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April 8, 2019 Finances

Career selection is one of the many important choices students will make in determining future plans (Bochert, 2002). The decision will affect them in their whole lives. Thus, if people made a wrong choice, it will direct all their efforts and sources into a wrong path which doesn’t match with the expectations. In this 21 century, our economic industry demands professionals to work in the field yet people have set to a limit on their career choice because of financial problems. If this is the problem and not given an action, one’s dreams will not turn to reality but when this problem turns as a motivation, people will be able to uphold those limitations that hinder them to success. Dreaming is an open-door that individuals have their own desires on what career they want to pursue.
Across the countries, there financial crisis occurring. In the Southeast Asia and European Union’s financial turning point of 2008 followed by the sovereign debt crisis represented major events in the regions and beyond. The lack of economic finance may result to a devastating impact to the population. In Africa it is clearly viewed that it was a low education system due to the less financial support of their government. Moreover, Africa is ranked to be on top with regards to malnourishment of the children and youths out of school because of their poor state of life. The quality of life they have will shape them to have lesser professionals. Globally, financial limitation could be one of the major factors affecting the economic growth.
At the start of worldwide financial crisis it came into the vivid political outcomes during 2016 as public alienation of the affection with status quo gained traction. In the Association of the South East Asian Nations plans for a comprehensive environment by 2015, it is discussed that no such developments have risen from countries in ASEAN is facing challenges that deals with finance. Some foreign universities are in the state of inefficiency because of economic limits. A lot of students are under the highest degree of pressure to make ends meet the expense of academic obtainment.
Countries worldwide are facing financial crisis and these results to branches of problem. Philippines is gradually falling into the rear of its regional neighbours of Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia with regards to economic progress. In the country’s capital-Manila, only a few they as prospering financially while the rest of them saw themselves as striving in terms of economic insurance. The Gallup Heathway state of Global Well-Being Index 2014 gave an account that Filipinos knowledge of financial certainty is remarkably below finances are also a problem among students especially when they choose to pursue their study away from their hometown. It is also point out that Filipinos in rural residents are more to suffer than those in urban areas.
From the whole down to each of us there`s no exempt of experiencing financial limitations. Here in the Sisters of Mary School-Girlstown, Inc.. Students are in fact coming from the poor families. The Sisters of Mary School is a private sectarian school run by nuns. The said school is a kind of boarding school and everything was given free to the students. However, the students cannot still escape from financial limitations because their family`s affordability will greater affect their career choice since the school only offers free schooling until Senior High School. Financial limitations are one of the major factors affecting the students in pursuing their desired career. Due to financial problems, some students come to the point of setting their career choice in accordance of their parents will and what is at hand. In addition, the goals that students set would only be draining the energy. On the other hand, there are special cases that contrast on what usually happens inside this institution. Some students manifest their vast dreams and inviolable goal despite of the financial turning point.
Therefore, this study aims to describe how financial problems limit the student’s career choice in the Sisters of Mary School-Girlstown, Inc. S.Y. 2018-2019. This research gives fulfilment for the benefits of the students to be learned enough in dealing with career decision path. Also, students may not put an edge on choosing their career despite of financial limitations.


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