Case Study of Classroom Environment of Foreign and Local Students at Fiji Essay

August 3, 2017 General Studies

The schoolroom environment is a major lending factor that can either enhance or cut down pupil public presentation. Several surveies by bookmans have besides recognised the of import function played by schoolroom environment in acquisition and instruction. Hence the literature reappraisal will critically analyze such of import facets of schoolroom environment that differentiate schoolrooms of foreign and local pupils of FNU Nadi campus. The factors which will be outlined are set uping the schoolroom infinite. the desk arrangement methods. the environmental penchants of pupils such as lighting and temperature and besides some important factors such as overcrowding in schoolrooms and noise degree.

Arranging the schoolroom infinite: To get down with. the agreement of the schoolroom furniture is one of the distinguishing factors in schoolroom environments. Surveies by Linda Shalaway province that the schoolrooms physical layout reflects a instructor and his/her acquisition manner ( Shalaway: 2011 ) . Classroom infinite includes the agreement of furniture. schoolroom ornament and even pupil placement/ siting agreement. In Reggio Emilia a town located in the North of Italy. its pedagogues emphasis on the importance of schoolroom environment and see it to be ‘another teacher’ ( Shalaway: 2011 ) . While Rivlin and Rothenberg ( 1976 ) found that instructors do non look to cognize how to set up the furniture. Therefore it is of import for a instructor to plan his/her schoolroom in such a manner that it is able to provide for all the pupils needs. One such manner outlined by Sturt is that we can elicit students’ involvement by holding interesting wall shows and exciting objects around to do a complex environment. Although it is sad to observe that schoolroom ornament is given the least concern particularly at third degree and it’s high clip that it is given more importance now.

Desk arrangement methods: Furthermore. the agreement of desk is one of the common and most influential factors of schoolroom environment. Surveies reveal that some instructors prefer to sit pupils in U shaped scenes so that they can do oculus contact with every pupil ( Shalaway: 2011 ) . Another research done by Holley & A ; Steiner. ( 2005 ) revealed that siting agreements that allowed category members to see everyone such as sitting in a circle contributed to the creative activity of a safe infinite. In regard to my research. the siting agreement of foreign students’ schoolroom is by and large in a U form that facilitates easiness of mobility and group interaction. While the schoolroom of local pupils at FNU Nadi Campus. has desk arranged in individual and dual rows that largely cater for independent work. Contrary to that. in the research carried by Holley & A ; Steiner ( 2005 ) pupils had stated that row-style seating was a feature of an insecure schoolroom. Thus the desk arrangement should be such that it allows group interaction but at same clip is able to provide for independent work every bit good.

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Environmental penchant: Lighting Traveling on. there are certain environmental penchants that affect schoolroom environment. One of them is the sum of visible radiation or lighting in schoolroom either its natural visible radiation ( sunlight ) or artificial- such as light bulbs. “Light is one of the elements of the immediate environment that affects some students’ ability to learn” ( Burke & A ; Burke-Samide: 2004: 236 ) . The author besides states that those who preferred bright visible radiation performed better when tested in brilliantly illuminated schoolrooms. While pupils who preferred dim visible radiations performed better in dimly lit atmosphere. Therefore it is wise to hold ample visible radiation that best suits the demand of everyone. In my research the schoolrooms of foreign pupils are usually lit by unreal illuming while schoolrooms of local pupils normally use natural lighting. This shows that illuming penchant differs from schoolroom to schoolroom. Although. it is advisable for instructors to set the schoolroom visible radiations harmonizing to the pupils penchants to assist ease acquisition.

Temperature Likewise. temperature is another environmental penchant that differs in schoolroom environment state of affairss. Research on the environment component of temperature reveals that most pupils prefer a warm yet comfy instructional clime ( Burke & A ; Burke-Samide: 2004: 236 ) . While Pepler ( 1972 ) found that non- air conditioned schools in the summer produced a wider distribution of trial tonss ( discrepancy ) compared with air-conditioned schools. This aligns with my research as the schoolrooms of foreign pupils have air status to command temperature while the local pupils of FNU Nadi Campus bear the heat of the normal clime. Therefore. it’s likely that the temperature either highly hot or cold can impact pupil public presentation and productiveness.

Overcrowded schoolrooms Furthermore. overcrowding in schoolrooms in general affects the schoolroom environment. As Baron & A ; Rodin ( 1978 ) found that as category size additions. so does erudite weakness. Students in big categories have less chance for the instructor to give personal congratulations and therefore it leads to larn weakness. Therefore schoolrooms should be such that it is able to cater/accommodate the needed figure of pupils. In regard to my research. the schoolrooms of foreign pupils are merely large plenty to suit little groups of a upper limit of 8 pupils while schoolrooms of local pupils which are big plenty to suit 40 pupils at a clip normally acquire overcrowded because of deficiency of large airy schoolrooms and coachs have to provide for over 80 pupils at a clip in the same schoolroom. Hence schoolroom size should be big plenty to provide for everyone’s demands.

Noise Last but non the least ; noise is one of those major elements that affect schoolroom environment. “Sound is an component of the environment that can impact academic achievement” ( Opolot- Okurut: 2010: 267- 277 ) . Surveies conducted by Sturt ( n. vitamin D ) . surveyed kids in simple schools that were beneath the flight way for Los Angeles International Airport and compared it with kids in quieter schoolrooms. It was found that kids in noisy schools had higher blood force per unit area and were more distractible compared to kids in quieter schoolrooms. Likewise. Bronzaft and McCarthy ( 1975 ) studied kids taught in categories on either side of a school. One side of the school faced a noisy railroad path and it was found that 11 % of learning clip was lost on the noisy side and reading ability was down compared to kids on the other side. This suggests that noise so affects students’ ability to larn. With regard to my research. schoolrooms of foreign pupils are enclosed hence there is really small opportunity of noise perturbation while schoolrooms of local pupils are fairy unfastened hence a batch of noise gets generated within and outside of the schoolroom.

To reason. it can be said that certain environmental factors such as schoolroom infinite. desk arrangement methods. visible radiation and temperature penchants along with overcrowding and noise in schoolrooms affect the general harmoniousness of the schoolroom environment. From the literature findings I can propose that things such as adorning schoolrooms will assist do pupils energetic and enthusiastic towards larning. Besides desk should be arranged in such a mode that it propagates both single and group treatments. Similarly. pedagogues should be considerate of students’ penchants of visible radiation and temperature. While at the same clip avoid overcrowding and noisy state of affairss in category. Hence in the long tally it will assist pedagogues to sagely pass their investings in upgrading installations as they will be able to analyze the impact of different environmental characteristics so that pupils. module and universities get the most benefit from the disbursement.


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