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The Coca- Cola Company is the largest corporation that has rule the industry of soft drinks. It is the universes taking maker, distributer and seller of non-alcoholic drink dressed ores and Syrups used for doing over 300 trade names of soft drinks ( US-ASEAN 2010 ) . The company markets Coca-Cola drink, the universe ‘s top-five non-alcoholic drink trade name along with others such as diet coke, Fanta and fairy. In the whole universe, the trade name Coca-Cola is the most instantly recognized. The Company forms the cloth of life in the community in Ireland through being involved in socially oriented activities. In add-on, the company has developed their information direction section to enable the company stay at the head in the market. The purpose of this paper is to show the findings refering use of information direction tools and engineering by Coca-Cola to enable it derive advanced benefits that lead to competitory advantageous place of the company. The paper will besides research and do recommendations of how best the company can do usage of the progressing engineering so that it benefits in gross revenues, client attention, advanced services, budget nest eggs, and concern growing.

Company overview

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The Coca Cola Company was established in the Northern Ireland in 1939, and the Republic of Ireland in1952. It has gained popularity from the local communities out of the merchandises they produce, and engagement in assorted societal activities. The establishment procedure of the company began when a local man of affairs, Mr. Tom Robinson wrote a missive to the Coca-Cola Company in London demoing involvement in opening up the franchise in Ireland ( Coca-Cola Hellenic 2013 ) . The franchise understanding was signed in 1938, and the company commenced production of drinks under the name Ulster Iced Drinks Company. The name was nevertheless changed to Coca Cola Bottlers Ulster in the 1960 ‘s, and the Fanta orange drink introduced. The first bottling company was established in the Republic of Ireland in the 1950 ‘s, and it served as the green visible radiation for beginning of Coca Cola in the state. Since so, the company has launched a significant figure of other drinks such as Fanta lemon in 1965, diet coke in 1983, fairy in 1990 and coke zero in 2007.

Presently, the Coca-Cola bottlers ( Ulster ) Limited and Coca-Cola Bottlers Ireland are known as Coca-Cola HBC Northern Ireland and Coca-Cola HBC Ireland severally ( Coca-Cola Hellenic 2013 ) . The names reflect the rank of both organisations in the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company of 28 states. The company in Ireland has continued to continue its corporate duty by being actively involved in the local community by working with charity, community and environmental organisations to make enterprises that are good.


The corporate vision that Coca-Cola enterprises to recognize is to go ‘The unchallenged leader in every market in which they compete ” ( ColaHellenic 2013 ) .


The mission of Coca-Cola HBC in Ireland is to review and spouse with their clients, reward their stakeholders and enrich the lives of the local community.


Coca-Cola Hellenic in Ireland is committed to guaranting values and behavior that supports and defines the activities sing the productions of their drinks. The values are seen as the nucleus of the company and necessity for their hereafter success.

Authenticity: All the procedures in the company are done with unity, and they do what is right but non merely needfully easy.

Excellence: The Company strives to supply astonishing consequences, with passion and velocity.

Learning: the company is acute to listen and hold the wonder to larn

Caring for people: The Company invests in endeavors that empower the people.

Integrity: the company believes in working together in all occasions.

Wining the clients: Since the clients are the chief necessity of the company, it does the best to pull and retain them ( ColaHellenic 2013 ) .

Information Management

Coca-Cola ‘s company growing and development can be chiefly attributed to the first-class schemes in direction of all relevant sorts of information. The information associating to all countries of the company such as clients ‘ penchant, developmental direction, production procedure, selling schemes and invention is extremely valued. In this current clip where engineering is progressing fast, Coca-Cola has stayed at the head of encompassing the new invention so that it ensures the strengthening of the qualities that have kept it in the industry since 1886. The distribution channel mostly borrows from the research that the company conducts doing it hold competitory advantage over other soft drink manufacturers. In the twelvemonth 2011, the company faced a batch of economic challenges as a consequence of the increased monetary values of natural stuff monetary values and the currency volatility. In add-on, the authorities asceticism steps and high rates of unemployment led to decrease of consumers ‘ assurance and disposable income severally. It is at the same clip that the stockholders were faced with liquidness issues. The combination of these factors posed a menace, and set force per unit area on the net income borders of the company. The company someway weathered the challenges through the already devised direction schemes of the information the company has gathered over a century. The company went on winning in the market by increasing the gross at a higher gait than volume, and by geting and keeping a important big figure of portions in the drink market. In utilizing several group broad enterprises, the company was able to optimize their substructure, and cut cost of production.


The cost ownership programme that introduces personal answerability for operating disbursals in the organisation. It led to an betterment in working capital direction guaranting that the capital resources were directed for usage towards accomplishment of the set ends and aims.

The coaction with other companies in the work to develop concern a theoretical account that will beef up the geographic expedition of other new lines of drinks. The geographic expedition is good in widening the bing merchandise lines, and guaranting effectual selling of the merchandises through advertisement and publicities.

Development and enlargement of the drink portfolio by usage of inventions, strategic acquisition and subscribing understandings to jointly acquire companies with Coca-Cola Company.

To beef up the merchandising capacities and the selling schemes such as pre-sale, the consented to merchandising, and intercrossed paths. The schemes are aimed at doing the company to acquire closer to the consumers, and besides deriving information that can enable the company to fabricate drinks that adequately satisfy the demands of the consumer. Consequently taking to acquisition of possible clients and keeping of the already bing 1s.

To plan and implement selective packaging that seeks to increase the consumers ‘ demands for the company ‘s merchandises to construct a steadfast base for the Coca-Cola trade name merchandises.

To guarantee that the organisational construction is flexible plenty such that it can efficaciously alter to stay compatible with the dynamic market environment and hence guaranting that it retains the competitory advantage.

To let for the development and growing of a multicultural collaborative squad in all the Fieldss of operations, and broaden the geographical coverage.


Some of the competitory advantages acquired out of the proper direction of information are as follows

Market leading ; The Coca-Cola HBC is a taking bottler that markets beverage under the hallmark of Coca-Cola within Ireland in footings of the volumes in gross revenues and figure of subordinates ( Grupo 2011 ) . The market leading can be attributed to the continued and improved direction of the acquired information and technological promotions.

Business partnership ; The company works manus in manus with the parent Coca-Cola company to develop advanced concern theoretical accounts that help to enable the procedure of happening new ways of fabrication drinks for the enlargement in the assortments offered. As spouses, they portion incentives that allow for development of of import growing chances in the fast growth markets. The company enters into understandings to jointly get companies.

Strong trade name ; Beverages offered by Coca-Cola HBC have build a strong portfolio throughout the market. The clients continuously use the trade names enabling the company to do net incomes and accordingly develop. In a move to acquire closer to the clients the company makes certain there is handiness of all the assorted trade names through retail merchants. The trade names such as carbonated drinks, bottled H2O, juices, orangeades, energy drinks, and isotonic are made easy accessible.

Collaborative client relationship: The organisation has continually sought to intensify and beef up the relationships established between it and the clients. It has worked diligently and innovatively to construct the needed multifaceted relationship. The company has tailored their assortment of trade names in such a manner that they are relevant when we put into consideration, the social-economic, demographic, and ingestion forms ( ColaHellenic 2013 ) . The clients are spouses with the company, and this has helped the direction to get indispensable cognition to develop capablenesss that make every client ‘s trip count.

Channel selling: The market of the Company has been segmented depending on its peculiar features, to enable effectual proviso of merchandises to the moral force and specific market. The chief channels are the little retail merchants, and premises such as bars, eating houses and supermarkets. The channels are closely scrutinized to develop schemes of distribution utilizing comprehensive and elaborate analysis sing the penchants and buying forms. As a response the analysis, the company designs the merchandises, monetary values, packaging and distribution schemes to fit, and run into the peculiar established demands, and exploit the channel to the fullest.

Multi-segmentation: In the bulk of markets, the company has employed multi-segmentation scheme. This scheme involves the execution of different merchandises portfolios utilizing market groups. The groups can be defined on the footing the ingestion forms, the strength of competition, and societal economic nature of the mark market.

Use of engineering for invention

Coca – Cola Company produces soft drinks, which may be thought of every bit merely being simple. However, the usage of engineering for invention is a pattern that is extremely valued. The company uses the engineering to invariably plan, rebrand, and publicize their merchandises to maintain the gross revenues continually at the extremum. The company has continually harnessed the new engineering since the start of societal networking, green engineering, and connectivity to the web ( Ireland 2012 ) .

Social Networking

The Coca-Cola Company established, and still remains seeable in societal networking platforms. It joined face book and tweeter, the two major societal networking points, and has acquired over 3.4 million followings. The company appreciates the power of societal networking, and it to the full harnesses it through distributing intelligence sing the new merchandises, acquire the response through remarks posted. In add-on, the company prove their advertorial runs, and invite fans to prosecute in games. The societal networking engineering has made the company to remain at the head and do their trade names to stay fresh and current ( Ireland 2012 ) . Consequently, the company is able to retain a big market portion.

Freestyle dispensers

The clients of Coca-Cola can now easy bask their favorite drink by doing combinations of over 100 drinks. The new engineering embraced by the company allows for the consumer to utilize their creativeness to develop the sort of spirit of the drink that they can easy place with. The free dispenser has an interface resembling that of a computing machine. It records the drik picks of consumers and sends the information to the Coca-Cola as a manner of market research.

Online advertisement

The company strategizes on subtle, but effectual on-line advertisement doing the consumer develop a liking of the merchandises. The advertizement are made through web sites intending that the company has the ultimate control of what the current and possible consumers see when they browse through the web sites. For case, when 1 is traveling through a bill of fare online, the Coca-Cola advertizement appears doing the individual associate the eating house with refreshments.

Electronic mail

The usage of E-mail is non the most effectual manner of publicizing the merchandises from Coca-Cola Company. Many e-mails sent to new electronic mail references end up in the Spam booklet, which is ne’er likely to acquire attending from the targeted individual. It is nevertheless, an easy, speedy, and formal manner of directing concern related information. The company embraced the usage of E-mail in interchanging information from the distributers. However the method is disadvantageous in that the receiver and transmitter have to be in a place to entree a computing machine that is connected to the cyberspace for them to direct or have the E-mail. It is an expensive manner of communicating particularly because the web and hardware cost is high. The cost in web cn nevertheless be subtly minimised by holding a broadband where one can pay a peculiar sum of money for limitless entree to the cyberspace.

Video conferencing

The usage of picture conferencing has proved to be critical in transition of concern related information, treatments, and conducting of concern forums. The installation is nevertheless suited for some companies. This type of communicating can let people to keep a meeting regardless of the geographical distance between them. It allows for people to discourse as if they are close together, but in kernel, they are normally stat mis off from each other. The communicating procedure resembles the face to confront type of communicating. It can be utilised by Coca-Cola Company, when a demand arises to keep meetings to decide any issue that may come up, and the relevant determination shapers are apart from each other. It is a recommendable manner of communicating, as it allows for people to take portion in important concern meeting without needfully being present.

The SAP Wave 2 concern tool

The major measure was in the enlargement of the SAP Wave 2 information system that supports the operations stand foring three quarters of the company ‘s grosss giving the company competitory advantages in the direction and market portion of the concern. The SAP Wave 2 is a concern tool that was to the full integrated in Coca-Cola HBC and enables it to standardize all the systems and processes utilizing common engineering in all the operations ( Coca-ColaHellenic 2013 ) . The investing in SAP Wave 2 has enabled the company to set up new and more effectual processs that improve the productiveness and public presentation in the company. The concern tool has benefited the company by pulling and retaining clients. The company has been in a place to offer superior client services by bettering the procedures that are client oriented such as stock list direction and bill truth.

The company is in the procedure of guaranting the usage of SAP Wave 2 in their markets worldwide. The tool has been incorporated in across 20 of the Company ‘s market, and is in the procedure of being launched in the staying markets. On norm, SAP Wave 2 supports thirty three production works, more than 18 thousand users, and more that 40 two 1000 orders every twenty-four hours. In the SAP Wave 2 markets, the market developers can supply competitory client services. The platform uses handheld devices to reexamine the history of minutess of the clients. In add-on, it allows for acquisition of information pertaining to the current events such as publicities and merchandise handiness ( Coca-Cola Hellenic 2013 ) . The direction tool is presently being used in market states such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Australia, and Hungary.


The function of Information engineering is really conspicuous and inevitable for concerns that are to derive competitory advantage. It can, nevertheless, go a load because of the costs that come with it. The companies should hence research on ways through which they can get and to the full utilize engineering, but at the same clip remaining cautious to forestall an overpowering addition in the operational costs. The most likely option is to outsource the procedure of geting information engineering so that the competitory advantage remains integral. As is the instance with many concerns, they outsource the demand for IT professions, and this enables them to salvage on the operational cost through a figure of the undermentioned ways.

Cuting off wages

When a company hires IT professionals, it requires holding the capableness to pay for the immense salary demand, which may non be possible when we put into consideration the size of the concern and the returns in net incomes. It therefore proves to be typically an expensive enterprise to engage an IT professional. In instance the concern is a moderate-sized one, it should seek to outsource the IT maps so that it saves the on the net income acquired and at the same clip get the services. The wage that would be progress to the IT professional can thenceforth be put into other usage that would take to the betterment and growing of the concern.

Hidden costs.

Once a company outsources the IT functions it is able to avoid some other concealed costs that are potentially bound to ensue. When a company hires an IT professional, it has to travel further and buy a computing machine, an office, and all other points that should be found in the office. In add-on, the company has to pay for the insurance premiums, and other benefits that need to be met for an employee. In the reverse, when a company outsources the maps, the IT Professional or group are expected to run into the extra cost, and the concern merely pays for the service given.

Allows for concern focal point

Harmonizing to industry hebdomad 73 as quoted by ( Arthur 2013 ) the study the conducted showed that it was advantageous for the companies to outsource all the procedures that did non organize their core portion of the concern theoretical account. The concern is able to concentrate on the critical facets that are straight relative to their success accomplishment.


The concern that explores for the option of outsourcing the It maps should see on their frequent demand for the services of IT profession. If the concern has a considerable demand for person to supply services for the better portion of concern, so it becomes necessary to use an IT professional. However, if the services are required one time on occasion, it is reasonable to outsource the map instead than settling for engaging an It professional. The determination on whether to engage an IT professional or non is based on the peculiar demands of a concern. Finally Coca-Cola Company should seek to make a formidable relationship concern theoretical accounts, invention, and information systems. A competitory advantage can merely be found where the current scheme leads to creative activity of value, and is non being practiced by rivals.


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