Care of a Confused Client: A Case Study

September 8, 2017 Nursing

Care of a Baffled Client

Table of Contentss


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Development of client profile and appraisal of single client demands

Identify degree of aid required by the client

Keeping a safe environment

Promote client engagement in societal events and therapies

Mobility including falls and force per unit area country attention

Effective verbal and written communicating with client and health care squad

Assist clients with activities of day-to-day life

Promote the rights of the client to self-respect, privateness, independency, positive self-image


As portion of our fetac degree 5 major award in healthcare support we are required to finish an assignment on caring for a baffled patient. The patient I will be speaking about is called Johnny, he is 69 old ages of age and suffers with craze. Johnny’s mobility is really good he merely has a small hitch, the chief concern with Johnny is his memory loss. Johnny has 3 kids and 1 grand-child. Johnny has been placed in a nursing place as his household no longer hold the clip required to care for him to the degree he requires. Johnny antecedently worked as a nurseryman and enjoys been out-of-doorss and proactive. Although at dark clip Johnny struggles to acquire to kip and becomes agitated. The methodological analysis that will be used for this assignment includes usage of the library and cyberspace which will be independently researched. Class work and experience from the work topographic point will besides be used throughout. Referencing will be taking topographic point throughout and a bibliography will be located at the terminal of the assignment. The patients name has been changed in order to protect their privateness.

Development of client profile and appraisal of single client demands

Craze is a cognitive damage upset, intending that it will impact the person and how they think, retrieve and ground. There are three types of craze, underactive, overactive and assorted. Johnny has the assorted type which affects legion things, i.e. they become agitated, acts sleepy or withdrawn. Over two tierces of all craze patients are either underactive or assorted. It is besides possible for hallucinations and psychotic beliefs to happen.

Symptoms may include:

  • Memory jobs
  • Disorientation
  • Reversal of twenty-four hours and dark
  • Personality alterations
  • Depression
  • Shortened attending span
  • Disorganised thought and address
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep perturbation

Johnny is accessed upon geting at the nursing place. In order to guarantee the best possible attention it is of import that the household and close friends are included as they know everything you require about Johnny. Include them in all determination devising. The relationship between the HCA and the household is critical in order to supply Johnny with the best possible attention. Using P.I.E.S a better apprehension of Johnny’s demands was gained. Physically Johnny has a hitch and therefore is slower traveling about. Intellectually Johnny struggles with his memory so forbearance is required. Emotionally Johnny can go disquieted and confused when speaking about household both present and past. This will do him to go defeated. And socially Johnny enjoys been out-of-doorss and making the horticulture while chew the fating to people.

A attention program should be done up which may include things like shopping, cleansing, medicine etc. There should be no jumble in the room and a basic modus operandi should besides be maintained. Johnny’s mobility is really good so small aid is required. As Johnny is ungratified at dark it is of import that bed tracks are placed on his bed in order to avoid him falling onto the floor.

In order to supply an person with craze a safe environment the health care squad and the household should follow the followers.

The room has to be suited to Johnny’s single demands. A hazard appraisal should be carried out to guarantee it is safe and will do no danger to Jonny, i.e. balcony should be avoided as Johnny is confused and could do possible injury to himself.( Cancer.Net 2014 )



  • Speak calmly and in a soft tone
  • Be sort even when the person isn’t
  • Acknowledge their feelings and show concern
  • Explain any unfamiliar noise’s they may hear
  • Have good lighting in their room ( seeable clock and calendar. Always refer to them throughout the twenty-four hours )
  • Topographic point familiar images around their bed
  • Cognitive stimulating – reminiscing about old times
  • Don’t insist on making any unneeded undertakings, i.e. rinsing
  • Never argue
  • Don’t have any alteration to room as you may confound them
  • Never expose them to resound or bright visible radiations which will do a perturbation
  • Avoid bedrails if single can mount over
  • Don’t physically keep, call up when possible, i.e. bathroom

It is of import to supply societal interaction in assorted activities. There are a figure of games that are suited for people with craze. My front-runner is called “flash game” . Games such as this will non thwart the patient or foment them which is highly of import. Encouraging other people to take portion will be good and may assist develop strong friendly relationships. Johnny has problem kiping at dark so a glass of warm milk may assist him and besides listening to some soothing music at a low volume.( 2014 )Upon completion of Johnny’s appraisal it is clear that there is really small hazard of Johnny holding any falls or force per unit area sores. He is really active, although he moves that small spot slower due to his hitch, Johnny is really independent in many ways and his horticulture keeps him up and about during the twenty-four hours so force per unit area sores should be avoided. If nevertheless Johnny became ill and hence bed edge for a twosome of yearss it is of import to look into on him often throughout the twenty-four hours and depending on the mattress type that you turn him at appropriate times. This is in order to halt Johnny from developing force per unit area sores, which are caused by passing legion hours in the bed in the same place. These are easy evitable one time right process is maintained. Apart from kiping maintain the patient up and about every bit much as possible.( Class Notes 2014 )By talking to the patient and household members you will cognize their wonts and can utilize this as a agency to acquire them traveling and besides experience needful and that they are assisting in some manner, i.e. gardening – bring Johnny outside to cut the grass or possibly run up some flowers. This will raise their temper and busy their head. Always show encouragement and forbearance as the patient may fight for a minute or two with certain facets. And ne’er of all time talk to them like they are a babe. Always speak usually as they may go defeated. Being outside may trip a particular memory for them so ever guarantee you listen clearly as it may non look of import to you, to them there is nil more of import in that minute.

The attention program and any charts should be should be filled in right to the best of your cognition. It’s of import for you to portion information of the patient’s twenty-four hours with other staff members and their household. Every twenty-four hours may non be a good twenty-four hours so it’s of import that staff and household are cognizant of this. They may so seek to raise the patient’s liquors.( Dementia Care 2014 )

It is really of import for the patient’s personal demands to be met in any attention installation. These include the really basic needs that some people may take for granted such as personal attention, toileting, a balanced diet, communicating and proper alteration of incontinency wear.

The HCA aids with the activities of day-to-day life of the patient. It is of import to be familiar with the attention program in order to cognize what countries your patient needs aid in. It is important that you encourage them to make the occupations that you know they are capable of such as rinsing himself. This will assist Johnny’s assurance and show they are independent in certain facets. The HCA is ever close by though as it is important with a patient with craze. By mentioning to their clock and in their sleeping room often they will go more cognizant of things go oning at certain times each twenty-four hours, i.e. at 1pm its tiffin clip now.


It is highly of import that you communicate with the patient as best you can. Include them in all determinations you believe they are able to assist do. Never make them experience like a load or irritation to you. Always remember they haven’t chosen to be this manner.

The HCA must ever advance the self-respect and regard of the client. For illustration knock on the door before come ining their room, name the individual by their preferable name etc…change them where cipher can see. Make certain they are 100 % comfy.


Always encourage them to make stuff that they are capable of. Give them occupations to make.

Positive self-image

Make sure they are ever clean. Changing their incontinency wear when necessary. Guaranting the apparels they are have oning are their ain pick. There happy with their hair and shaven if they are male. Always compliment them in their visual aspect.

“That’s when you truly lose people, you know. When the hurting passes”

( Craze Fandom 2012 )


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