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July 17, 2017 Marketing

The undertaking which I have chosen is to make comparing between Nokia & A ; Motorola Mobile, the chief purpose of my undertaking is to cognize which cellular company have a higher client satisfaction in panipat town and why.

Definition of Cellular/Mobile phone: –

The nomadic phone is the day-to-day demand of every human being and presents mobile became a really of import appliance in our life because it is really helpful in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activity. The nomadic phone or cell phone is a portable electronic device used for communicating. One can speak anyplace in the universe by utilizing nomadic phone. In add-on to the standard voice map of a telephone, current nomadic phones can back up many extra services such as SMS for text messaging, electronic mail for directing the mail, package exchanging for entree to the Internet, and MMS for directing and having exposures and picture. Most current nomadic phones connect to a cellular web of base Stationss, which is in bend interconnected to the public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) therefore is due to the phone phone is besides define as a type of short-wave analogy or digital telecommunication in which a endorser has a wireless connexion from a nomadic phone to a comparatively nearby sender. The sender ‘s span of coverage is called a cell. By and large, cellular telephone service is available in urban countries and along major main roads. As the cellular telephone user moves from one cell or country of coverage to another, the telephone is efficaciously passed on to the local cell sender. A cellular telephone is non to be confused with a cordless telephone ( which is merely a phone with a really short radio connexion to a local phone mercantile establishment ) . A newer service similar to cellular is personal communications services.3

So, the undertaking is to happen out the client penchant out of Nokia and Motorola nomadic sets and why?

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Undertaking BACKGROUND

The undertaking which I had chosen is done by many research worker or people, so by reading there research my undertaking has came to cognize that the comparing which they had done, which nomadic trade name is better.

The consequences are, Nokia have low monetary value with good characteristics as comparison to Motorola. But Motorola have good sound quality as comparison to Nokia.

Motorola vs. Nokia

Link: Techsmart: The Bizarro World of Cellphone Makers. Motorola ( NYSE: Bon mot ) versus Nokia ( NYSE: NOK ) .

While the Finnish phone shaper has updated its French telephone portfolio at the high terminal to vie better with Motorola ‘s super-successful Razr phone, the refresh has been less than inspired. …

“ [ Nokia ‘s ] high-end phones are little, but they ‘re boxlike. Motorola ‘s high-end [ theoretical accounts ] are thin and slick. “ …

Motorola went for the belly laugh consequence, making got ta -have-it phones. Now, Nokia is playing catch-up. “ It all comes down to invention and merchandise development, ” says Hoffman. “ Right now, Motorola is head and shoulders above Nokia in making merchandises that consumers desire. Nokia has maintained their market portion, but they ‘re utilizing monetary value and selling dollars as the arm. “ …

Surely the RAZR was a superb move…

Something every bit simple as calling a phone Razr has created tremendous bombilation for the company, says Kelleher. Granted, the Razr is a sleek small piece of telephonic engineering, but the stigmatization has given the phone cache. Kelleher makes a good point. When you mention Razr, people know what you ‘re speaking about. Just attempt and image what the Nokia 6170 looks like.

Great point. But merely a piece of anecdotal evidence- the Nokia trade name is still rather strong in Asia. And harmonizing to The Motley Fool, Nokia ‘s forcing hard into emerging markets with low-priced phones, which while hitting borders, are constructing presence for the long term. 34 % addition in handset volumes versus a 25 % gross revenues addition. … To happen growing, Nokia is embarking into emerging markets, such as China and Russia. …

Nokia is looking out for the long term by perforating emerging markets. But it will take some clip for the borders to better as these consumers upgrade to premium French telephones. Nokia appears to hold positioned itself good because deriving acknowledgment in these markets while they ‘re still developing will give it an of import market presence traveling frontward

Nokia ‘s scheme may be more sustainable than Motorola ‘s “ Wow! ” scheme if it succeeds in constructing deep fosses in emerging markets. Popularity of manner and design can be fugitive, a fact which Nokia now knows good.

Besides, one failing I ‘ve noticed in the RAZR presently is that it lacks many advanced maps which new smart phones have. And smart phones are no longer immense and boxy- and no longer for tekkis. While the RAZR had adequate characteristics for its clip ( and possibly less-technologically-advanced US mobile phone market ) , Motorola stockholders should trust that Motorola features adequate advanced characteristics in its upcoming, good named SLVR and PEBL.

This is because for stylish engineering, particularly in emerging markets I feel, the prestigiousness and temptingness of a merchandise is built upon both its expression and its array of the “ newest ” characteristics, even if most maps are ne’er used. Yours may look glistening, but if mine can direct everyone last dark ‘s exposures, so you ‘ve been one-upped.

It would besides be interesting to see Motorola ‘s portion of gross revenues inside and outside the US, versus Nokia. Motorola could be excessively US-dependent… possibly for another station. For mention, each company ‘s one twelvemonth chart below.

Undertaking Aims and Aims

The capable affair for this research Undertaking is to analyze the consumer behavior towards the NOKIA & A ; MOTOROLA mobiles. This undertaking consists of different aims. They are as follows:

To cognize about the consumer penchant degree associated with NOKIA & A ; MOTOROLA Mobiles.

To happen out the client satisfaction towards NOKIA & A ; MOTOROLA.

To cognize which advertisement media puts more impact on the purchasing determination of client.

Determining the consumer behavior towards NOKIA & A ; MOTOROLA.

Research Programme

Scope of the Survey: –

As acquisition is a human activity and is every bit accustomed, as respiratory. Even though the fact is that larning is all common in our lives, psychologist does non hold on how learning takes topographic point. Sellers are interested in the determination procedure of the merchandise. They want client to larn about their trade name, consumers benefit, merchandise properties, that how to utilize and keep or even arrange of the merchandise and new ways of acting that will fulfill non merely the client ‘s demands, but besides the seller ‘s purpose.

The range of my survey binds itself to the analysis of consumer behavior, perceptual experience of NOKIA & A ; MOTOROLA. The range of my survey is besides restricts itself to Panipat town merely.

Time period of the Survey: –

The present survey was undertaken during the month of March 2011.

Research Design: – The survey is a transverse sectional survey because the informations were collected at a individual point of clip. For the intent of present survey a related sample of population was selected on the footing of convenience.1

Sample Size & A ; Design: –

A sample of 50 people will be taken on the footing of handiness. The consumers will be contacted on the footing of the Random Sampling.

Tools and Techniques of Analysis: –

Percentage methods have been used for analysis the information.

Restrictions of the Survey: –

The findings of the survey will be based on sentiment of the respondents, which may be based.

The survey is confined to Panipat, Haryana.

Lack of clip and finance may forestall from transporting out in deepness survey.


The significance of deliverable is the results, so after making my this undertaking I will got a existent reply that which mobile company have more client satisfaction and whom service is better in Haryana.

Which company is deriving great evidences in India market?

What are the drawbacks?

Which 1 has better sound, picture quality?

Which one is supplying more characteristics at the low cost?


Data Collection: –

The information, which I will roll up for the intent of survey, is divided into 2 bases: –

Primary Beginning: The primary informations consist of information study of “ Comparative survey of consumer behavior towards Nokia and Motorola ” . The information has been collected straight from respondent with the aid of planned questionnaires.

Secondary Beginning: the secondary information I will roll up from cyberspace and mentions from library books.


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