Case Study Medici Restaurant Essay

October 19, 2017 March 26th, 2018 General Studies

In the first inquiry of the Medici Mediterranean Restaurant instance survey. it asks if there are any other options that Alissa might see work outing this job. There are many other options that are non listed in the survey that Alissa could exert in this scenario to do Guido concentrate more on his occupation. In this peculiar instance. the caput chef Guido has non been through concern school like the proprietor Alissa has. Guido lacks the concern accomplishments that are imperative to maintain a concern good and running. taking to repeating late payments of measures and bills. bringings of merchandise that are non on clip. and a non qualified delay staff that is aching the concern. Guido’s focal point is in the kitchen and it has become a battle for him to equilibrate being a caput chef. cooking nutrient for legion clients every twenty-four hours. and being a successful director. In Medici II. there is a deficiency of wait staff that does no aid to Guido. seting excess emphasis on him to execute to his best abilities as a chef. Guido’s occupation is to guarantee quality nutrient maintaining clients. while pull offing the full floor of the eating house. all while maintaining Alissa happy. One option that Alissa may see would to set her experience of concern school to utilize and to take on the full concern side of both restaurant locations.

Meaning to happen a distributer that delivers merchandise quick and on clip. extinguishing the demand to alter the popular bill of fare points. Alissa would hold to take on all bills and measures in both eating houses. cut downing what Guido’s occupation entails. taking him to concentrate more on being a chef. instead than a director. Alissa would besides hold to make up one’s mind which of the wait staff at Medici II is deserving maintaining. and fire the 1s that are undisciplined. Hiring a wait staff that has experience in the eating house concern would profit both Alissa and Guido and increase the net incomes in both eating houses because of an addition in efficiency. A more experient wait staff would take stress off of Guido while he was in the kitchen. and would assist him concentrate more on acquiring repasts out to clients. Another option that Alissa may be able to exert would be engaging an helper chef for Guido. who has experience helping to a caput chef. This option would go forth Guido with more clip for taking attention of the concern side of the eating house. such as measures and bills. bringings. and the wait staff.

It will besides give Guido more clip during work hours to maintain up visual aspects with clients. which come to the eating house to see Guido. and eat the nutrient that he prepares. With an helper chef for Guido. gross will increase once more due to a rise in production end product. The assistance of an helper chef giving Guido more clip in the concern. would take Alissa to be able to remain at the original Medici location. minimising the trips that she would hold to take to the Medici II location. Helping her focal point more on the issues that arise in the original location. The 2nd inquiry of the Medici Mediterranean Restaurant is to measure each option of the instance carefully and to take one that I think would be the best for this instance. The first alternate option in the instance is to keep the position quo that Alissa already has in her concerns. This option entails Alissa and Guido sitting down and discoursing a more manageable program for managing office disposal inside informations at the Medici II location. In this option Alissa considers the thought of engaging a full clip employee to help Guido with concern inside informations. but Alissa is non certain she will be able to afford another full clip employee at this clip.

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This option is non the 1 that I would take for Alissa to exert in her concern. Siting down in a non-confrontational mode and discoursing the administrative side of the concern and hereafter of Medici II with Guido would be a measure in the right way. but would non acquire anything executed. Alissa has already talked to Guido about his work ethic and Guido has ever promised Alissa to make better. The relationship between Guido and Alissa is evidently non working. In this option. it says that she will seek to calculate out his hereafter programs. significance she would wait to see if he is traveling to open a eating house himself or non. This option is blowing valuable clip for Alissa. clip that she can be seting toward developing a new caput chef and director for her concern. The 2nd option would be to train or fire Guido. This option entails that Guido has been reiterating the same jobs that have been addressed on old occasions.

Alissa is worried that firing Guido would set her concern in a competition with Guido if he decided to open his ain eating house. With no warrant that Guido would open a concern in the country of Medici. Alissa still thinks that disciplinary stairss are futile. This is the option that I would take. The jobs have been adding up for Guido as an employee of Alissa. The concern is losing money and it is at the point where something needs to alter. Alissa needs to cut ties with Guido. and engage a chef that is responsible in doing concern determinations and skilled in cooking Mediterranean culinary art.

If Alissa does non fire Guido. Medici II will finally neglect as a concern. doing a major set back financially for Alissa. Alissa needs to take this hazard of firing Guido. and non worry if Guido will open a eating house. for that will concentrate her on everything but what really needs to be done in her concern. At this clip in her concern. there are more of import issues that need to be taken attention of. and maintaining Guido at the current place would take away clip that could be used toward happening a new caput chef and director that may really good be a better employee than Guido.


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