will note every bit good in dialogues with new markets ( Asia ) and the coevals of Joint Ventures as a New entry scheme ; interpreting this into the client position, Volvo will run into the New client demand and will give the abroad clients the possibility to acquire the merchandises easy and with a cheaper monetary value, of class this will stop up bring forthing a decrease in cost in the fiscal position for one manus, and being focused in the key merchandises will make a distinction comparing with the rivals.

Now let ‘s travel on to the restructuration of the Research and Development Area and the analysis of the current workss schemes in the acquisition and turning position, this schemes will be follow with the closing of industry workss that are non doing net income and with a decrease of stock list, every bit good as the execution of new workss in new mark markets from one side, and the changeless coevals of advanced merchandises that will fit the demand of the new clients from the other ; this will be translated in the coevals of a Just in Time scheme and the Constant development of invention, and the concluding consequence in the fiscal position will be to take part actively in the Global Market, Increasing gross revenues and obtaining once more distinction, which will be the Volvo competitory advantage in relation with the rivals.

One of the most of import schemes in this execution procedure we consider is the Joint venture with a giant in the China Market, as we had reference before, Volvo was merely a about to be portion of the Giant Geely as established in ( The Local, 2009 ) , If Volvo gets into that market non merely will increase their gross revenues and be out of the negative Numberss, but besides will increase the market portion and could eventually acquire in the right manner to accomplish its Vision.

Let ‘s see now the Strategy Map to hold a better apprehension of the relation between schemes to be applied in Volvo ‘s Organization so they can fit their aims, this Strategy map was built on the bases of the Global scheme we are suggesting, and reflects the connexion between the execution schemes from the acquisition and turning and the Vision of the company.



As Geely is the new proprietor of Volvo, new markets will be penetrated. The Asiatic market is a great chance for concern development. Volvo being acquired by Geely, will profit from the local cognition of the market and established fabrication installations in Asia.

If Volvo plans to come in the Asian-Chinese market, market research should be carried out in order to happen out precisely what consumers want and need at the best monetary value scheme. They might necessitate high investings to increase production capacity at Volvo ‘s bing workss and in advertisement and brand-building.

Geely and Volvo should both be really flexible as they have wholly different corporate civilizations. It is a immense challenge for both parties, as the company being acquired has critical issues and the acquirer company has small experience on acquisitions.

Due to the new acquisition, Volvo should concentrate non merely on increasing gross revenues in Europe and North America, but should besides concentrate in increasing market portion in China and Asiatic Emerging Markets. They are strong trade names as Ford, GM and Chrysler, which makes competition even tougher, particularly in mature markets like Europe and USA.

Geely should set force per unit area to do Volvo one of the top-selling trade names in China. As Chinese purchasing power is increasing. Being Volvo a near-luxury trade name, but non every bit expensive as BMW or Mercedes-Benz, the possible market size is larger than those trade names. As is the first traditional and well-known trade name owned wholly by a Chinese company, Geely should be able to force Volvo ‘s selling, gross revenues and distribution much deeper into Asia compared with his foreign participants. Volvo should concentrate in their distribution channels, as this will let them to aim them easy, particularly the Indian market, which have an tremendous potency, due to their latest turning consequences.

Volvo will necessitate to alter its centralised activities and its distribution channel in order to transform that advantage into a planetary scheme making new workss in new abroad markets, transforming their complex export scheme into a planetary scheme.

Volvo ‘s new competitory advantage with planetary focal point includes cost decrease based on footings of stock lists and developing a Just in Time scheme and a Changeless Research development in order to accomplish its chief nonsubjective and fulfill their clients ‘ demands.


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