Car park plate number recognize system

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Background to Project

Vehicle Plate Recognition is an image processing engineering used to place vehicle by their home base figure. This undertaking thought was arose during looking for a parking topographic point in KDU college. Many pupils and staff failed to look for a parking topographic point due to the auto park is already to the full loaded. The college security guard required to look into the auto park handiness in regularly every half an hr whether the parking batch is to the full loaded or non, it will do clip devouring. This system will be controlled and monitored by KDU ‘s security guard, when the auto park slot is full, they will take action to halt the auto come ining to the auto park.

The proposed system will able to assist security guard to place the available auto park slot in graphical manner. This undertaking is concentrating on utilizing webcam to gaining control, acknowledge and enter the vehicle ‘s home base figure. Every pupil and staff will hold to register their auto and so the system will salvage vehicle and their proprietors ‘ vehicle information. Then the system will automatically hive away the vehicle figure in database every clip the auto is park in a slot utilizing web Cam. The charges of the parking will be RM2 per entry and there are two ways to pay the either by utilizing coin or student/staff smart card.

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The undertaking will be developed in window based application utilizing VB.NET linguistic communication. This will besides supply disposal manner to command and supervise the system by the security guard. For the image procedure I will cite for Automatic figure home base acknowledgment ( ANPR ) , it is a mass surveillancemethod that uses optical character acknowledgment on images to read the licence plates on vehicles. ANPR can be used to hive away the images captured by the cameras every bit good as the text from the license home base, with some configurable to hive away a exposure of the driver ( Evans 2003 ) . Through my research, some bing auto parking home base figure recognize package besides utilizing ANPR like Carmen Parking Plate Recognition Software, it was utilizing high tech Camera equipped with a particular and synchronised IR flash ( Kert & A ; Atilde ; ©sz 2005 ) .

This undertaking will let me to heighten my cognition in an country that has non been covered in deepness during the class. The calculating facets that will be covered in my undertaking will be programming, human computing machine interaction, image processing, system proving and project direction. A batch of research should be taken for all of these facets.

Chapter 3: Literature Reappraisal

Probe of old system

In the old system, the college security guard required to look into the auto park handiness have to make in manual manner, they have to look into every half an hr whether the parking batch is to the full loaded or non, so it normally cause a batch of vehicles will lodge at the auto park if the security guard did non command the auto before they want to come in to the auto park when auto park is to the full loaded.

When the college security guard wants to cognize the state of affairs in auto park, they have to look into manually and travel to auto park every half an hr, so minimal they need to look into at least 18 times per twenty-four hours. It is non convenient and clip consuming. The old system would non salvage any vehicle ‘s information, so college staff can non obtain the vehicle ‘s information when privation to cognize or look into the vehicle ‘s informations.

Research on similar bing system

Before get downing the undertaking, all researches and analysis are needed to do certain the undertaking ‘s way is on the way.

Existing System:

  1. CARMEN Parking Plate Recognition Software, this system will command and automatic vehicle entry and issue in auto Parkss or unafraid zones becomes possible. Furthermore, the ability to acknowledge enrollment figure is a important added value for comprehensive parking solutions or stock list direction. It is a flexible system that can be adjusted to run into specific client demands.
  2. The Carmen Parking ANPR attack contains the undermentioned elements ( ANPR 2009 ) :

  • Automatic figure home base acknowledgment engine ( is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character acknowledgment on images to read the license plates on vehicles ) .
  • FXVD4mc_s grabber card ( High-quality 4-channel picture gaining control card, specifically for Carmen designation system development ) .
  • Functions library ( C/C++ , MSVB and Delphi, ) .
  • Demo and trial applications.
  • Tutorial and sample plans both in feasible and beginning codification.

Optionally provided device ( Arhungary 2009 ) :

  • High Resolution Ultra Low Lux B/W Camera equipped with a particular and synchronized IR flash.
  • FXVD4mc_s picture gaining control card.

Resources – statement package required ( Arhungary 2009 ) :

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista ( 32bit merely ) , Windows2000, Windows XP and Windows2003.
  • Programing linguistic communication: Ocular C/C++ , Visual Basic 6.0, Borland Delphi, Visual, Basic.NET, C # and Java.


  • Flexible and automatic vehicle entry to and issue from a auto park.
  • Management information about auto park use.
  • Improved security for both auto park operators and auto park users.
  • Improved traffic flow during peak periods.


  • High cost to implement the system.
  • High demand of camera.

  • Vehicle ‘s License Plate OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) System, It is chiefly by these different processing stairss of an object sensing, extraction home bases, character cleavage and character acknowledgment ( Dennis 2009 ) . The system have robust algorithm for sensing and acknowledgment of the characters on the vehicle ‘s licence home base under assorted conditions in the same environment ( Dennis 2009 ) . The block diagram at below shows the full construction of the LPR system that was developed.
  • Merchandises used:

    Lab VIEW 7.1, Lab VIEW Vision Development Module 7.1.1, NI-IMAQ for IEEE Cameras, Lab VIEW 7.1 PDA Module, MAX ( Measurement and Automation Explorer ) 3.1.1


    • Ease of integrating and interfacing between any supported devices.
    • A clear user interface.


    • High cost to implement the system.
    • High cares fee.

    Car Park Management System was designed by BIAMIC ICT SOLUTION. This system can be easy accomplished at the entryway and issue counters, it has maintained a record figure of entries and issues relative to the entire figure of bing parking ( BIAMIC 2008 ) .

    The console for running this system would typically supply the undermentioned visuals during normal operation:

    The License Plate Recognition system operates in the mode indicated below ( Biamic 2008 ) :

    • Vehicle triggers image gaining control via a cringle on the route or pressing button bespeaking ticket.
    • Image gaining control by a high declaration camera.
    • The licence home base is so identified in the captured image.
    • License home base figure reading at truth over 99.95 % ( with multiple cameras used in stereo ) .
    • ( Associating of the licence home base with auto coloring material and form – if required ) .
    • Associating of licence home base figure with a name and the figure of parking bays available, and where available and show of this information on ELECTRONIC DISPLAY when the vehicle is detected.
    • Log of figure and image of all vehicles and driver who enter and go out the installation.
    • Image gaining control from high-resolution colour picture camera ( BIAMIC 2008 ) .

    This solution enables:

    • Improved productiveness.
    • Greater security control with less chance for vehicle larceny.
    • Less chance for people to fraudulently handle parking payments.
    • Greater communicating with clients ensuing in increased client satisfaction.
    • Greater auditable information to better understand demands and ability to associate demands to flight agendas ( Biamic 2008 ) .


    • Flexible and automatic vehicle entry to and issue from a auto park.
    • Management information about auto park use.
    • Vehicle acknowledgment through day of the month and clip stamping every bit good as exact location.
    • Improved traffic flow during peak periods.


    • High maintained fee.
    • Necessitate a batch camera to back up.

    Research on available attacks in market of image processing

    Base on my research, nowadays a batch of auto park systems are utilizing Automatic Number Plate Recognition ( ANPR ) to read the home bases figure on vehicles. It is a mass surveillance method that uses optical character acknowledgment to acknowledge plate figure. It can be used to hive away the camera to gaining control, every bit good as text from the licence home base image. ANPR first uses a series of image use techniques to observe, normalise and heighten the image of the home base figure, and so optical character acknowledgment ( OCR ) to pull out the alphanumeric of the home base figure ( ANPR 2009 ) .

    There are a figure of possible troubles that the package must be able to get by with. These include:

    • Poor image declaration, normally because the home base is excessively far off but sometimes ensuing from the usage of a low-quality camera.
    • Blurry images, peculiarly gesture fuzz.
    • Poor illuming and low contrast due to overexposure, contemplation or shadows.
    • An object obscuring ( portion of ) the home base, rather frequently a tow saloon, or soil on the home base.
    • A different fount, popular for amour propre home bases ( some states do non let such home bases, extinguishing the job ) .
    • Circumvention techniques.


    There are six primary algorithms that the package requires for placing a license home base ( Hakob Sarukhanyan 2009 ) :

    1. Plate localisation.
    2. Plate orientation and size.
    3. Standardization.
    4. Character cleavage.
    5. Optical character acknowledgment.
    6. Syntactical/Geometrical analysis.

    Merchandise Solution:

    What tools applied in the plan

    I will utilize Plate localisation method to the system because it will assist to happen out and insulating home base on the image. In the exposure, the licence home base may be in different topographic points, so I need that method to observe the home base in the image.

    Second I will utilize Normalization method to set brightness of the image, the figure 4.1 will demo you before and after standardization the home base.

    After standardization I will utilize Character Segmentation to happen out the single character on the home base. Before go to last measure for character recognize, the character on home base must be cleavage, figure 4.2 will demo you the character on home base are segmented before spell to character recognize.

    Finally, Optical Character Recognition algorithm will read and acknowledge the characters are segmented. It accuracy rather high, every bit long as the image quality of a good and clear, presents have a high engineering so desire to acquire a clear and good quality image that merely depend on the hardware I use.

    Choice of Software and Hardware

    Hardware Selection

    In hardware choice, really I should utilize web Cam for presentation. However, due to budget job, I decided to utilize web Cam to capture the home base figure to prove the home base figure reorganisation map. There would non be has a large differences between high tech camera with web Cam when gaining control the home base figure. Everything is traveling under control.

    Software Selection

    Main Programming Language:

    • ( Visual Basic with.Net model )

    Main Database Developer:

    • SQL Server 2005

    Comparison VB.NET and JAVA

    Programing linguistic communications such as Ocular Basic have been used to develop the undertaking. These two linguistic communications are similar and utile to bring forth work quicker. There is automatic sentence structure mistake checker in the editor and supply immense API to get the hang. The smart debugger eases the coders by cut downing the clip spent in debugging.

    On the surface, Java and Visual Basic is really portions some compelling common features. Both of them are relatively easy to larn and fast to develop due to the accessibility, which means it is relatively easy to acquire started and develop utile little plans in each linguistic communication.

    In add-on, both systems have a really comprehensive APIs with the latest in web and n-tier developments. Indeed if you can non straight happen it in the linguistic communication, they still have a wealth of 3rd party tools, public-service corporations and constituents available to finish their plants.

    As a decision, both of these linguistic communications have the critical advantage of many types of deployment. Ocular Basic or Java codification can be standalone, bolted on as constituents of a larger system, or act as server-side usher between the bequest systems, informations beginnings, and PC and/or web browser clients.

    However there are few major differences between the two linguistic communications:

    1. As noted antecedently, Java has been built from the land up as an object oriented linguistic communication while Ocular Basic is bit by bit geting complete OO capablenesss.
    2. Java has a figure of security and dependability characteristics like sandlot security theoretical account, strong typewriting, simplified memory theoretical account, unity checking, and so on, built right into its nucleus design. But possibly the critical difference is that Java is transverse platform ; running on merely about any combination of hardware and operating system while Ocular Basic is maestro of Windows. However Ocular Basic runs on Win 9x, Win/NT, Windows 2000, Win/CE ( partially ) and Alpha versions of Win/NT ( partially ) . Except the supports on Windows 3.x platform while Java does.
    3. On the other manus, Visual Basic has become, through VBA-Visual Basic for Applications, the scripting linguistic communication for Windows applications. This is of import because more systems will be built straight into cardinal applications such as AutoCAD, Excel, Notes, Project, SAS, SAP, Word and 100s of other major Windows plans.
    4. Ocular Basic will lock up the unneeded memory. These will blow the ( RAM ) memory. Second, Visual BASIC has to manually put the dispose map to destruct fresh memory location. ( Wakefield, Sonder, Lee 2001 )

    The tools will be usage to develop the system are Ocular Studio 2008. It is because presently the Ocular Studio is the most powerful tool model. The tools are suited to construct either Web or Windows Based system in this undertaking. The lone disadvantage of utilizing the system is it ‘s non a freeware. ( Darie, Watson, 2005 )

    But if carefully compare Java and Visual Basic, I found that there are some standards by which I can measure the two linguistic communications. One of them is buoy uping of development. It is here Ocular Basic would look to hold an advantage – after all it is Basic.

    Comparison SQL Server 2005 and Postgret SQL:

    I choose to utilize SQL waiter 2005 as my database builder alternatively of others, below is the comparing ground to back up between the database builder I choose and other database builders.

    SQL Server 2005 and PostgreSQL is a determination many must do when nearing open-source relational databases direction systems. Both are time-proven solutions that compete strongly with proprietary database package.

    SQL Server 2005 has long been assumed to be the faster but less full-featured of the two database systems, while PostgreSQL was assumed to be a more powerful featured database system frequently described as an open-source version of Oracle.

    SQL Server 2005 so has been popular among assorted package undertakings because of its velocity and easy of usage, while PostgreSQL has had a close followers from developers who come from an Prophet or SQL Server background.

    So, as to sing the demands of the application in my database demands, I choose to utilize SQL Server 2005 over PostgreSQL, as I want to make a web application, SQL Server 2005 is the pick because it ‘s fast and designed to work good with Web-based waiters.

    Here are some drumhead grounds for utilizing SQL Server 2005 versus utilizing PostgreSQL, that is:

    1. Relatively, utilizing SQL Server 2005 is decidedly faster than utilizing PostgreSQL.
    2. Database design development will be simpler.
    3. The user can easy make a basic Web-driven Web site.
    4. SQL Server 2005 ‘s answer application has been to the full through tested.
    5. Work such as killings ( Vacuum ) is unneeded in SQL Server 2005 database.

    Functional and Non-functional Requirement

    Functional Requirement

    Car Park Plate Number Recognize System is really a system that enhanced the KDU ‘s Car Park System. What does this system can execute compared to the old system is the excess map that will be added into the system, based on the demand in order to upgrade the direction system to a to the full computerized systems.

    Harmonizing to the demands, ( and base on my thought ‘s recommendation after making research, I added some utile map that the system would wish to hold ) the designed system should hold these functional demands:

    • Insert proprietor and auto information
    • Edit proprietor and auto information
    • Update proprietor and auto information
    • Delete proprietor information
    • Acknowledge home base figure
    • Record home base figure and proprietor information
    • Check the parking slot
    • Check the auto location

    Non-Functional Requirement

    A non-functional demand is a system must act or how is the system ‘s behaviour. This besides specifies how the system ‘s quality features or quality properties

    In order to set this restraint upon the specific system behaviour, the qualities ends of the intentional system should goes in these:

    Execution qualities:

    • Functionality
    • Security
    • Serviceability
    • Effectiveness & A ; Efficiency

    Development qualities:

    • Handiness
    • Dependability
    • Manageability


    • Maneesha Singh ( 2007 ) , Progress in pattern acknowledgment hypertext transfer protocol: // id=KflvrMCXGYQC & A ; pg=PA152 & A ; dq=automatic+number+plate+recognition & A ; client=firefox-a & A ; cd=2 # v=onepage & A ; q=automatic % 20number % 20plate % 20recognition & A ; f=false
    • Hakob Sarukhanyan ( 2009 ) , Automatic Number Plate Recognition System hypertext transfer protocol: //


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