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August 22, 2017 Marketing

Consumer-to-consumer ( C2C ) is a procedure which involves concern between consumers through a 3rd party web site. They are frequently described as Peer-to-Peer. Generally, the 3rd party charges a level fee or committee. An on-line auction site is a really good illustration of C2C e-commerce web site. Here a consumer posts an point for sale and other consumers bid to buy it. is a taking Indian automotive portal in the state. It specializes in the sale of both new and used autos and facilitates purchases through tieing-up with makers, traders, moneymans and insurance houses

Carwale has been accepted as the market leader in its class from the beginning. It has been awarded with many esteemed awards including the Personal computer World Web Award, Business Week ‘s Top 25 immature enterprisers in Asia, Red Herring Asia Top 100 for best automotive web site.

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Automotive Exchange Pvt. Ltd. owns and India ‘s taking early phase venture capital house Seedfund and top grade US venture fund Sierra Ventures backs this web portal.

CarWale is really rich in its contents. It offers around 400,000 pages of tips-advices, road-tests, auto research etc. The used auto listings have been bit by bit increased from 500 in Oct’05 to around 15,000 listings soon. Around 8000 used auto value cheques are performed mundane and in entire it has served around 2 million so far.

There is a heavy traffic on Around 1,552,900 visitants have been registered in the last 30 yearss which are much more than other web sites in the similar class. In a month around 20 million page positions and 1.6 million alone visitants are recorded. This figure is generated by a popular web site

To ease the procedure of purchasing and selling second-hand autos has set up affiliations with some of the taking auto makers like Maruti, Hyundai, GM Motors, Tata, Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota and Skoda, every bit good as finance companies and Bankss like ICICI, Tata Finance and Deutsche bank. This easy handiness helps in conveying about 25,000 second-hand auto inquirers to the portal every month, out of which 40 % really travel on to purchase a auto



Industry: Consumer Internet

Sub-Industry: Contented / Information

Ownership: Auxiliary

Parent Company: Automotive Exchange Private Limited

Headquarterss: Navi Mumbai

Status: Operating

Company Size: 102 employees

Origin: 2003

Estimate Visits Per Day: 151,395

Estimate Value: $ 341,605 USD and makes $ 483 USD a twenty-four hours

Business Model: follows a simple concern theoretical account of conveying purchasers and Sellerss together on a common platform and bear downing a committee for the concern between them.

The concern theoretical account of has become more professional over clip, supplying a platform non merely for consumers, but besides for concerns.

Gross Model:

In on-line consumer to consumer ( C2C ) concern theoretical account, the web site may bear down the consumer for exhibiting his merchandise or might bear down a committee when a dealing is made. is continuously spread outing its concern to its users and client base through its really effectual gross revenues force and through its confederations. generates its grosss from its portal by giving satisfactory services to its clients. It has served about 1000000s of people through its web portal.

There is a heavy traffic on ( shown in figure 1 in Appendix ) . About 151,395 people visit the site per twenty-four hours which in bend generates day-to-day gross of $ 483 USD. ‘s overall value is about $ 341,605 USD.

There are many ways of gaining net incomes besides bear downing a committee on sale of every used auto. A heavy sum of money is generated from the advertizement displayed on the web site. besides deals in selling of assorted new and old auto accoutrements which adds on the beginning of bring forthing gross.

It besides deals in merchandising of insurance, audio systems, place screens, metal wheels, pilotage systems, illuming devices, after gross revenues services and many more. All of these add up for the coevals of gross.


Customer value proposition of is bring forthing the gross with local commercialism and besides within the community, user- generated content and besides concentrate on societal media ” harmonizing to Mr. Mohit Dubey, laminitis CEO of CarWale.

Around 50,000 recommendations have been given by This is because CarWale gives impartial recommendations for the auto purchasers. offers a assortment of used autos on its portal. The figure is around four 1000. In order to avoid bogus Sellerss on its portal CarWale charges a fee of Rs. 500 for naming a used auto. It has launched a classified magazine for used autos in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Some of the benefits of client value proposition are:

It helps in converting a client to purchase a merchandise.

It differentiates the merchandise from rivals.

Helps in publicity of the merchandise by understanding client demands.

Helps to maintain the company staff to stay focussed and clear about the company ends and nonsubjective. And besides sharpens the selling.

Chief Rival: –


The recommendations given by CarWale are by and large impartial or indifferent. Around 50,000 recommendations have been given by CarWale to its clients.

It provides sophisticated tools and information for purchasing and merchandising used autos every bit good as new autos.

Its auto purchasing and merchandising tips and information, information about establishments supplying finance and insurance for cars are truly appreciable.

Seedfund acquires 30 % interest in Seedfund, a $ 10-million fund late launched in India, has made its first investing by taking a 30 per cent interest in Automotive Exchange. AE owns auto portal that lists over 10,000 autos from 200 metropoliss in India. conducts assorted workshops form clip to clip that educate auto proprietors about the rudimentss of auto attention that they can make themselves to maintain their auto running trouble-free.A

Selling Scheme: –

CarWale has been accepted as the market leader in its class from the beginning. It has been awarded with many esteemed awards including the Personal computer World Web Award, Business Week ‘s Top 25 immature enterprisers in Asia & A ; Red Herring Asia Top 100 for best automotive web site.

Some of the selling scheme followed by is: –

Survival and Dominance in the 2nd manus Automobile Market.

Expansion in the International Markets.

Creation of Positive Brand and Company Recognition.

CarWale offers the best contents and tools for market place information, pricing & A ; thorough research. The services provided by it are aimed at concentrating on the consumer-easiness. besides believes that their forward looking statements are based on outlooks, premise, belief, estimations, prognosis, about the concern and the market in which they are runing and supplying services to the client.

CONCULSION: – has a really bright hereafter in the coming old ages. It ‘s the best auto portal site in its class. It is a complete platform in which a consumer can acquire information on autos and at that place related accoutrements like music systems, wheel screens, air fresheners, organic structure screens, metal wheels, pilotage systems and many more.

The comparing between different autos clearly differentiates the autos on the footing of proficient specifications and characteristics which help the clients in taking the auto of their pick.

The indifferent recommendations given by have helped many of the clients in taking the best suited auto for them. improves the relationship between it ‘s clients by accepting the positive feedback given by them. Any ailment or suggestions given by the clients are earnestly looked in as they believe most of the invention comes from the clients itself.

Appendix: –

Figure 1 – Traffic Graph:

hypertext transfer protocol: // & A ; w=594 & A ; h=220 & A ; o=f & A ; c=1 & A ; y=r & A ; b=ffffff & A ; r=6m & A ;

Figure 2 – Screenshot:


Figure 3 – Audience Demographics ( beginning: )



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