Camera Movement In Strict Essay Research Paper

By July 9, 2018 General Studies

Camera Movement In Strict Essay, Research Paper

Camera motion plays an of import function in making the ^feel^ of a

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film. This is apparent in ^Strictly Ballroom^ , peculiarly in the

dance sequences. The dynamic camera motion in ^Strictly Ballroom^

emphasizes and enhances the dance modus operandis of its chief characters. In

the first dance sequence of the film, the camera motions are long

fluxing tracking and pan shootings. This emphasizes the smooth and

graceful flow of the walk-in being performed. This is in contrast to the

accelerated gait and speedy camera cuts used in the Latin dance

section. Again, the camera is being used as a tool to heighten the

stairss the spectator is witnessing. A major subject of ^Strictly Ballroom^ ,

is Scott^s desire to execute freestyle dance stairss. The camera

motion contributes to this implicit in subject by besides executing in a

freestyle mode. This is evidenced in the scene instantly following

Scott and Tina^s acquiring boxed in. As Scott breaks through the

roadblock created by Ken and spouse, he launches into a freestyle

modus operandi. The camera instantly begins acting in a similar manner.

It moves around the room freely and spontan

eously, capturing long

uninterrupted shootings of Scott. This reinforces the sense in the spectator

that neither Scott nor the camera is following any set program or stairss.

Camera motion is besides used to foreground the proficiency degrees of

assorted terpsichoreans throughout the movie. When the spectator foremost sees Les^

dance studio, it is a really inactive operating expense shooting. The deficiency of camera

motion mirrors the deficiency of ability of the novice terpsichoreans. When the

camera rapid climbs in on Les, an experient terpsichorean, it instantly starts

tracking him ; this illustrates the difference between Les and his

pupils. Nowhere are the effects of camera motion more efficaciously

used than in the scenes demoing Fran^s patterned advance to going an

complete terpsichorean. Initially, she is introduced as an uncoordinated

novitiate ; shooting with really thin camera motion. Through the development

of her acquisition phases, the camera mirrors her increasing fluidness and

legerity. Through the dynamic use of camera motion, the spectator is

given a heightened consciousness of gesture and action in the dance

scenes. This extends to the spectator an grasp of the degree of

accomplishment required to take part in dance hall dance.


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