Career Plan

May 18, 2018 General Studies

After completing and reviewing the career interests’ profiler, competencies and work culture preferences I have come up with the following thoughts. The career interests’ profiler results have me as a Realistic, Investigative and Artistic person. These fall in line with my views. The realistic category states that I prefer hands-on problems and solutions and working outside. Investigative has me working with ideas with a lot of thinking. The artistic category explains me as a self-expression with no set of rules to follow.

So I like to work outdoors with my hands figuring out problems without following the rules. Good career matches for this type would be landscape architect, RF engineer, photographer, broadcast technician and a geologist. The competencies are to uncover how my behaviors, skills, and abilities drive my performance at work. The strengths on my results with 4/5 are strategizing, applying expertise and logical thinking. Those are followed by organizing, researching and adapting to change with 3/5 results. These work good with the first results from the career interest profiler.

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The strategizing, applying expertise and logical thinking work well with the realistic and investigative results. The work culture preferences exercise should tell where I will perform the best. The results gave three categories they are as follows. The first one is leadership intensive; it is looking for supervising others while still maintaining everyone has a voice in major decisions that affect all. This would be a position of great importance. The next is expert with a focus on specialized expertise and high engagement. The position would have to be innovative with a creative atmosphere and changing environment.

The final one is supportive; it would entail goals and expectations with clearly defined job while working in a stable environment. It would be a fun place to work with recognition and personal development and feedback with a focus on employee welfare. These results of the exercises do fit the type of job I would prefer to have in my career. Here are some possible employers in the local area that would fit with my competencies. ATT, Motive communications, Event Imaging solutions group, Army National Guard, Psav Presentation Services.


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