December 23, 2016 General Studies

The book describes primarily the relationship between Jake and Brett .

Jake Barnes, the main character is a about 30 years old. He works as a journalist in Paris. He was a soldier in the first world war, and became impotent by a wound. Brett, Lady Ashley, is an English friend of Jake, she is 34. They like each other, but a relationship between them as lovers doesn’t work because Jake always gets depressed through his impotence.

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Look other side for a passage of the book.

I chose this passage because I liked it, Brett and Jake become together again, after the relationship between Pedro Romero and Brett. She is happy Jake came to her. She asked him to, by a telegram.

I think the most negative points of the book are the long introduction to the main point and all he time the same story at the fiesta, they party and get drunk every day.

A positive thing is that the end of the book becomes clearer, as to events, the events in the end of the book were clearer to me than in the beginning.

The most impressive thing in the book was for me that in the end of the story Brett and Jake come together, he came to save her from Pedro Romero, and that they would try to rebuild their relationship. All the bullfights were impressive for me too, and the fiesta, the people party for some days and don’t work. Those bullfights were at the fiesta every day, they kill every day some bulls.

Brett was also to me the most social person, she was so kind to everyone, in opposite of Mike, who was a stupid drunkard to me, who could do nothing else as drinking and irritate his friends. I don’t understand why Mike was Brett’s fiancee, they”re so different.

The main problem to me was the relationship between Brett and Jake, that was really where it was all about. The problem is solved at the end, they come together and try to build a relationship between each other.


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