Case Study on Tupperware Essay

September 22, 2017 Marketing

1. 0 Introduction

In this study I will be analysing a instance survey on Tupperware. I will be placing the chief jobs faced by Tupperware and urging solutions that could be used to assist Tupperware. Tupperware was developed in the 1940’s by Earl Tupper. They consisted of assorted types of plastic containers used in families to incorporate nutrient and maintain it airtight. Equally advanced as the merchandise was it was non an instant hit. The mark market was adult female and they were non purchasing the merchandise and this meant that a different attack had to be taken in order to bring on gross revenues and acquire the merchandise known. This led to the beginning of the Tupperware party as a gross revenues tool. The Tupperware party was a assemblage of adult females chiefly homemakers who came together to socialise but with Tupperware available for sale. This proved to be a utile gross revenues technique.

In the 1950’s the merchandise was a perfect tantrum for adult females most being full-time housewifes which allowed them to be able battalion nutrient and leftovers for long periods of clip. However since Tupperware was non sold in the shops in meant that adult females and homemakers likewise had to hold to go to Tupperware parties in order to buy them. In the 60’s and 70’s Tupperware gross revenues increased dramatically. This was because the life style of most adult females at the clip suited a merchandise like Tupperware. besides coupled with the Tupperware parties which were a immense hit in the epoch. In the 80’s there was a there was a diminution in gross revenues. this harmonizing to the Tupperware ladies. may hold been due to increase in divorces. childless. adult females being individual and more independent. Tupperware maintains a sensible market portion internationally but has since seen a diminution in both market portion and gross revenues domestically and struggles to happen appropriate selling schemes to implement.

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2. 0 S. W. O. T Analysis

A SWOT analysis is an analytical method. which is used to place and categorise important internal factors ( i. e. strengths and failings ) and external factors ( i. e. chances and menaces ) an organisation faces. I will be looking at the SWOT analysis for Tupperware and utilizing it to place the strengths. failings. chances and menaces that Tupperware have.

2. 1 Strengths

– Tupperware had a new advanced merchandise at the clip.
– Tupperware at the clip had a specific mark market i. e. Housewives. – Tupperware was a perfect tantrum for the 1950’s due to many adult females being housewifes – Tupperware parties were the lone manner to purchase the merchandises doing them sole to other concerns. – Tupperware used their parties as a signifier of publicity by holding games and giving out gifts. – Tupperware has high client trueness

– Between the 1950’s and 1970’s Tupperware was extremely profitable

2. 2 Failings

– Tupperware has non been able to continue a manner of life.
– Tupperware was a new and unknown merchandise so when it came out at that place was no involvement in it. – Tupperware could merely be sold at Tupperware parties unlike other competitory merchandises that were being sold in shops.

2. 3 Opportunities
– In the past Tupperware could hold sold their merchandises in shops instead than merely Tupperware parties. – Increase profitableness by increasing selling and advertisement. – Increase domestic gross revenues of Tupperware

2. 4 Menaces
– Competition from other companies like Rubbermaid.
– Changing environment and life style.

3. 0 The 5 p’s of the Marketing Mix for Tupperware

The 5 p’s of the Marketing mix that I will be looking at in relation to Tupperware include merchandise. publicity. monetary value. topographic point. people.

3. 1 Merchandise
Tupperware consists of assorted types of plastic containers used in families to incorporate nutrient and maintain it airtight. Tupperware merchandises were advanced when they came out. The quality of the merchandise is said to be high and really effectual in its usage. The handiness of Tupperware merchandises was limited as you could merely purchase them from the Tupperware parties.

3. 2 Promotion
Tupperware was promoted through the Tupperware parties that were held in different locations. This was their chief signifier of publicity. In the Tupperware parties they besides used societal events. like games. were they gave gifts in order to increase consciousness of the merchandise. Tupperware besides used Tupperware ladies to market their merchandises straight to the clients.

3. 3 Monetary value
Tupperware merchandises harmonizing to loyal clients are “high in quality and a monetary value to match” . So Tupperware merchandises are expensive.

3. 4 Topographic point
Tupperware merchandises can merely be bought at Tupperware parties. Any returns would hold to be done in individual.

3. 5 Peoples
The people who were involved in the selling. gross revenues and client service of Tupperware were the Tupperware ladies and traders.

4. 0Marketing Solutions and Recommendations

In footings of the existent merchandise. clients felt that it was of high quality and had the characteristics and serviceability expected. therefore it may non be necessary to alter or better these things. However trade name image can be increased by advertisement and selling. Availability of the merchandise and client service can be improved by using more Tupperware ladies and traders. Tupperware already used Tupperware parties as a signifier of advancing both the merchandises and party itself. I think Tupperware could better their stigmatization and public dealingss by increasing advertisement and selling runs that straight target the intended clients. Tupperware merchandises even though of high quality are expensive. Tupperware could increase client trueness by cut downing monetary values and presenting promotional runs that make the merchandises more low-cost.

Tupperware can besides assist clients by presenting price reductions. payment methods and free value added inducements. Tupperware can better client service and support by increasing the figure of Tupperware ladies and traders. Tupperware can besides widen their range by making different channels or mediums that can assist increase consciousness. trade name imaging. increase net incomes and client trueness. Finally I think Tupperware should increase the figure of dedicated Tupperware ladies and traders. This can be done by increasing the degree of developing which will increase the degree of accomplishment that the Tupperware ladies and traders have. This will increase the figure of Tupperware parties available which will increase gross revenues and net incomes. Customer trueness will besides increase as direct client service additions.

5. 0 Decision
As shown in the study I have analyzed and identified countries that have jobs within Tupperware and I believe that I have shown that certain solution can be implemented in order to assist increase sale. net incomes. client trueness and the overall service provided by Tupperware.

6. 0 Mentions

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