Can Mere Words Hurt Essay Research Paper

June 19, 2018 International Relations

Can Mere Words Hurt? Essay, Research Paper

Are Words Weapons?

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I believe that words can so slay the human bosom. All excessively frequently I see person put another child down because of something he did incorrectly. It can be every bit small as stumbling on the stepss and person shouting & # 8220 ; You clux. Man are you dumb. & # 8221 ; This can be considered a gag most of the clip. But what if this individual hears it all the clip. Most of the clip, the insulted doesn & # 8217 ; Ts say that he or she was merely messing around with them. Sooner or later this victom will get down believing in what everyone says. However this same state of affairs can hold more positive effects. The lone job is that the individual needs to be unfastened minded and have more self assurance. The individual that tripped on the steps could take the abuse as a mental reminder ; one could utilize it to better one & # 8217 ; s defects. Following clip he goes up the stepss, he & # 8217 ; ll believe about what he is making and non trip. This individual has merely bettered himself. The following sort of incident can non be in any manner considered helpful. This is the sort of incident where the individual having the abuses can & # 8217 ; t so anything to better him or herself. I am speaking about fleshiness, & # 8220 ; mental awkwardness & # 8221 ; , or a born clux. These can truly damage the human bosom. There truly is no ground to do merriment of these sorts of people ; at least I don & # 8217 ; t. I merely make merriment of person I know who can take it and who can make it right but didn & # 8217 ; t make it the this clip.

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I believe, rubbing in the job more, doesn & # 8217 ; t assist one spot. Peoples who can & # 8217 ; t assist necessitate the most support than anyone else. Messing about can merely make harm, possibly even terrible harm.

One thing I can non stand is rumours. They are pitiless. They don & # 8217 ; t attention who hears it. They don & # 8217 ; t care what happens to the individual that is being talked about. It & # 8217 ; s a disease that gets everyone but merely hurts one or a little group of people. Most of the clip the rumour International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t even remotely close to true. All it takes is one individual. Usually it & # 8217 ; s a individual who for ground or another truly doesn & # 8217 ; t like person or something they did or said. They start a vicous & # 8220 ; narrative & # 8221 ; that they made up at the top of their caput ; and the rhythm begins. This is a highly stupid manner of work outing a job. That is truly what we as society ends should be making, work outing jobs. It truly doesn & # 8217 ; Ts make sense ; rumours are started because some one feels bad or wronged. Repairing the job seems like the most logical thing to make. Too bad worlds don & # 8217 ; t think like that. The universe would be a better topographic point. Rumors will non and can non make any good any where or any clip. The lone thing one can make if a rumour comes their manner is non excessively dispersed it. If a rumour happens to them, so merely pick up the pieces and travel on. Look for support in household and friends. Rumors have no topographic point in a perfect universe. That & # 8217 ; s what the people of the universe should be working towards, a perfect universe.


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