Case Study: Clams about Gay Marriage Essay

September 16, 2017 Medical

This instance survey focuses on the homosexual matrimonies in different provinces. In Massachusetts the State Supreme tribunal had a opinion that the province fundamental law did non hold with same-sex matrimonies. The lone manner they could allow licences was if the legislative acted to give same-sex matrimonies. After this opinion in Massachusetts ; in San Francisco. California the city manager ruled that they could non deny same-sex matrimonies. Many same-sex twosomes began to use for matrimony licences and got the matrimony licence. The homosexual matrimonies started to pull the media and many telecasting cameras. Soon after the California State Supreme Court said that the San Francisco city manager had exceeded his power and they told the metropolis to halt publishing these province matrimony licences to gay twosomes. Courts in other provinces followed the Massachusetts opinion non leting same-sex matrimonies. It so began to describe that other foreign states were leting same-sex matrimonies to go legal.

This started contention in the United States because people in America think of matrimony in a really sensitive manner and that committedness it between two people who love each other. Advocates of cheery matrimony wanted to cognize why when two people are in love that they couldn’t be married. This began to raise issues for homosexual matrimony non being legalized. Advocates were talking out that it non merely is about the committedness between the two people but besides about the legal rights that the twosomes would obtain. The homosexual twosomes wanted the rights that a twosome of a married adult male and adult females would acquire. They wanted to be able to acquire the medical rights and belongings rights of other normal married twosomes. Advocates besides argued that they have their freedom besides and they have the right to be in love with whomever they choose to be in love with.

They merely wanted the same equality as everyone else. In others footings they stated that same-sex matrimony was incorrect and it shouldn’t be allowed in the province. The statement so began once more about matrimony should be between one adult male and one adult female. They besides began to province that kids that come from a family of a adult male and adult female being married benefited them. They believed that if same-sex matrimony became legal at that place would go a ruin in society.

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It wasn’t about the rights and freedom of same-sex twosomes but the image that America was to keep and how society is taught that one adult male and one adult female should be married. In elections subsequently in 2004 and 2006 conservative politicians wanted to hold a same-sex matrimony amendment to prohibit it. The statements for and against cheery matrimony became more and more het as the old ages went on. As ballots were shown most people wanted civil brotherhood Torahs. When the ballot for same-sex matrimony came about merely a minority was for it. Gay and sapphic twosomes began to set up ceremonials that were non legal unless lawfully allowed in the province. To this twenty-four hours debates. statements. and tribunal instances still go on about the battle for cheery matrimony.


1. What grounds. warrants. and decisions do advocators for homosexual matrimony and their oppositions utilize?

The advocators say that besides two people being in love and doing a committedness but that same-sex twosomes should hold the freedom to love whomever they choose have the rights as any other one adult male and one adult female married twosome were to hold. The oppositions believe that for grounds for society and to maintain the image and to non do a ruin in America that merely a adult male and adult female should be lawfully married.

2. How did claims favour of cheery matrimony evolve from those of the earliest advocators to the more recent runs after the opinion by the Massachusetts province supreme tribunal?

I believe that the Massachusetts opinion was portion of the start that caused the claims to get down and from all of this evolved the more recent runs and the issues coming from cheery matrimony.

3. How did oppositions to gay matrimony alter their counterclaims to react to new statements by advocators of homosexual rights?

The oppositions changed their counterclaims because they had to be able to hold an statement back to the new responses of the homosexual rights advocators.


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