Cancer Cure Speech

November 29, 2017 Economics

To cancer. Now we’ll all agree that this a horrific statistic, but what can actually be done to fix it? You probably think nothing and that cancer is terminal. However what if I told you there is a cure but its use has been forbidden by the people running our country. By the people we think know best. This cure was discovered a long while ago and has been proven to kill every single type of cancer. You may be sat there thinking “what on earth is she on about? One simple drug, isn’t going to cure all the different kind of cancers in the world?

There are hundreds of them! Well you’re right about there being hundreds of them, but they’re not all that different. They all start in the same way. They all start by something going wrong in a cell’s DNA. This mishap causes the cell to divide uncontrollably. So what was Just 1 deformed cell, suddenly becomes 2 deformed cells, and then 4 and then 8 and so on. This mass of malformed cells, forms a lump called a tumor. If left untreated this lump, can take over whole organs and completely stop them from working which could be fatal.

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So this is why surgeons perform treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy o attempt to blast away those mutated cancerous cells. However the danger is, if one cell is accidentally left, then it will divide and the whole cycle will begin again. This is the point where I introduce the actual drug which my whole presentation is based on. Decorticated. This drug (known as DACCA in the medical world), turns back on the cancer cells’ mitochondria. Basically, every normal functional cell in our body has a mitochondria, which is essentially Just a self-destruct’ button that a cell presses if it becomes faulty.

However cancer cells somehow manage to turn off this button so that it no longer works and so they are immortal and can Just divide and divide. But Decorticated forces the cancer cells to turn on their mitochondria meaning that the cancerous cells die due to being faulty. See how simple it is. Cancer could be cured by Just popping a few DACCA tablets. However, our government only cares about economics and so have banned the use of this cure. The government claims that too many Jobs would be lost.

Surgeons, doctors, researchers, charity workers, administrators, nurses, radiographers etc. Loud all be made redundant. While I see their point, surely saving people’s lives is better than saving people’s Jobs. Many religious groups have also protested against the use of this drug, saying that cancer is nature’s way of stopping overpopulation on earth and it’s not right to upset nature. Although I agree that it’s not right to upset nature, it’s not right to sit and watch people die either when we have a cure at our fingertips. I therefore think this point is invalid.

I feel strongly and get quite emotional over this topic, of using Decorticated to rue cancer because at the moment my granddad is battling with cancer. I think of how easy it could be to get rid of the cancer in his throat by using this drug. But the government is being selfish and forcing him to go through potentially dangerous chemotherapy and radiotherapy instead. I’m sure several people sat here, have been in or currently are in, the same position as me and believe that the government’s reasons for banning this drug are pathetic compared to the reality of the damage cancer actually does. Thank You.


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