“Butcher Bird” by Wallace Stegner Essay Sample

August 6, 2017 Music

Peoples frequently have a desire or demand for power and control. the manner people go about to accomplish this determines if they are successful. In the short narrative “Butcher Bird” written by Wallace Stegner. Mr. Garfield won the regard of his equals by prosecuting in the conversation and moving polite and gracious to his married woman and invitees. On the other manus Harry lost his power and control by being negative. obstinate and cruel. Not merely did Harry lose the regard of his equals he besides lost regard from his boy. Persons gain power and control through the regard and esteem of their equals.

Husbands frequently believe they have to hold entire control over their married womans and kids to experience comfy with themselves. This is common with the mode Harry treats his household. Harry dictates the ambiance of his house and the manner his household acts depending on how he feels. If it is “rain ( ing ) everything would be all right. ( Harry ) would hum under his breath acquiring breakfast. possibly Lashkar-e-Taiba ( Sonny ) drive the stoneboat or sit the female horse down to the Larsen’s for mail” . Although “if it was hot air current ( Sonny and Harry’s married woman ) ( would ) hold to walk soft and speak softer and it would ( non ) be any fun” . Not merely does Harry command his household in his ain house but he brings this attitude into the places of others. When Sonny is inspecting the gramophone in the Garfield’s house by “wiggling the large horn to see if it was loose or screwed in” Harry recognized that Sonny was basking himself so he “warned ( him ) aggressively to maintain his custodies off” . This act of control illustrates the sum of insecurity that Harry possesses which paints a clear image of why he has this huge demand for control and power.

Peoples who treat others with regard gain their involvement and in-turn have a huge influence over their sentiment and judgement. This is exemplified of how Mr. Garfield conducts himself in the presence of others. Mr. Garfield is a sort. sensitive and respectful individual. He has a composure and soothing voice leting the people he talks with to open up. “ ( lose ) ( their ) shyness and ( experience ) no embarrassment at all” . Bing the sensitive adult male that he is. he automatically becomes the subdivision of Harry’s married woman that is missing from Harry. Mr. Garfield brings up several beliefs that he feels strongly for such as his “hate ( for ) killing things” and his love for music.

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Not until he reaches the subject of trees does he hold the full attending of Harry’s married woman. He explains how “trees are the breath of life to him” and if “ ( they ) would ( non ) turn so he should ( non ) lodge it ( in the prairies ) ” . Harry’s married woman “would give anything for ( trees ) in her ( pace ) and after listening to how extremely Mr. Garfield thought of trees she asked Harry if he “could take ( her ) over to the Old-Man-On-His-Back to acquire some willow strips” . Because Mr. Garfield gave Harry’s married woman his full attending and respected what she had to state he indirectly had an influence over her sentiment and desire for trees. This indirect influence over her sentiment finally lead to a certain sum of control and power for Mr. Garfield over Harry’s married woman.

As a married woman experiences a manner of life that she enjoys and is different so her present it becomes highly hard to set back to her normal manner of life. Consequently a negative attitude and a loss of regard to her hubby will attach to her as she makes this accommodation. Harry’s married woman admired Mr. Garfield and enjoyed being in his company. She “thought that he was really nice” and realized he was a sensitive adult male by his love for trees and nature. Harry despised Mr. Garfield and had wholly opposite ideas from his married woman. He believed Mr. Garfield was a “sanctimonious old mudhen. hee-hawing about his luv-ly luv-ly trees” while his married woman thought “they ( were ) merely seeking to do a home” . During the drive place from the Garfield’s. Harry “was in heavy amazement” when he realized his married woman really liked them. He cruelly mocks Mr. Garfield to his married woman about how optimistic he is towards turning trees on the prairies and how he is polite to his married woman. Harry believes that if he talks of Mr. Garfield as a chicken and a dreamer his married woman will follow him and hold therefore recovering the control he had before they met the Garfields.

Harry’s married woman ignores his despairing effort to recover control and twits him by inquiring him “to be more like Mr. Garfield ( because ) he ( is ) such a nice man” . This makes Harry smoke with choler and in a pure despair of control he grabs Sonny’s “ . 22 gun” that was given to him by Mr. Garfield along with a “promise ne’er to hit anything but the bloody-minded – animate beings the barbarous 1s like Hawks and weasels and he shoots a “white breasted sparrow” . He shoots this harmless bird so he could experience like he had control over Mr. Garfield and his regulations. Sonny ran and picked up the bird and asked “Ma what will I do with it? ” . By Sonny inquiring his female parent what to make Harry lost regard from his boy. After Harry’s married woman met the Garfields she realized that she does non hold to be controlled by her hubby and she has the right to be treated with regard.

Control and power is a direct relationship with the regard and esteem of a person’s equals. This method was used by Mr. Garfield and it turned out to be more successful so that of Harry’s method of being obstinate and cruel.


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