January 21, 2017 General Studies

The Round Table is perhaps one of the most glorious of legends of medieval times. Everyone knows the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. However not many know the cause of its destruction. Some say its Mordred, the son of Arthur. The truth is that the Round Table’s destruction is none other than its creator himself, King Arthur.

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Arthur was a visionary; he had a vision, which was the Round Table. The Round Table is the idea of an order of knights who use “might for right.” A good idea but Arthur has only established it and done little to make the idea succeed. The film does little to show the work Arthur might have done to establish the Round Table. The Round Table was built upon a faulty foundation and thus it has many weaknesses and flaws.

Throughout the story Arthur has proven himself many times as a great leader. Also him being raised as a commoner instead of royalty has given him the gift of fairness. However this can come with a baggage, this being that his judgement sometimes is too kind. An example of this would be when he lets Mordred become a knight of the Round Table. Although a fair and just thing at first, it will later be one of many downfalls that will destroy the Round Table.

Lancelot, the best knight of the Round Table approaches Arthur and pleads for him to banish Mordred from Camelot. He informs Arthur that Mordred has been twisting the minds of the knights and getting them to turn on one another. Hearing this Arthur still does nothing to fix the problems of the Round Table. This is very well possible to be the fatal blow that sent the Round Table to destruction. Arthur is given a final chance to rid Camelot of Mordred and save the Round Table, but instead he refuses.

There has been given enough evidence to prove that Arthur was no doubt the reason for the downfall of the Round Table. Its sad to think such a great idea has gone to waste just because the King couldn’t show a little more “backbone.


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