Casablanca Analysis

December 23, 2017 Politics

The film Sibilance was released in the year 1942 Just after the United States’ entrance into World War II on the heels of the attack at Pearl Harbor. The film was planned to be released in spring of 1943 but instead was released on November 26, 1942 in New York and Hollywood in order to coincide with the Allied Invasion of North Africa and the taking of Sibilance. The film was led by director Michael Curtis was a Hungarian Jew born on December 24, 1886. He grew up in Hungry then moved to Italy where he created numerous movies before coming to America where he became en of the greatest directors of his time.

This film is takes place in French Morocco in the Early sass’s Just before the start of World War II. The main hotshot in the town, and focus of the film, is Rick’s Cafe©. The owner of this establishment is none other than the lead in this movie, Rick Blaine played by Humphrey Bogart. Rick is a self-proclaimed cynic. He works hard to build his persona of someone who will always remain indifferent and he often reminds of this when he states, “l stick my neck out for nobody. ” As hard as Rick tries to remain auteur in all scenarios we see that this is not always true.

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Right at the beginning of the movie Rick refuses entrance to his casino to a German banker while he lets others through. This shows a pre-established bias towards the Allies even though he tries so hard to remain neutral. Into the movie we meet a character named ‘Sis Lund, who is played by Ingrain Barman, who we immediately realize has an interesting past with Rick when he sits down and she offers a drink and he accepts. We soon find out that ‘Sis and Rick were romantically involved in a past life and she molded the Rick e see in Sibilance.

Back in Paris with ‘Sis, Rick used to be a loving, caring and more easy going Rick but when Rick and ‘Sis were supposed to leave a Paris on a train together ‘Sis stands him up and he leaves alone, as far as Rick knows. This is why Rick is the way he is in Sibilance. Rick opened up completely and was destroyed. He was so devastated that from there on he Just built up walls so that he would never be hurt like that again. He had a callus around his heart and the only person who could fix that was ‘Sis.

When she came to Sibilance with her husband Victor Laszlo, Rick was finally able to get closer from that time in his life which allowed him to break down some walls which in turn allowed him to move on with his life. At the risk of sounding click©, it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. There is another part of the ‘Sis, Rick relationship that Rick was completely oblivious to until ‘Sis reveals it to him when she is trying to convince him to give her the letters of transit.

Laszlo was the reason ‘Sis decided to stay in Paris. Before Rick’s relationship with ‘Sis she was in love with Laszlo and got a letter saying he died and she moved on but later on before her and Rick had planned to leave she got another letter saying he was alive. Throughout the film we see Rick grow from a broken man who fights for nothing to someone who fights for everything. This film has a dramatic structure that is rarely seen to this day.

When you first see ‘Sis walk into Rick’s Cafe© and you see all eyes fall on her you think that it is going to be you stereo typical love story but that misconception is quickly shattered when o see the tension between the two characters when Rick sits down at ‘Sis’s table. Then your mind logically moves to the idea that because they have already met then they are at the stage where they have broken up and are about to reunite. But there is a problem because ‘Sis is now married to Laszlo. In a stereotypical Hollywood love story we would ‘Sis come to her senses and relies that Laszlo is not right for her Rick is.

Then she would explain herself and her decision to Laszlo who will be upset but will understand and come to grips with the idea and let her go but that was not the ease in this film. ‘Sis and Laszlo end up remaining together and it is Rick who decides that him and ‘Sis are no longer. One meaning of motif I noticed was the struggle of neutrality. There is a struggle of neutrality internally and externally in many of the characters in this movie especially Rick, ‘Sis, and Louis. All throughout the movie we see and are explicitly told from Rick that he does not stick his head out for anyone and we see it in his actions as well.

He refuses to discuss or partake in politics; if someone were to bring it up in is presence he would either remove himself from the conversation of remove the conversation from him. This was a struggle we see all throughout the movie and we also are introduced to his internal attempt at neutrality in relation to his feelings for ‘Sis. The last thing he wants is for France to be relived. We also see ‘Sis’s attempt to remain neutral when it comes to Rick and Laszlo. We also so see Luis struggle throughout the movie with attempting to remain neutral between his good friend Rick and his government of Germany.

The problem is that it s hard to remain neutral about things that you are passionate about and it only results in unresolved tensions. At the end of the movie all of the neutralities are resolved and everyone is much freer now that they do not have such big decisions up in the air over their heads. Rick decided to support the Allies and in turn Laszlo and Sisal’s relationship. Islam decided go with Laszlo and Louis decided to side with one of his best friends Rick instead of the German regime. Another theme I noticed was that no matter how hard you try you can never escape you past.

This is something we see with Rick all throughout the film. He is molded from his past and it completely changes who he is. He is determined to pretend that it never happened and move on but he simply got stuck in that time. You can never put your past behind you if that is what you think about every day and that is what makes you who you are. You need to except it, learn from it and move on. Sibilance was all around a great movie. It was extremely current and relevant to the audience of late 1941 and it reminded them that things will not always be peachy UT we must do what needs to be done.

We must sacrifice ourselves for the greater good. This is embodied by one of the last quotes in the movie said by Rick, “sis’s, I’m no good at being noble, but it doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you’ll understand that. Now, now. Here’s looking at you, kid. ” In this statement Rick summed up everything that this movie has come to. He states that he is not one to be noble but when dyer situations arise we must come to the plate.


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