Case Study: A degree for Meter Readers Essay

August 16, 2017 General Studies

My reaction for this instance was between daze and some choler. I was shocked due to the fact that the human resource manager would even believe that a college alumnus would desire to make such a take downing occupation. As a shortly to be college alumnus I would non even see a occupation like this. I would desire a occupation that would assist me derive experience. cognition. and possibly even good contacts for my hereafter in concern jurisprudence. The choler I experienced was more for the recruiter. I felt angry because she truly did non seek to make anything to alter the directors’ head.

She foremost manus knows the trouble the company is holding in maintaining merely forty meter readers. She should hold explained the state of affairs and if still the manager was inexorable in raising the instruction demand she should hold taken her instance to person above the human resource manager. Learning With this instance. I learned that sometimes people expect you to make something that you feel is incorrect. Unfortunately. these types of state of affairss non merely go on in the work topographic point. but besides go on in mundane life and we have the pick to make something about it. particularly if we feel their petitions are incorrect.

We have the power and ability to stand by what we feel is right and make something about what we feel is incorrect. In this instance. the recruiter knew that if the instruction was raised from holding merely a high school sheepskin to a college degree the company would hold even more problem in happening qualified people to make full the occupations and to maintain the occupations filled. The recruiter had a good instance and her instance would merely be profiting the company. By taking her instance with all the facts she would hold been able to demo the company that if they continued with the determination the company would get down to see even more jobs.

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Any company leaders would non desire that ; they would merely desire the company to be successful and would desire to avoid as many jobs as possible. By being presented with all the facts and the hereafter troubles. the company leaders would hold seen how this determination would non be good to the company and would hold overridden the determination. ( IMPACT ON YOUR ) BEHAVIOR This instance impacted my behaviour in a future sense. It made be realize how I would act when I have my ain companies and I am the CEO. I would act really otherwise if I were in a instance like this.

I would do certain to exhaustively believe of every new determination I make or of any determination I would alter. I would do certain to acquire all the facts foremost in order to do a new determination. ( PERMANENT BEHAVIORIAL ) RESULTS After reading and analysing this instance. I truly have non had any lasting behavioural alterations. My behaviour remains the same and I would make everything the same manner as I stated in the last analysis inquiry. As a affair of fact. because of this instance I feel much strongly about how I would move and act when put in this type of state of affairs anytime in the hereafter. Questions 1.

Should at that place be a minimal instruction demand for the metre reader occupation? I do non believe there should be a minimal instruction demand for the metre reader occupation. As stated in the instance “The undertakings required in metre reading are reasonably simple. ” So why would you necessitate a college alumnus to make these tasks? I personally believe. if the applier has a driver’s licence and is able to read and compose the applier is qualified plenty for the occupation as a metre reader. 2. What is your sentiment of James’ attempt to upgrade the people in the organisation? In my opining. his attempt in seeking to “upgrade” the company’s employees is merely stupid.

He is non believing clearly nor is he believing of the hereafter jobs this determination is traveling to do the company. 3. What legal branchings. if any. should James hold considered? The legal branchings James should hold considered would concern his current employees as metre readers. Once this determination is applied what is traveling to go on to the employees that merely hold a high school sheepskin? Are they traveling to acquire fired. even though they have given old ages of their life to this company? As I stated earlier. he was non believing clearly when he made this determination.


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