Canada’s Most Defining Moments Essay

August 29, 2017 Health

Canada is a 1 of the wealthiest states in the universe but Canada didn’t merely become affluent nightlong. Canada has many achievements and failures but the most defining minutes in Canadian history were both the failures and achievements in the economic system or economic system related. The three most specifying minutes in Canadian history were ; the stock market clang. which led to the “Great Depression” . the babe roar on the other manus led to additions in occupations during the 1960’s. and eventually GST replaced “Manufacture Gross saless Tax” ( MST ) in 1990.

The forenoon of October 24th 1929 is known as “Black Thursday” because on this twenty-four hours the stock market crashed in America but it affected most of the universe including Canada. The cause of this clang in Canada was because of citizens purchasing ‘on margin’ which is borrowing money from Bankss and merely seting down 10-20 % of the loan. The clang caused the 1930’s to be a period of great depression for citizens. This brought the state into a province of terror and many people committed suicide because of the stock market clang. In merely 2 yearss the market had dropped an norm of 20 % . The stock market clang was a flicker that led Canada and many other states into a “Great Depression” . Other factors that contributed to Canada’s Great Depression were: the dependance on the United States. over-production and over-expansion. and dependance on the primary industry. these were all long term causes. Many companies in Canada were in debt because of over-production and over-expansion.

This caused many of those companies to crumple and if these companies were still up and running they could hold brought Canada money from international trade. Companies weren’t the lone concerns effected. farming. logging. excavation. and reasonably much the full primary industry was falling and Canada wasn’t bring forthing any money and practically all exports were to a arrest. The Great Depression was stopped by the start of the 2nd universe war because of people urgently looking for occupations. so they joined the ground forces. Canada became a more feared state. therefore Canada helped win conflicts like D-Day and the Italian Campaign. Along with the success Canada has had in universe war two. the babe roar coevals occurred between 1945 to 1964. which increased the population.

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The cause of the babe roar was basically the great depression because legion Canadians enrolled in the military. Canadians want to do a speedy vaulting horse and non anticipating to contend for old ages. Canadians went to conflict for six old ages without adult females and when soldiers returned from the war they had an impulse for intercourse with their girlfriends or married womans and that’s what started the babe roar. The following coevals would necessitate to bring forth more consumer points and construct more houses due to the sheer figure of babe boomers. more power and H2O would besides be required to run those places. Therefore with these new demands we need to open more occupations to fulfill those demands.

The babe boomer coevals is even set uping us now. 66 old ages subsequently. They are traveling to shortly act upon accomplishment trades in Canada because the babe boomers in those occupations are close retirement. There is traveling to be a deficit of people to make full those occupations ; particularly because of parents desiring their kids to travel to university. hence non acquiring a occupation in the accomplishment trades. Many occupations like health professionals for illustration will necessitate more people because of the sudden addition in aged citizens. We are besides traveling to necessitate to pay for the babe boomer’s health care and security income and that will come from our revenue enhancements. Canada could be in problem for the hereafter because we don’t have the people to make full those occupations and we don’t have the money to pay for their wellness attention and security insurance.

The Canadian authorities can’t wage for the wellness attention and security insurance without implementing some type of revenue enhancement. and that is precisely what they did. Prime curate Brian Mulroney and fiscal curate Michael Wilson introduced the thought of a Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) to replace Manufacture Service Tax ( MST ) and Federal Telecommunication Tax. This new revenue enhancement is suppose to be implemented to all states except Alberta because they already had their ain gross revenues revenue enhancement at a retail degree. GST saved Canada from debt of the first universe war. even though GST wasn’t introduced until 1990. MST was the small brother of GST.

The authorities decided that MST was the best manner to pay for the debt and basically it was. but most Canadians and makers strongly disliked this revenue enhancement. GST was promoted as revenue-neutral in relation to the MST. the shifting of the revenue enhancement off from exported manufactured goods would do life more dearly-won for Canadians. Therefore Canadians were against GST and industries were worried that the revenue enhancement would ache their gross revenues internationally. The GST is impacting us every twenty-four hours. because if you are Canadian and you pay for a merchandise or service ; you are hit with a 13 % fee and that is HST ( PST and GST combined ) .

The most critical minutes in Canadian history were all economic related. Once the stock market crashed in 1929. it caused panic. mayhem. and an economic crisis of great magnitude. The babe roar was a complete antonym ; it gave Canadians more occupations and shortly we are traveling to hold excessively many occupations and non plenty people to make full those occupations in the 1960’s. GST is still Affects our mundane lives because everyone wages revenue enhancements when purchasing a consumer merchandise and it has been that manner since 1990. Canada could be in problem economically in the close hereafter. Since the babe roar is retiring ; I would foretell that Canadians will hold to paying more revenue enhancements due to the excess costs of health care and as throughout history. Canadians have had a combustion hatred towards revenue enhancements and particularly additions in those revenue enhancements. This could perchance do an tumult in the hereafter.


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