Canada’s Involvement in the Vietnam War Essay

October 4, 2017 General Studies

The bloody Vietnam War of the 1950’s was fought by the courageous American military personnels with the aid of the Canadian citizens. Though. beginnings claim that Canada had a limited sum of part in the war. facts province otherwise. The Vietnam War took topographic point during the Cold War epoch where a military struggle had occurred in Vietnam. Laos. and Cambodia from November 1 1955 to April 30 1975.

Canada became officially involved in the Vietnam struggle in 1954. as portion of the International Commission for Supervision and Control in Vietnam. However. Canada did non post military personnels to Vietnam until 1973. in which Canadian military personnels remained under the United Nations streamer to implement the Paris Peace Accords. The War had persisted for more than 19 old ages. five months. four hebdomads and one twenty-four hours.

During the Cold War epoch. Canada remained associated with the chief watercourse western powers. Many Canadians who genuinely wanted to contend in the War had served along the U. S Military. Canadians functioning with the United States had occurred as far back as the Civil War. In add-on. Canada was portion of many organisations such as “N. A. T. O” ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) which guaranteed Canada would non partake in the Vietnam War.

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Even though people around the universe contemplate that Canada had no part in the Vietnam War. assorted facts province that Canadians did hold inordinate sum of engagement towards the Vietnam War that was ne’er taken into consideration. Throughout this essay. the reader will be able to hold on a general apprehension of the ways in which the Canadians had portion in The Vietnam War. regardless of what bias beginnings claim. To get down with. Canada sent more than 30 1000 troops into the Vietnam War with the Americans – these military personnels volunteered and died at that place.


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