Can Gay And Lesbian Be Good Parents

August 7, 2017 Communication

It seems common for all that one household should dwell of one male parent, one female parent and some childs. Any other signifiers of households such as individual parent and single female parent are regard as particular 1s and ever have favoritism. When it comes to gay and sapphic parents, many people may experience pathetic and demo their concern about how their kids turn up usually? Although life in a homosexual household, kids have to confront many jobs such as badgering from equals, confounding about household functions, we can non asseverate that homosexual and sapphic parents are non be able to cultivate kids. From literature reappraisal, the author find that during one kid ‘s growing, he or she can confront a batch of troubles, non affair he or she lives in a heterosexual household or homosexual one. In most fortunes, homosexual and sapphic parents are more important and the communicating among household members is more smoothly.

Cardinal Word: homosexual, sapphic, parent, kids ‘s development

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In the past old ages, cheery work forces and tribade tended to conceal their sexual orientation, nevertheless, nowadays they are going seeable and there is increasing figure of same-sex headed households. For homosexual and sapphic, the ways to be father or female parent are about the same as heterosexual parents: conceive babes by a female spouse ( for homosexual, the spouse may come from his ex-marriage but he “ came out ” eventually ) , adopt kids, utilize unreal insemination and hire alternate female parent.

Literature Review

Many people are strongly doubt whether parents who are same sex can further healthy kids. The most common contentions are that cheery work forces and tribades are mentally sick ; are promiscuous and have unstable relationships ; and will act upon the gender of their kids, damage their emotional development, turn them against the opposite sex, molest them or indirectly do them to endure stigma and shame at the custodies of their equals and others ( King,1995 ) . In fact, it is apprehensible if people hold these concerns. Even in today ‘s developed states, there is still legion people hold the opposite sentiment to gay work forces and tribades. Obviously, to be parents as homosexual people will confront a great trade of resistances, since they challenge the conventional thought that merely heterosexual twosomes can be the parents of kids in both biological and psychological facets.

Since homosexualism one time was considered a mental unwellness, although some findings led the psychiatric profession in 1973 to halt sorting it as a mental upset ( Cameron, 2002 ) , the position that gays and tribades are mentally sick still represents the chief watercourse. As a consequence, it is leery that how can mentally ill people cultivate their kids? Besides, lacking of legal matrimony between homosexual and sapphic twosome may besides take to interrupt up easy. Children who live in such a household seem to confront more unsteady issues than those unrecorded in heterosexual household. On the behalf of kids ‘s development, a stable household position seems good for them.

Because of the grounds mentioned above, many homosexuals and lesbians lost detention of their kids from the old heterosexual matrimony. Judges frequently deny detention to a homosexual or sapphic biological parent due to hazard of injury to the kid from the societal stigma attached to homosexualism ( Kennedy, 2005 ) . This circumstance happens in the instance between male and female twosome who fight for the right of detention of the kids while one of them is provided as homosexual or sapphic.

However, when people are debating over the point whether it is good or non for a child lives with homosexual parent, we may change by reversal our focal point on the adversity for homosexual and sapphic parents. In footings of sing holding a babe, they spend more clip to believe about it than heterosexual partner. Just as a sapphic twosome ( Johnson & A ; O’Connor, 2001:29 ) written in their book: “ there are no ‘accident ‘ babes in our community ; we typically plan for a long clip, sometimes for old ages, before us seeking to gestate a kid. Adoptions can take even longer, and necessitate more attempt, than holding a biological kid. ” Harmonizing to this, homosexuals and tribades may pass more clip to fix for qualified parents, therefore they may cognize more about how to further their babes in the hereafter.

Before the preparing phase, the authors were afraid that this subject was excessively fringy to happen any articles related to homosexual parenting. Surprisingly, the resources about homosexual and sapphic parents are easy to acquire and they relate to assorted facets about homosexual and sapphic parenting. However, there are barely any literatures about the kids ‘s development in same- sex headed household, so in the undermentioned articles the author will concentrate on this facet to discourse whether homosexual or sapphic household can run into the developmental demands of kids so that we can do a decision that whether homosexuals and tribades can be qualified adequate to be parents.


Despite the physical development which is determined by cistron and stuffs like nutrition and nutrient, more concern is put on the environmental influence on kids with same- sex parents. One of the most problematic statements is will sapphic strains sapphic?

The majority of grounds to day of the month indicates that kids raised by homosexual and sapphic parents are no more likely to go homosexual than kids raised by straight persons ( National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, 2000 ) . Actually it is easy to understand on an opposite manner: homosexual people can be brought by heterosexual parents but they still become cheery or sapphic when they grow up. So it decidedly unjust to state kids attached to gay or sapphic parents tend to go homosexual because they have such sort of parents. Questioning and impermanent confusion go on with most striplings whether they have parents who are homosexual or heterosexual ( Johnson & A ; O’Connor, 2001 ) . However, some research has found that parents in homosexual households are more unfastened and willing to speak about sexual subjects with their childs than those in heterosexual households. In sexual designation facet, homosexual and sapphic parents ‘ manner to steer their kids seems more important. They rarely try to avoid such sensitive subject as traditional parents ; hence their kids have more opportunities to cognize sexual cognition straight. By exposed to a universe which is unfastened to sex, it is less likely for them to experience baffled about sex and easy for them to separate their sexual orientation.

However, another contradiction occurs in footings of how these kids face to their equals and the whole society if they have two female parents or two male parents. Since equals or friends are the people who accompany kids to turn up, peer force per unit area play an indispensable function on one child ‘s development. It truly sounds eldritch that all of your friends have dad and mom where as you have two female parents or two male parents. Children will go more cognizant of being “ different ” when they are turning up. Combined with many kids ‘s first exposure to gay gags and generalized homophobia, school old ages can be a peculiarly unsmooth period for kids of homosexual and sapphic parents ( Kennedy, 2005 ) . Tease is common during childhood ; kid can be teased for every common thing. Most sapphic female parents feel that badgering or other troubles their kids face because of the fact that they love adult females requires two types of responses. The first is to cover with the kid or other individual who is trouble oneselfing our kid. The 2nd is to speak to their kid about the job ( Johnson & A ; O’Connor, 2001 ) . Communication can be the best manner to work out job which does non count about which sort of household it is. As we all know parents ‘ proper counsel leads to healthy development of kids. Some households are deficiency of communicating because they do non recognize which the point of the job is. However, since homosexual parents know what to concentrate on, problem- work outing communicating among household members will be more swimmingly when kids are made gag.

Some advocators for homosexual parenting rights suggest that kids raised in homosexual and sapphic households will develop a greater capacity for empathy, tolerance for others, and a healthy regard for differences among people than these kids are forced to encompass these issues more overtly ( Cameron, 2002 ) . This is true. Just like the kids who live in a household with handicapped household member, they tend to be more considerate and demo more concern every bit good as credence towards minority people who may different from bulk people. Children who live or study with so called “ unnatural ” people such as autism, handicapped and mentally handicapped 1s know more about them so that they can accept diversenesss among different people. Similarly, being kids with different household construction, childs tend to be more unfastened head towards different sorts of people in footings of their races, economic position, instruction degree and so forth.

However, being homosexual or sapphic parents will surely confront many troubles. For sapphic households, there are extra societal and political obstructions that must be overcome, including deficiency of acknowledgment, absence of legal countenances, bias, and deficiency of function theoretical accounts, to call a few ( cited by Crespi from Crawford, 2001 ) . The most of import thing for them is sing every bit much as possible before they decide to hold a child. Good readying can do it easier for them to manage the jobs that may come out after the child joins their household. Besides, homosexual and sapphic parents should pay more attending on their kids, particularly when they come to organize their value and are about to interact with the outer society. Just like other kids live in nontraditional household, such as individual parent households, those unrecorded in same- sex headed households are more sensitive than others for certain. By focal point more on their kids, parents can supply proper counsel for them which can assist the kids know their current household from more dimensions.

Equally far as the author can see, rearing accomplishments of homosexual and sapphic parents are the same as heterosexual parents. It is non right to state same-sex parents ‘ household is uncomplete so that kids live in that sort of household can non turn up healthily. Since there is barely any difference compared with heterosexual parents, as if homosexual or sapphic parents care about their kids, communicate and portion their sentiments more with their kids every bit good as face the embarrassment together with their kids, they are qualified adequate to be parents. Deprive 1 ‘s right to be a male parent or female parent for the interest of their sexual orientation is decidedly unjust for him or her. If we can understand homosexual and sapphic parents more, they every bit good as their kids could have the equal intervention from society. Because it is our stereotype that makes they can non populate in a normal environment, really nil is worry with their parenting method. To be or non to be qualified parents, it depends on the individual instead than his or her sexual orientation.


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