CASE Davis : Frank Davis, marketing director,

February 17, 2019 Marketing

Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics,
and a Career in Crisis (23-09-18)

Firstly let’s talk about the two main personalities of this case study their
strengths and weaknesses ;

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Frank Davis : Frank Davis, marketing director, is an very good in
Strategy making , He is a guy who grabs the opportunities and work for
all possibilities , ?nds the way to forward effectively . The leadership
style of Davis was authoritarian type which keeps him strict, close
control over coworkers by keeping close regulation of policies and work
method given to coworkers. Davis seems to be to the point and direct,
and at the same time very well adjusted to the bureaucracy at this
heights of Work .
As he had been promoted he must be competitive and knowledgeable
in his field of work . He used to make accountable planning , schedule
and documentation. That shows him as a highly organized person with
perfect managerial skills. His awesome analytical skills mixed with his
15 years of long experience in Dynamic Displays helped him to predict a
good percent of growth rate.
Finally we can say that Davis had Vision ,was Authentic with growth
mindset and creativity .

Thomas Green : He is a person who prefers to work on his own
independently , As ideas may strike well when you are in solitude .He
values Autonomy .
He somehow is not very good in communicating with boss and hos
coworkers and team members . Sometimes he lack the essence of
communication and people finds him dominating in nature .
He talks to his clients but fails to maintain transparency in data and
outcomes of their talks .He use E-mails to communicate with
Moving on to his leadership skills he is not an effective leader it may be
because he somewhere lacks management experience . But one thing
about Green that make him different from others is that he has courage
to CHALLENGE the current working system .

Ques :Do you think the interpersonal conflict that has arisen between
Green and his supervisor is mostly attributable to organizational
structure, managerial practices, processes, or individual behavior?
Ans: Conflict doesn’t arise from one reason only it arises due to several
reasons . In this case also , when Green was promoted and was told to
directly report to Frank by McDonald , Frank was not that satisfied with
this promotion of Green although he appreciated Green’s idea in their
first meeting and suggested him to add some data to his presentations
but Green’s attitude was not that serious towards it . Green’s way of
dealing with customers was different and lacks vision as he only
bothered about current sale status whereas Frank tells him to take

calculated risk towards increasing number of clients in future . Hence
Frank was a person with vision .
Therefore we can say organizational structure, managerial practices,
processes was one reason of rise of conflict between them . But still
there are some individual behavior conflicts also (eg: ignoring the
suggestions of Frank).

Evaluating the effects of each of the following factors, which we have
studied in Weeks 1–4 of this course, on the conflict between Green, his
supervisor, and his teammates

Individual behavior : There are moments of individual behavior
conflicts between Frank and Green .
Firstly , Frank being the Head of Company doesn’t wanted Green to be
on his previous post as he thought that he is not suitable for that post .
But somehow McDonald promoted Green to that post . After this
Green started work and in his work span he sometimes neglected
Franks Idea and found his idea to be un- effective and challenged his
expected growth of 10% which was not a good experience for Frank .

Organizational culture :
? Challenging in open by one of your Junior in workplace where you
have an experience of more than 10 years can be the best reason
of dispute due to Organizational culture .

? Other than this their working methods also donnot match .

Individual motivation :
? Green was young and over motivated towards his goals while
Frank was conservative .
? Both are motivated and focused towards the power at

Team dynamics:
? Team spirit was one aspect which Frank respected and want’s
Green to fit in it but Green believe in his own ways and respect
individuality in work which is not at all good . It decreases the
effective activity of team and company as a ehole

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