Can a company lead through its organizational culture?

A company ‘s organisational civilization acts as a vigorous function in its accomplishment. A company ‘s civilization shows its appeal by holding the best staff in the industry. The same is the instance with the organisational civilization at Google. Google is one of the scarce companies that productively merged technological innovation with lasting organisational civilization.

How the company is taking through its civilization? How the civilization can pull the best endowments in the industry? How organisational civilization is behind all the success pillars.

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This offers intuition into the work environment, and recruitment procedure at Google. The instance besides offers intuition into how Google nurtured revolution amongst staffs. It ends with a critical analysis of Google.

Table of Contentss


How organisational civilization leads to employee satisfaction.

Importance of employee satisfaction in the success of a company.

Is organisational civilization a ground behind competitory benefit?

Can a good organisation civilization pull the best endowment in the industry?


Whenever it comes for seeking something on the cyberspace the first name which strikes our head is “ GOOGLE ” . Anywhere any topographic point any information you can acquire from Google, you lost someplace type the topographic point ‘s name and the manner is at that place or merely snap on Google Earth.

It is the best non merely in footings of hunt but besides its work civilization and employee satisfaction.

Google was originated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were analyzing at Stanford University. The name Google was derived from the mathematical term googol which is used for 1 followed by 100 nothings. Its name itself reflects the huge cognition inside it. It is a profitable and public company concentrated on hunt services, Google operates web sites at many international domains, with the most operated being Google is loosely recognized as the “ universe ‘s best hunt engine ” because it is fast, precise and easy to utilize.

Google works on the mission of forming the universe ‘s cognition and doing it universally acceptable and accessible. ( Christensen, 2010 )

Some accomplishments of Google are:




Most chosen hunt engine


Selected as the best topographic point to work by MBA pupils

2007 & A ; 2008

No 1 employer by lucks magazine

Literature reappraisal:

Employee satisfaction:

EmployeeA satisfactionA is a measuring of how satisfied employees are with their working environment and installations provided to them. It is all about maintaining the morale high among workers result into enormous benefit to any company, as happy workers are more likely to work with higher energy and efficiency, take fewer yearss off, and remain loyal to the company. There are many ways of bettering or keeping highA employee satisfaction, which intelligent employers should follow in order to do the employees perform good.

In order to keep the satisfaction, the satisfaction degree is a must to be known by the employers and in order to mensurate the degree of employee satisfaction companies can travel for: –


Face to confront interactions with the employees to derive information

Both of these methods haveA pros and cons, and should be chosen with proper attention so that proper consequences can be achieved.

Surveies are frequently unrevealed, leting workers more freedom to be honest without fright of effect whereas Interviews with direction can experience baleful, but if done right can bring forth fruitful consequences as the workers will cognize that their voice has been heard and their anxiousnesss talked by those in control and they are besides an equal and of import portion to the organisation. ( heathfield, 2000 )

Organizational civilization:

Organizational civilization is the personality of a company in footings of its values, norms, and civilization ; it can be stated as the individuality of the company in footings of what it is following from the last decennaries for making a good work civilization.

It can be stated as the manner of interacting within the organisation every bit good as out of the organisation whether it is the interaction between the employees, clients, stakeholders or direction.

Organizational civilization is besides known as corporate civilization and it besides reflects the beliefs and thoughts of what the end should be. Organization civilization is a truly of import affair of concern for an organisation as an unhealthy organisation can take towards unsated employees with low morale and no assurance which in bend will impact the production and efficiency if the organisation. ( Ashraf, 2010 )

Ten parametric quantities of a healthy corporate civilization:

Employees defend the company against a review which states undue ground for the same and replies back that we are the portion of our organisation.

Each and every employee should work for the benefit of the company at their best and do the company to accomplish its mark and corsets at top.

Directors are low and friendly towards the employees as ever ready for whenever in demand.

Outgos and costs are evaluated in footings of its effectivity and all the members are cognizant of the fact.

All the employees should be given an equal and just chance to show their thoughts and remainder of the employees along with the direction should esteem their thoughts.

Employees should non seek to take the advantage of the other 1 ‘s error and cogent evidence themselves to be superior.

A company should be devoted towards supplying a better service to the client.

Employees should follow the regulations purely taking the company ‘s belongings as their ain

Education and preparation plans should be strongly supported by the company and the employees every bit good in order to maintain the employees up to day of the month of the new engineering.

New thoughts should be given a proper infinite to come out in order to advance invention and better engineering. ( Hann, 2005 )


These are the parametric quantities through which a company ‘s organisational civilization should be measured and Google is the company which scores 10/10 in this it satisfies all the parametric quantities giving manner to such a healthy civilization where employees non merely want to work but work for womb-to-tomb it is the dream of all originative people.

Herzberg ‘s motivation-hygiene theory:

Acc to Herzberg the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of employees depends upon two factors:

Hygiene factors:

Motivation factors:

Herzberg merely said that in order to actuate the employees you need to take attention of all hygiene factors foremost and by that you guarantee them with safe work environment and enable them to get down woolgathering. Once that is done start working on the motive factors

Acc to the theory ; people are influenced by two factors:

Satisfaction: which is the consequence of the motive factors ; these factors help increase satisfaction but have a small consequence on dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction: is the consequence of hygiene factors. These factors if absent or inadequate, cause dissatisfaction but their presence has small consequence on long term satisfaction. ( Herzberg, 1959 ) ( ABE, UK, 2010 )








Relationship WITH Colleague









These are the factors responsible for the satisfaction and dissatisfaction the employees.

Related instance survey:

A batch of instance surveies have been done earlier on this subject of organisational civilization on its different facets as my focal point is on the prima towards success through the employee satisfaction, one of them is described below:

Employee as trade names:

This instance is written chiefly to raise an interesting statement over a simple, yet, challenging construct – how can human resources be leveraged as a beginning of competitory advantage? Illustrated through the illustration of Google, this instance raises many fascinating issues. In a span of a decennary, Google has emerged as a technological human dynamo with two extraordinary inventions, ‘search ‘ and ‘ad words ‘ , to its recognition. The company attributes this enviable rise to glorification to its most valued assets – the Google employees. Since its origin, the company has invariably hired merely the best endowment in the industry, preferring creativeness to work experience. Endeavoring to pull and retain bright and animating employees, Google focused on actuating its employees by making a ambitious yet fun-filled work environment coupled with a broad array of fringe benefits runing from free nutrient and a gym to employee stock options. Additionally to further innovativeness, Google has adopted the ’70/20/10 ‘ theoretical account, to promote Googlers to pass 20 % of their work clip on a undertaking of their pick. These attempts paid off and Google emerged as the most sought after topographic point to work for two back-to-back old ages ( 2007 and 2008 ) . However, can a company that has focused on little squads and single interaction with all employees cope up with the same when its meteoric ascent to success has captured the involvement of many rivals? The grasp of Google ‘s accomplishments has been accompanied by increasing apprehensivenesss about the long-run sustainability of Google ‘s informal and fun-filled civilization. Whether Google ‘s success is a consequence of its much hyped work civilization or frailty versa, continues to be an unsolved mystery. ( Deepti Srikanth, 2009 )


We try to supply an environment where people are traveling to be happy. I think that ‘s a much better usage of money than, state, hundred-Million dollar selling runs or outrageously hyperbolic wages. ”

( Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, in March 2003 )

Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Google has a relaxed work civilization at Googleplex ( its central office ) . Together Larry and Sergey tried to set their thoughts into world by doing the work civilization at Google merriment by making such an environment inside the office adorning it with different colorss, designs and Google logo

Googlers are permitted to acquire their pet animate beings in the office and bites and nutrient all provided to them liberate of cost arranged by the chef Charlie Ayers. Googleplex has staff canteens supplying them with assortments of bites and comestibles

Google ‘s mission proclamation states that a individual can:

“ Make money without making immorality ” and that “ work should be disputing and the challenge should be merriment ” .

These values regulations at Google and the company policy provinces:

“ Form the universe ‘s information and do it universally accessible and utile ” ( Strickland, 2006 )

Inventions at Google:

Google direction focuses on actuating innovation and creativeness at the workplace. It comprehended that for a company to turn, thoughts and creativeness is a must and at Google they give their best to accomplish it although they have faced a batch of troubles making it.

We are ne’er kind of thoughts but we lack the manner of showing

To work out this Google created an internal web page in order to track thoughts. ( Schneider et al. , 2003 )


Sergey and Larry besides concentrated on enrolling people with the right border of encephalon. They were themselves involved in the whole process ; in order to capture the best of the staff they posted 10 grounds for working with them on its web site.

Google employed people with different accomplishments and qualities while using, Google involved maximal importance to academic public presentation as exposed in class tonss in their tests. To acquire into Google, you have to belong from the best schools or universities. ( Charlton, 2006 )

Execution of Herzberg ‘s theory:

As can be seen above Google in order to fulfill their employees follows the theory as:

It firsts satisfy the hygiene factors of the employees like work environment, nutrient, relaxed civilization, wage, occupation security etc. in order to do them more comfy while working.

For ex:

Googlers are allowed to convey their pets during work,

Staff canteens are provided with assortment of bites,

The office of Google is decorated with colorss, designs and Google logo.

After fulfilling the hygiene factor it comes for the motive factors:

As can be seen above in the instance that:

Google is extremely focused on the creativeness of people and it wants its employees to be more and more originative in order to make that it keeps on promoting the employees to work more and more spending clip on making something new

The best illustration of it is Google gives acknowledgment to its employees in footings of their work it gives them proper infinite to come up with thoughts and respect the thought every bit good which makes the employee experience a portion of the organisation.


Organizational civilization leads to employee satisfaction

As can be seen from above:

Like this Google has created a perfect environment for the employees to work and due to this the employees more affiliated to the organisation.

Through the above analysis it is clear that organisational civilization leads to employee satisfaction as can be seen in the instance above Google has created such a civilization and work environment that its employees are satisfied and happy working at that place.

Attracting the best endowment in the industry:

And this environment besides helps Google to retain the best of the endowment of the industry as Google being the dream of any single seeking occupation and a proper topographic point to work and demo their creativeness as it can be seen from the above survey that Google hires people with encephalon and suited to work in at that place and since now it is proved that it has the best endowments of the industry which ends up with the decision that employee n satisfaction is besides an of import factor in pulling the best endowments in the industry.

Swot analysis:


aˆ? It has established a trade name name for itself and is considered to be the figure one hunt engine on the web.

aˆ? The velocity and simpleness of its hunt engine is rather dependable and user friendly.

aˆ? It has a ‘market cap ‘ of $ 185.61 billion harmonizing to ‘Yahoo Finance ‘ , Dec 5, 2009.

aˆ? It has a ‘war thorax ‘ of $ 22 billion harmonizing to Adam Ostrow, Oct 15, 2009.

aˆ? It is considered to be among the top 10 trade names in the U.S.

aˆ? It gets repute by its popularity which returns by its word of oral cavity promotion, so it does n’t necessitate to set much attempt inA marketingA its hunt engine.

aˆ? It offers many merchandises and services i-e ; Desktop merchandises, Mobile merchandises, Web merchandises, Hardware merchandises.

aˆ? It has a low operation cost sing its merchandises and services.

aˆ? It has hired PhDs specially to work for heightening the hunt engine algorithms which will render the hunt faster, relevant and more efficient.

aˆ? It provides its hunt engine interface to 88 linguistic communications which is rather helpful for the locals of the states.

aˆ? It uses state-of-the-art engineering to catalog the pages to give the most updated results to its users

aˆ? It ranks the web pages with its Page-Rank engineering that gives the users entree to the of import pages foremost.

aˆ? It specializes in taging the consequences in differential graduated table i-e it separates the sponsored links from the regular links that are provided.

aˆ? The hunt engine besides provides localised seeking where the users get consequences harmonizing to their parts.

aˆ? It provides services such as Groups, Email, News, Directory etc.

aˆ? It has come-up with thoughts sing solutions to wireless handheld devices, individualized toolbars, and indexes.

aˆ? It straight routes its users to the web page without lingering on another site for ad gross.

aˆ? It has besides acquired YouTube which provides picture services to users across the web, and which is regarded to be the number-one online picture portal users.

aˆ? It has Ad Wordss and AdSense plans working as the chief mechanism.

aˆ? It has a strong professional networking infinite nowadays.


aˆ? It is dependent largely on its hunt based advertisement.

aˆ? There is the hazard of confronting dead terminals for the users, who find the commendation but non the whole text.

aˆ? It has deficiency of focal point sing the service of hunt engine.

aˆ? Spammers normally take advantage of Google ‘s ranking engineering by making sites that contain a batch of links by which they end up acquiring higher ranks.

aˆ? Its link-based ranking tech. largely did n’t work on existent traffic analysis.

aˆ? Its cost-per-click advertisement charge & A ; superior policy makes it hard for the clients to foretell the placement of their ads and their costing as per Se.

aˆ? Its contextual advertisement is considered less effectual sing gross revenues coevals, and the algorithms behind the hunt are erroneous.

aˆ? Its localized hunt besides consequences in mistakes at times.

aˆ? It is the top participant sing the hunt engines yet it answers search questions with 50 to 60 % truth.

aˆ? Its inability sing YouTube to be monetized.

aˆ? It has weak presence sing the social-networking infinite.

aˆ? The merchandises and services integrating is rather heterogenous.

aˆ? It does non keep any scheme for contraction.

aˆ? The cost for the data-centre acquiring higher and higher.


aˆ? It has huge chances for making new groups/segments and making for new contents.

aˆ? Easy expert hunt, which can be integrated utilizing open-url.

aˆ? Using higher value content on the web.

aˆ? It can live over the tendency like Yahoo! and MSN and go a mass market portal for users that will increase shift costs for its possible users.

aˆ? It can add localised sellers paid advertizements on the localized hunt.

aˆ? It can unify with an already bing mass market portal to cover more land sing its users.

aˆ? It can supply more services to the handheld devices to capture more market that goes past the conventional cyberspace.

aˆ? It can increase its overall ad disbursement online.

aˆ? Its can heighten by holding new acquisitions.

aˆ? It can increase the cyberspace use which will render the use of to be increased every bit good.


aˆ? It can lose control over the indexing policy.

aˆ? The censoring will be imposed which will render many services to be less effectual.

aˆ? Library services going less seeable.

aˆ? Users stoping up non acquiring to the institutional subscription.

aˆ? The disappearing of informational accomplishments.

aˆ? Competition from houses like Yahoo, MSN.

aˆ? Legal tests.

aˆ? Federal case sing the aggregation of hunt wonts of the consumers, which erodes public perceptual experience.

aˆ? It will lose a considerable sum of gross if its contacts with portals like AOL.

aˆ? There is no clip restraint sing the concern, rivals can emerge with better interface and new thoughts sing the hunt mechanism that will do Google lose its market portion.

aˆ? Its confounding cost-per-click policy can let down the clients and the house may get down losing them.

aˆ? It can lose its simple and user-friendly interface if it decides to go a portal, for which it is favorite among its users.

aˆ? It can acquire stuck in issues if it decides to get information sing its users ‘ personal information.

aˆ? Unifying with another already set up mass market portal will be a good measure, but Google will get down losing its well-earned brand-name.

aˆ? Its service relies extremely on its web members.

aˆ? Privacy issues sing the content ownership. ( Adam, 2009 )

Organizational civilization behind the success of a company:

From the above grind analysis it can be seen that Google is a great success and the best in its field which a combined consequence of all the factors:

As its organisational civilization leads it to high employee satisfaction which in return taking to high morale motivates the employee to work with all their attempt and attempts, Google holding the best of endowments who work with their maximal possible attempts invariably making new thoughts and inventions is taking the company towards success.

Competitive advantage:

At the same clip it can besides be seen from the above survey that Google stands far above its rivals and is taking as the no 1 hunt engine go forthing all its rivals behind and the ground behind it being its advanced thoughts and different work civilization, holding the best work civilization Google attracts the best endowments which helps it to weigh more in footings of competition as retaining the best endowment is a really large accomplishment in itself and Google have this from the beginning

Critical analysis:

A Critique of Google ‘s Culture:

Many analysts believe that the nothing turnover rates during the point com roar were grounds to its healthy organisational civilization. But a batch of people were non satisfied with it as they believe that Google was non made for the direction of growing.

The enlisting procedure at Google is besides non perfect as it focuses wholly on the academic records of a individual and non on the intelligence degree

For ex: you non eligible to use for Google if you have a 20 twelvemonth experience working in lake herring if U does n’t hold first-class faculty members

But the Googlers defend themselves by stating that they value mind and understanding more than experience


Organizational civilization is of import non merely to make a good work environment but at the same clip it leads a company towards eternal success and more happy employees which in bend consequence into changeless growing, net income and higher market portion.

As can be seen in the above survey of Google who is taking as the best hunt engine through its fantastic work civilization giving its employees all the needful infinite to turn and work as a portion of the organisation which in bend is taking the company in front of its rivals and more net income.


In malice of holding the best of organisational civilization Google should work more on its enlisting system.

The company should be flexible in footings of its policies of choosing a individual. for work as it should non wholly concentrate on its academic background but besides on experience and cognition.

The company should work on supplying infinite to the societal networking.

It should work on its cost being excessively high which creates trouble for the clients.

It should concentrate more on its truth as in malice of being the no 1 hunt engine it has an truth of 50-60 %


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