Case Study Cultural Considerations of Shanghai Disneyland Essay

July 20, 2017 Cultural

Shanghai Disneyland resort opening 2015 will hold the biggest and tallest Cinderella palace in the universe. The cardinal participants are the Chinese authorities. Disney. Shanghai Shendi Group and Mike Crawford. with the cardinal event being the Chinese authoritiess blessing in 2009. The political. societal considerations. instruction and economic environments are so explained. The context attack and dimensional attack are used to discourse the cultural considerations. The instance will travel on to discourse that while there are no current deductions impacting the domestic and international concern. it will state of how Disney will profit the Chinese economic system. through growing in income. employment etc. It is recommended that Disney better the cultural considerations through character costumes. nutrient and by broadening their mark market.

The essay will look at the instance of Shanghai Disneyland and discourse cardinal participants. Events and discourse instance context through an international context. It will go on to find the instance issues and the relevant theories used to develop solutions to understanding the cross-cultural apprehensions of civilization. The essay will so demo the executions that domestic and international concerns face that operate within the subject park industry. and give recommendations to better the cross-cultural apprehensions.

The Article looks at Disneyland opening in Shanghai in 2015 thanks to the Chinese authoritiess blessing on November 4. 2009 ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . The resort will compromise of two Disney hotels. 46. 000 square metres for retail. dinning. amusement locales. recreational installations. a lake. parking and conveyance hubs ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . Shanghai Disney will hold the biggest and tallest Cinderella’s palace in the universe. will be synergistic and called the Enchanted Storybook palace ( Rapoza. 2013 ) .

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Shanghai Disney sits on about 1. 00 estates. and is three times bigger than Hong Kong Disney ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . The resort is budgeted at 24. 5 billion Yuan ( $ 3. 7 billion ) for the subject park and an extra 4. 5 billion Yuan ( $ 700 million ) to construct hotels and eating house locales ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . Disney itself will have 43 % of the belongings while the Shanghai Shendi Group will have the staying 57 % ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . Mike Crawford. Disney’s general trough provinces that ‘We are excited to see the resort development move into an intensive stage of construction’ and ‘We expression frontward to supplying more updates in the hereafter. as we reach cardinal milestones’ ( Rapoza. 2013 ) .

Key participants in the instance are the Chinese authorities. who hope to better the local economic system. The Shanghai Shendi Group. Disney and Mike Crawford are excited to make cardinal mileposts towards the gap of Shanghai Disneyland. Disney have used assorted enterprises to take to the blessing of Shanghai Disneyland. included are telecasting. gesture images and consumer merchandises ( Yang. 2012 ) . Cardinal events started with the Chinese government’s blessing for Disneyland to be China’s first mainland resort on November 4. 2009 ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . Hong Kong Disneyland so recorded net incomes of $ 14. 1 million ( Rapoza. 2013 ) . Shanghai Disney has revealed that there will besides be two themed hotels. with the expansive gap late 2015 ( Rapoza. 2013 ) .

In understanding civilization it is imperative to understand the control of political. economic. educational and societal variables ( Kelley & A ; Worthley. 1981 ) . In China. political environments of both domestic and international companies operate under authorities control ( Zhu & A ; Xu. 2010 ) . The Chinese authorities has been in negotiations with Disney for more than ten old ages. and has kept smooth communicating ( Zhu & A ; Xu. 2010 ) . It is of import for Disney to hold good relationship with the Chinese authorities as they portion ownership of Shanghai Disneyland ( Zhu & A ; Xu. 2010 ) . Due to China still being a developing state. Shanghai Disneyland has had to put a much lower entryway fee to catch more Chinese consumers ( Zhu & A ; Xu. 2010 ) .

Social considerations that Shanghai Disneyland has had to face are their chief mark group. Disneyland’s chief mark are kids. in China nevertheless. kids are expected to win academically earlier socially ( Zhu & A ; Xu. 2010 ) . Most people in China do non talk English. and so Disney opened a concatenation of linguistic communication schools in Shanghai. with the end to learn kids to talk English. Disney is besides using English and Chinese communicators ( Brooks. 2009 ) .

High context civilizations and low context civilizations are used in understanding cross-cultural considerations. and can frequently take to unwilled jobs I the workplace and dialogues in authoritiess ( Beamer & A ; Varner. 2011. p. 102 ) . In a high context civilization such as China. communicating relies to a great extent on mute conditions or premises. whereas in a low context civilization such as America ( Disney ) . communicating is normally taken at face value nevertheless. the context attack merely represents one dimension ( Peng. 2013. p. 37 ) .

However Hofstede’s dimensions of civilization represent several dimensions and is far more influential and consists of long-run orientation. uncertainness turning away. maleness and muliebrity. individuality and Bolshevism and power distance ( Peng. 2013. p. 37 ) . Individuality and Bolshevism have impacted the instance. due to Disney coming from an American/western civilization. which is huge on individuality. and the Chinese being leftists. Individuality values single accomplishments. failures and rights over the corporate ( Beamer & A ; Varner. 2011. p. 43 ) . Bolshevism values the group above the single demands or rights ( Beamer & A ; Varner. 2011. p. 43 ) . Disney was able to understand this peculiar issue and took advantage to utilize local companies alternatively of American resources to assist construct the technological environment and will assist better their repute ( Zhu & A ; Xu. 2010 ) .

While there are no deductions yet for domestic concern in China. the Shanghai Disney undertaking has already attracted many industries and corporations. including civilization industries. eating houses. hotels and content production industries ( Crawford. 2010. p. 13 ) . With a 330million mark market population within a 3hour thrust or train drive. and recent transit investings will do Shanghai accessible by cardinal states to Disneyland. which will all go a accelerator for growing ( Crawford. 2010. p. 13 ) . This will bring forth income. employment. investing and substructure developments that can be leveraged by other industries ( Crawford. 2010. p. 4-20 )

There are no deductions yet impacting international concern in China. Shanghai will go a major finish for concern travel with the gap of Disneyland in 2015 and for many state-owned endeavors set uping central offices in the metropolis ( Jian. 2013 ) . Shanghai has 230 international direct flights and all the universes major hotel groups have hotels in the metropolis to run into the concern traveler demand ( Jian. 2013 ) .

Through looking above it is shown that Shanghai Disneyland will better the Chinese economic system. and build growing towards their touristry industry in both domestic and international concerns. It is recommended that for Shanghai Disney to better cultural positions. they should dress Disney characters in the Chinese Tang costume. and the nutrient served to be Chinese-American. Disney would besides necessitate to set their chief mark in China. as pupils are more academically inclined and could therefore prepare for immature twosomes and immature households.


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